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  1. Excellent Condition Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II. Comes with original box, manual, tubes, and remote. I love this integrated amp but I have one too many components. Currently set for 4 ohm output but can be easily changed to 8ohm for other speakers. I would prefer local pickup in Southbury, CT SOLD
  2. Lost240

    Forte IIs in CT

    Not mine. These look to have had a hard life. Maybe someone can restore them. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/603207903744912/
  3. Let's be honest. Those are way overpriced. There is a strip of veneer missing across the face and stains on the top. Even in pristine condition that would be a hard sale at $2500.
  4. @JRS94 I highly recommend a pair of Inspire amps with Khorns. I used them with mine and they are phenomenal. And they auto bias. I am selling a pair right at the moment in the classifieds section. Unfortunately I couldn't take my Khorns with me to the new place or these would be powering them right now.
  5. What are those things around the tubes?
  6. Hi @Fido I am selling these because I am moving to less efficient speakers in my main system that require way more than 12 watts, otherwise I would keep these as they are truly amazing.
  7. Inspire Triode Hot-Rod Amp and Preamp LP-3.1a. These were built for me by Dennis Had in May. These are hand signed on the bottom with the build date. They are an amazing combo with the KT150s. 12 watts per channel. They bring real life to a set of high efficiency speakers. All tubes seen in the pictures are included. SOLD
  8. @Westcoastdrums if you can arrange a freight pickup I can have them properly packaged in the proper 396 boxes and strapped to a pallet for you.
  9. Oppo BDP 83 in excellent condition. Comes with remote and power cord. Amazing player, just don't need it in my setup anymore. SOLD
  10. You simply will not find a nicer pair of Chorus IIs in Walnut. These are all original except for the protective covers added to the passive radiators in the back to keep kids away from them (easily removed). All drivers are immaculate and these sound amazing. Local pickup in Southbury, CT - SOLD
  11. The 396s are far superior for voices and imaging. Voices seem to float in the air right in front of you. They do however need a subwoofer for most listeners. The Chorus IIs are no slouches and have that heritage sound that everyone craves. They also have the benefit of a 15" passive on the back which helps tremendously with bass response to the point where you will not need a sub.
  12. Lost240

    Uneasy Feeling

    SCAM. Look up the address he wants you to send them to on google to see how many other people have been scammed. If you don't ship to the verified address on paypal they do not cover you.
  13. Nah, not for my 2 channel. I have 3 KI 396 SMA IIs in my home theater that aren't going anywhere. I just want a change of pace for my 2 channel setup. I wish I could fit Khorns in my new room but at 12.5' X 15.5' I find that they don't work on the short wall (which I would have to use) that close together.
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