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  1. Does anyone here run their La Scalas in their home theater with a Phantom center? I'm just curious what everyone thinks of the sound. I am going to try it this evening and see how it works out.
  2. Huh?
  3. No one is interested in RF7IIs anymore?
  4. SOLD!
  5. @Klipschgrillguy76 Where are you located?
  6. @Schu What is normal? For the Pioneer to read it as out of phase? Since I switched the wires around is it now out of phase or was the crossover switched?
  7. I updated the price. Bump!
  8. So last night I hooked up my La Scalas to my Pioneer Elite SC-68 and ran the auto correction. The receiver said the la scalas were in reverse phase. I double checked, red to red, black to black. Yup. Everything was fine. Ran it again, same result. So I switched the wires and the reverse phase warning went away and everything sounds great, though visually this doesn't appear right to me. Is it possible a couple wires in the crossovers were switched? Why would this happen? I have the AL3 crossover. Thanks!
  9. I am using 2 R115 SWs They fill in the bottom end nicely
  10. @heavyP Let me comment on my experience with Khorns and La Scalas. I have a 13'X19' room. When I first setup my Khorns I had them on the 13' wall and they sounded terrible. Absolutely muddy and I thought I made the wrong decision. A couple days later I moved everything to the 19' wall. The Khorns opened up and provided me with the experience that everyone talks about. The 13' wall just didn't provide them with enough room to breathe. I also have a set of La Scalas that I use in my home theater in the basement room directly below with the same exact dimensions (shorter ceiling) I keep the La Scalas on the short 13' wall and they perform flawlessly with a subwoofer. In my opinion, you should stick with the La Scalas and add a sub with your size room. Just my 2 cents.
  11. Things are moving fast!
  12. It's always easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission.... or something like that.