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  1. Try running a phantom center. This will sound much better than running anything smaller.
  2. Bump for a great seller
  3. @ajoker2c There is only one way to find out. Otherwise it is just speculation. :-)
  4. Pictures added
  5. Updated Price
  6. Actually I am going to be putting up an AT screen so the speaker can stand up behind the screen. I have found a pair of CF-4s but I really wouldn't need an extra laying around. Anyone want to split a pair up? They are version 3 unfortunately but I am sure it would make a great center,
  7. No one?
  8. bump
  9. These would make an awesome computer or bedroom setup for someone
  10. @whatever55 are you interested? Honestly the only reason I am selling is because my wife hates the size of the speakers in the bedroom. I have Khorns downstairs so she wins on this one
  11. Yes they are but they are still in the same family
  12. Beautiful condition. I love the way they sound, but I just don't have room for these at the moment. Box and all accessories included. Local pickup in Southbury, CT preferred. $525 $500
  13. Black Klipsch Academy. Works great. $225 Local pickup in Southbury, CT
  14. @Biscuit the academy is the timbre matched center for the forte and chorus
  15. If you don't want to go through making one yourself I have an Academy in black that will be a match for you.