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  1. Does anyone want a full surround setup? CF-4s, KV-4 and 2 sets of RS 62IIs. I can work a great deal on the entire set!
  2. At the moment I don't have a suitable box or packing material for the KV-4. The center is rather large and would take a large microwave box or something to ship it in.
  3. Yeah those are mine. Someone has to be interested!
  4. New Price CF-4s $1550 $1300 KV-4 $250 $200
  5. 2 sets of RS 62IIs in Southbury, CT. Excellent Condition. $500 $400 per set. Local pickup
  6. Let's try this a different way. $1550 for the CF-4s, $250 for the KV-4.
  7. @sabeous these are surprisingly still available