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    Klipschorn 1982, Cornwall Vertical 1966 & 1971.
    McIntosh C22 re-issue, MVP861, MX110Z, MEN220, MC30's, MC240 x2, MC 275, MC300, MX132, MPI-4, Cambridge CXN-2, Rega Planar 25 Exact II Cart,

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  1. pantoramasan


    I will take one Grey " XL" and one Black "L" PayPal coming
  2. pantoramasan


    The one on the right.
  3. pantoramasan


    1973 Concert Hollywood,FL Sportatorium. Can't stand Roger Waters . Ruined "The Wall" album for me. Gave it away when it first issue came out because of him.
  4. I have two Cornwall Vertical speakers for sale. Sorry for the lousy photos but it's the best I can do for now. They both work well and sound great. New caps on the original Crossovers. Asking $800.00 for the pair. Local Pick in Tucson Only. Thanks
  5. pantoramasan

    WTB. High End Tube Gear & Speakers

    PM sent
  6. pantoramasan

    Top Five

    Khorn and Cornwalls cause those are the only ones I own in Klipsch.
  7. pantoramasan

    Real Guitar Legends

    Unfortunately that is true and that is life. I have most if not all of his CD's and albums. My favorite is still Hubert Sumlin's Blues party. Great on vinyl and excellent on CD. BTW, I recently saw TajMo' (Taj Mahal & Ket Mo) Here in Tucson, small venue. Was pretty good.
  8. pantoramasan

    Real Guitar Legends

    Maybe I missed it but, no love for Hubert Sumlin?
  9. I am interested in a clean McIntosh MC225 all original and in Excellent condition only +/- $$ trade in equipment would be great. Tubes not necessary but would be welcome. No Russian or Chinese tubes please. For possible trade I have a set of MC30's, brought up to specs by the Audio Doctor in Phoenix and the same for all but the Fisher unit. Invoices would be available. Also have MC300 w/ MX132 A/V both units in Mint condition with boxes, MC240 and (2) Fisher 500C and (1) Fisher 500b. Also would consider my MX110Z recently serviced and up to spec except (Audio Doctor) the FM, also in excellent condition. I don't use the radio so didn't bother with that although it works well. This is a long shot I know but.. I'm in Tucson AZ. and would prefer a hand off so nothing gets damaged in shipping. Please PM if interested.
  10. pantoramasan

    Anyone here have a Dennis Had amp?

    "Bottom line, I suggest owning both the MC30s and an Inspire amp. And then get an MC225 … " I can see that happening in the foreseeable future. Always wanted to check out the MC225. If one comes along at a fair price, I will be doing that as well. BTW, Impressive collection of gear you have.
  11. pantoramasan

    Anyone here have a Dennis Had amp?

    I'm not familiar with the MC202 is that a SS amp? Beside the MC30's I also have MC240's as well as the MC300 which is SS with Autoformers. The sound from the SS is different than the 30's etc. And may sound somewhat clinical comparing to tube amps but still very nice. So are you comparing the Inspire amp to your SS MC amp sound?
  12. pantoramasan

    Anyone here have a Dennis Had amp?

    That comparison does help quite a bit, Thanks!
  13. pantoramasan

    Anyone here have a Dennis Had amp?

    I have been reading this thread with great interest. Can anyone give me an idea if Dennis Had’s amp would perform better than say, McIntosh MC30’s pair? I am using the reissue C22 pre amp and have Klipschorn Speakers. I would appreciate any input and am very interested in trying one of his amps if there is a discernible difference.
  14. pantoramasan

    Klipschorns, Mark Levinson, and Audyssey

    I second that! I have only had my 1982 Klipschorns for a little over 2 years and have been to several "High End" Audio shops in Phoenix etc. over that same time and have heard $80,000 speakers with mega Mc gear, when we get home and turn on our simple/humble MC30's, C22 reissue and the Klipschorns, there is nothing we are missing...Matter of fact it sounds better that what we heard. Just my ears & opinion.
  15. pantoramasan

    Preamp Owners....What Are You Using?

    Tube Compliment High Level Circuitry: 2 - 12AX7A MM Phono Circuitry: 2 - 12AX7A MC Phono Circuitry: 2 - 12AX7A