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  1. @JRS94 I highly recommend a pair of Inspire amps with Khorns. I used them with mine and they are phenomenal. And they auto bias. I am selling a pair right at the moment in the classifieds section. Unfortunately I couldn't take my Khorns with me to the new place or these would be powering them right now.
  2. What are those things around the tubes?
  3. Hi @Fido I am selling these because I am moving to less efficient speakers in my main system that require way more than 12 watts, otherwise I would keep these as they are truly amazing.
  4. Inspire Triode Hot-Rod Amp and Preamp LP-3.1a. These were built for me by Dennis Had in May. These are hand signed on the bottom with the build date. They are an amazing combo with the KT150s. 12 watts per channel. They bring real life to a set of high efficiency speakers. All tubes seen in the pictures are included. SOLD
  5. @Westcoastdrums if you can arrange a freight pickup I can have them properly packaged in the proper 396 boxes and strapped to a pallet for you.
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