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  1. I have heard both the Cornscala and the Model 19s. Skip the Cornscala and go with the Altec. The model A7 that moray mentioned is similar but not the same animal. Even though it has the same horn it does not have the same crossover or drivers. I looked at buying a pair of A7s for the home and GPA told me flat out not to because that is not what they were ever designed for and that I should get the 19s.
  2. Here is a shot of the KV4 with the CF4s
  3. I think the problem is "No dings, dents, or scratches" Real Klipsch owners prefer a water ring of some sort on the top of their speakers.
  4. OK, does anyone have any helpful responses... :-)
  5. Where can i pick up jumpers and caps for the spiked feet for my epic CF-4s?
  6. The KV4 is the ideal center for the CF4s
  7. This sub worked great with my RC-64ii
  8. I have a few questions about MCACC. I am trying to A/B a couple sets of speakers in my basement. Unfortunately, every time I run MCACC it is never the same. 1. How do I shut it off entirely? 2.When running MCACC my la scalas lose midrange. How do I fix this? 3. When running MCACC my CF-4s have too much midrange... All I want to do is hear this setup in its purest form. Thanks!
  9. Sorry I didn't think you had done this. I still think it's your room geometry. I don't think removing the fireplace or half walling it will have any effect. Check out this paper for the Room Proportions. Room Proportions extract from DOPE from HOPE!!!_searchable.pdf
  10. I completely agree about the room placement and dimensions being the problem. However, you also changed your mids, tweeters AND crossovers. Just by doing that there is no way it would sound the same as you heard it. Try going back to stock in your room and see what happens.
  11. Someone buy this subwoofer and simply add this little setup and you are good to go! https://slickdeals.net/f/10230784-klipsch-reference-5-speaker-bundle-pair-of-rp-280f-floors-pair-of-rp-160m-bookshelves-rp-450c-center-1299-free-shipping
  12. Why is this still here?!? No one has bought this yet?
  13. Good luck with your sale! I love my R-115! If I needed another one I would definitely be buying this one.
  14. Sent you a PM
  15. Still looking for a single La Scala. Or is there anyone out there that would like to split a pair?