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  1. Lost240

    Klipschorns ?

    Nice! Shed speakers! I wonder how many mice currently reside inside of those babies.
  2. Lost240

    WTB Klipsch KV-4

    PM sent
  3. Lost240

    Moving Klipschorns

    Wrap the top and bottom in movers plastic to avoid catching any of the veneer on anything and then place them face down in the back of your vehicle on top of a foam mattress topper. Pack around them with blankets and pillows so they don't move around. Move 1 at a time. Don't try and move both together. You are only asking for damage.
  4. Lost240


    Has anyone heard these? Any thoughts on them? I'm considering these for a home theater. Overall, I like the 12" depth and the fact that Klipsch says they have the same response as the 904s.
  5. Lost240

    2 Meter Audioquest King Cobra XLRs - SOLD

    One last price update
  6. Lost240

    Music Hall CD 25.2 - SOLD

  7. Lost240

    Music Hall CD 25.2 - SOLD

    You can buy this one!
  8. Lost240

    Music Hall CD 25.2 - SOLD

    Price Updated
  9. Lost240

    2 Meter Audioquest King Cobra XLRs - SOLD

    Price Updated
  10. Lost240

    SOLD: Apple TV 4k ($100 TYD)

    PM sent
  11. Lost240

    Sw311 needs amp-make offer

    Sw311 doesn’t power on. I found a piece rattling inside when I received it as part of a package. If you can fix it make me an offer plus shipping if you are interested. I have the setup mic too. I am in Southbury, ct if you want to pick it up
  12. Lost240

    CF4's on The Bay

    The ad says pickup only
  13. 2 Meter Audioquest King Cobra XLRs. Overall excellent condition a couple marks on the ends but you really have to look to see them. SOLD.