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  1. @@MetropolisLakeOutfitters, Awesome! Thanks for the info! I might have to check those guys out!
  2. I would love to be able to go to a store that actually had all these different setups... Bose had some neat demonstrations back in the day but I'd like to hear the differences with all these configurations. The Best Buy near me has the weakest home theater department I've ever seen!
  3. So there were two guys... A Klipsch guy and a "Authorized dealer." They both told me I was under powering. So I went and upgraded my receiver, which is ok because I kind of got the one I really wanted. More bells and whistles... They both told me to stay with the Klipsch brand but they both somewhat said the G series would be the closest match. I've seen a few other threads where people are using a third tower as their center channel as rebuy mentioned up above. I heard music studios also do that. Is the tower really meant or fully capable of being a center channel? I assumed they were built just a hair differently to produce the different sound you are looking for? Or is that me just assuming again? haha... Or is it more of the receiver working out the different sound for center vs fronts? Sorry for all the newbie ish questions. I try staying technically astute but I've been out of the speaker realm for quite some time.
  4. @@dtel, I was thinking about that. I seen a few things to get from Amazon. They had a stand to put on the stand. Like your bridge drawing. Then another option was a TV stand mount. Not sure if they would look right? And I'd be really afraid to put this massive TV on something that would collapse. lol.. I talked to an Audio guy from a Klipsch distributor. He thinks the G-16 is timbre matched or would be close enough to sound right. Anyone here have any opinions on that speaker? Pricey little bastard...
  5. @@MetropolisLakeOutfitters, Thanks! I was worried enough I bought the newer receiver that was still a pretty good deal with more power. I did get that info from a Klipsh guy and he pretty much scare tactic'd me into getting more power. That math didn't make sense to me either. I just didn't want to ruin my new system. Size wise if I could find a RC-42 II or the RC-10 I feel like those would work well. Maybe a little old but they seem to be close.
  6. @@MetropolisLakeOutfitters, Thanks, but then my next issue would be that im under powering the RP-440C. I can only continuously power at 110W @ 8 ohms. The 440C needs 150w
  7. Hello, I recently purchased the Reference home theater system. R15M, R26F, R10SW but I did not purchase the R25C because that speaker will not fit in the front of my TV Cabinet. I have a 65" curved Samsung TV sitting on the stand and the bezel sits about 2" or so off of the stand. If I put the R25C in front of my TV it will block some of my viewing area. My TV cabinet has 3 sections all at 18.125" wide. I prefer not to mount the center speaker on the wall behind the TV because that would look very odd and I don't want to put the center speaker on the floor. Is there a comparable speaker in anyone's mind that I could get that would sound ok to match this setup? There are a few older Reference speakers that would work but I would have to find something used. Is the G-16 my only bet? I'd hat to get another brand because it sounds like the non timbre matching wouldn't be good. Please help! Thanks
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