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  1. KB-WO Khorn pair, NJ

    The ad says they are in a dry basement..... Look at the bottoms carefully, they have picked up quite a bit of moisture. Not to mention the visible mouse droppings in top horns section. I wonder who is living inside.
  2. AW400s

    AW400 pair. One works great the other has distortion due to my neighbor cranking them too high. Any interest out there? Make me an offer
  3. Single epic cf-3 V1

    I fixed the post. Damn autocorrect
  4. Single epic cf-3 V1

    Is anyone interested in a single epic cf-3 V1 in Black? The top was painted at one point but the drivers are in great shape. Located in CT
  5. RC-64 II - SOLD

    Crap! I missed the Tuesday special. I hope you have another special soon. Seriously everyone, this is an amazing center from a great seller.
  6. Open box Forte 3s

    I would expect a much better deal for open box.
  7. Epson 5040UB vs ???

    I have no complaints about my 5040UB. It is extremely quiet and throws an amazing image.
  8. Anyone here have a Dennis Had amp?

    I was comparing the Inspire amp/pre combo to my SS Mcintosh amp and Tube preamp.
  9. Anyone here have a Dennis Had amp?

    My inspire amps sound more life like. Warmer sounding with more realism. The Mcintosh 202 and C220 combo I was using sounded sterile in comparison with more background noise from the amps. The Mcintosh could make my Khorns dig a little deeper in the bass but it was negligible. Overall I found the Inspire combo to be MUCH better for my listening needs. I do miss my remote control though.
  10. WTB: CF-4s

    Posts like these always make me think about selling mine, but I'm not sure I could....
  11. Anyone here have a Dennis Had amp?

    I have a pair of Fire Bottles. Amp and Preamp. These run my Khorns easily. Before these I had Mcintosh separates. Mc202 and C220 Tube pre. Once I heard the Inspire amps the Mcintosh equipment was quickly put up for sale and is now long gone.
  12. Black Klipsch Academy in CT - SOLD

    Sale Pending
  13. Black Klipsch Academy in CT - SOLD

    Anyone? Crickets....