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  1. @Coytee HaHa! I haven't officially posted them yet, so it isn't your fault
  2. @Coytee The speakers behind them (original Chorus IIs in Walnut) are also for sale.
  3. Klipsch KI-396 SMAIIs in excellent condition. I have boxes and packing materials for them. They work great for both home theater and 2 channel. I currently still have 3 as the front of my home theater. I thought I would use these as rears but they are just too big. $2200 $2000 I would prefer local pickup in Southbury, CT, but I do have a pallet and could work with someone if they wanted to arrange freight shipping.
  4. No longer for sale.
  5. Just add pics to the next post in the thread
  6. @Staples I just took a couple more pics. It does appear to be a bit darker in the middle. It came from the factory this way. I never even noticed until you pointed it out.
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