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  1. Excellent Condition Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II. Comes with original box, manual, tubes, and remote. I love this integrated amp but I have one too many components. Currently set for 4 ohm output but can be easily changed to 8ohm for other speakers. I would prefer local pickup in Southbury, CT SOLD
  2. Not mine. These look to have had a hard life. Maybe someone can restore them. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/603207903744912/
  3. Let's be honest. Those are way overpriced. There is a strip of veneer missing across the face and stains on the top. Even in pristine condition that would be a hard sale at $2500.
  4. @JRS94 I highly recommend a pair of Inspire amps with Khorns. I used them with mine and they are phenomenal. And they auto bias. I am selling a pair right at the moment in the classifieds section. Unfortunately I couldn't take my Khorns with me to the new place or these would be powering them right now.
  5. What are those things around the tubes?
  6. Hi @Fido I am selling these because I am moving to less efficient speakers in my main system that require way more than 12 watts, otherwise I would keep these as they are truly amazing.
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