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  1. Anyone here have a Dennis Had amp?

    I have a pair of Fire Bottles. Amp and Preamp. These run my Khorns easily. Before these I had Mcintosh separates. Mc202 and C220 Tube pre. Once I heard the Inspire amps the Mcintosh equipment was quickly put up for sale and is now long gone.
  2. Black Klipsch Academy in CT - SOLD

  3. Black Klipsch Academy in CT - SOLD

    Sale Pending
  4. Black Klipsch Academy in CT - SOLD

    Anyone? Crickets....
  5. Apple MacBook Pro 15" Laptop - SOLD

    I am located in Southbury, CT but I am willing to ship as I have the original shipping boxes it arrived in. At this time I am not looking for any trades.
  6. Thought I would throw this up here and see if anyone is interested. This could be great to stream TIDAL or any other hi-rez format to your system. Apple MacBook Pro 15" Laptop - Mid 2015 2.2GHZ i7 16GB Ram 256GB SSD APPLECARE! Barely used. Amazing condition. Only 4 charge cycles on the battery. Fresh install of Sierra. AppleCare until February of 2018! Comes with all accessories in the pictures. and it has the Retina display! SOLD
  7. Latest Forte III review

    I agree
  8. Mcintosh MC202 Power Amplifier

    I'm sorry this has been sold
  9. Black Klipsch Academy in CT - SOLD

    OK $175 Who wants a great center channel?
  10. Newbie Klipschorn owner here...

    @superfinemind You can also get a full rebuild kit directly from Klipsch with today's drivers and crossovers.
  11. Epic CF-2 as center for CF-4s?

    @sabeous where are you located?