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  1. Sorry. Not sure what it is tuned for. Anyone local is welcomed to come by to test them out.
  2. Downsizing my collection so this is up for sale. It's a 15" Klipsch woofer (I'm not sure which model) in a custom built box made of MDF and Walnut Veneer. It's ported and the box is pretty well made (made by a local carpenter). Has a very high WAF as well since it doesn't look crazy and has a nice wood grain on all sides. Also included to complete your setup, is a HSU Research Model 500 Amplifier. It's has 500 watts and can be configured to your unique set up with multiple hookup options. I do have the original box for this. In addition, I have the following crossover chips included: 34hz, 51hz, 75hz, and 62hz (not pictured as its installed in the amp). Bass on this setup is great. Very deep, low, musical with plenty of power to rock the whole house if you so desire. Amp alone was $500 and sub and box w/ sub could easily fetch $200. I'm selling the whole setup for $350. Due to size and weight of sub and box only local pickup in Santa Clara, CA (40 minutes south of San Francisco). It's also set up so you can come audition in my home. Message me your number if you are interested.
  3. Still have these for sale. Price is fair but I'll negotiate a tad. Thanks
  4. Yeah, I'm pretty lucky in that my fiancee has been very tolerant of my audio addiction. I've got a stereo system in every room in the house as well as a bunch of audio equipment in storage - don't know why I can't stop but trying very very very hard to slow down.
  5. Thanks everyone. I started with a pair of Heresy's and worked my way up. Sadly need to sell these wonderful speakers. Then I'm going to sell my La Scala collection (4 pairs!) - home theater I was planning to set up but getting married and need money for the wedding....
  6. I have a pair of Klipschorns in walnut finish manufactured in 1990, consecutive pair. It sounds and functions great! Cosmetically in good shape with a few scratches on top which have been touched up. Also two places on the inside where the top meets the bottom had some minor veneer damaged which has been repaired but can be seen close up. And a couple minor nicks here and there which are very hard to see (but I wanted to point it out in full disclosure). Overall very nice pair of beautiful speakers. I bought these from the original owner over 10 years ago and it sat in my sisters house rarely used until I picked them up a month ago. They were run with a 2a3 tube amp and I can demo with that amp or a solid state Classe amp (which is way overkill) but heck why not since they can handle the power. I'm selling because I need to downsize. Way too many speakers in my house and regrettably these need to go. Will sell only to local buyers in the Bay Area, California. I'm in Santa Clara which is 40 minutes south of San Francisco and next to San Jose. Cash and pickup for serious buyers. Priced at $1800. DM me your number and I'll get back to you asap. Cheers!
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