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  1. Location Miami Florida 33177 (PICK-UP ONLY) off exit 13 (Eureka Dr.) on Florida's Southbound Turnpike-Homestead Extension Selling 2 x Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) MC4953LF cinema bass bins with 2 x 15 inch subwoofers in each cabinet. Solid cabinets with 2 x handles on both sides. PUSH/ PULL design. **1 x 15 inch subwoofer has a small poke in the cone. $SOLD each bin or trade
  2. After, I clean them up I'll be bringing them to my apartment!!
  3. I saw these yesterday morning and threw a hail mary. I took off bright and early on a 8 hour round trip.going as quick as possible. Seller was a real nice guy and didn't mind getting rid of them. He mentioned your inquiry after I loaded them in the van. These are definitely keeper. ...
  4. Still have 1 KSP C-6 in perfect condition for $100 if anyone needs it. Located in Miami, Fl. 33177
  5. Located in Miami, Florida 33177 Selling locally my pair of Klipsch professional KP-250 ii speakers with white grills. Speaker cabinets were originally white, but stripped down to raw birch. I was using these in my apartment, but found another pair of Heresys to take their place. Everything is, as I got them except for the cabinets are now raw birch. There are 2 small holes on the side left and 1 of the back of each cabinet. Factory pole setting on bottom, composed for 4 bolts in a 4x4 pattern. Grills are factory white. All drivers are Klipsch professional. Crossovers KP 2.5 D Looking for $SOLD cash for the pair. Thanks for reading
  6. Does anybody know how to view the images on this thread? Im looking to rehab and remove Formica from Cornwalls. This thread is very informative, but I would love to see the images.
  7. http://miami.craigslist.org/brw/ele/5961483950.html No Affiliation, I just thought they had an eccentric look.
  8. still have it for local pick-up in Miami, Fl, 33177
  9. Thanks Mark, I didn't know Speaker Exchange did that service. I'll check it out. -Rob
  10. Thanks for the tip, I did try a DYI remedy and made the mistake of patching in the front. It did the job, but the paper I used had an ugly pattern that I should have taken into account before doing. I will try the 'Silkspan' and adhesive next time, thanks again. -Rob
  11. I was just in Orlando for the opening of Universal's Halloween Horror Nights last weekend, and I don't really have any plans on going back anytime soon. If anything changes, I'll let you know. Price is reasonably negotiable for who ever is going to come get them the same day they make an offer. Thanks for looking ...
  12. Local sale in Miami, Florida 33177 I'm selling my RB-5 ii (black), they are in near excellent condition with the exception of 2 broken pegs on each grill (still holds on). I just picked up some RB-75's, so I can let these go without any regrets. These speakers sound great, and look even better with the grills off to display their perfect gold cones. I have stands, which I'm selling separately if anyone is interested ($75). RB-5 ii $250 I'm going to post on eBay with more pics, but its already posted in South Florida CL with my contact info for local buyers. I don't have time to pack or ship these, so sorry in advance.
  13. I'm letting go of my KSP C-6 (black) center channel and RC-7 (black). I upgraded my whole system and getting rid of all the extras locally in Miami, Florida (33177). The RC-7 is in great shape no dents on or chips on the cabinet, and the tweeter/woofers sound fantastic. Perfect grill. I have 2 KSP C-6, one looks better (vinyl is perfect) than the other (vinyl on edge had slightly lifted towards back). Perfect grills. I would trade the pair or the single for some Hersey ( I or II), but ultimately just trying to get rid of all the extras. RC-7 SOLD KSP C-6 $100- REDUCED 8/7/17 PERFECT CONDITION KSP C-6 $ SOLD Im going to post them on eBay with more pics, but they are already up in South Florida local CL with my contact info for local buyers. I don't have time to pack or ship, sorry in advance.
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