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  1. During the visit we discovered that kodi loves the cat toy! Bought this for our 2 crazy rex brothers. Stoney played with it briefly and boney turned his back on it lol. I started calling her my little grubbie grub when she was a wee little puppy. Def fits in with our family. The grub that's a dog that loves the cat toy that she could easily crush/tear apart in seconds! Yet... she just turned 1 a couple months ago. Emma has her trained so well. In the middle of heated tug of war, one word will make her stop and drop. Absolutely love her. Emma and grubbie received_1859000144343351.mp4
  2. MKP wanted me to share this with you... People Who Turned Log Piling Into An Art Form
  3. impressive backsides are nice to look at
  4. More like a baby's arm holding an apple
  5. wobbly sausages for all the lovely ladies... video-1480352341.mp4
  6. Getting STONED at the creek!!!l. Rolling stones all day!! Hump the one you're with!!!!
  7. well, a comforting thought.......if you had died - at least you got to eat the chips you'd never had. lol. glad you're not dead tho.
  8. sorry dude. thought that pic would start the weekend on a sweeter note. lol. i was hoping that i did not single-handedly shut down this long-standing thread.
  9. i know.... you LOVE IT. i can't stop making my "i smell something bad" face. i could probably find something worse?
  10. no shave november -- and no bra. i think his family has a pumpkin patch also. want the address?
  11. there are alot of choices of ipods - touch screen, etc. we have ours for music only. you can watch movies on them, etc but we want the space for the music. mp3 players are cheaper but cumbersome to use. i got my ipod from ebay. this one looks good. if you buy it, i recommend you buy the square trade insurance. electronics are fickle. for $10, if you have a problem, email square trade, they send you a postage paid mailing label, ship it to them, when they get it, they will send you a check in full so you can buy another one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-iPod-classic-6th-Generation-Black-80GB-Great-Condition-A1238-/381819099033?hash=item58e6311799:g:Fc4AAOSwxKtYBpvI Apple iPod classic 6th Generation Black (80GB) Great Condition A1238
  12. mkp just turned 6 yrs old - his passport photo
  13. mkp was right. the cat did not come home with me. she always kept the 2 male cats (the knuckleheads) in line. she was a little older - and much bigger. when we got boney he was a young kitten. stoney did not want anything to do with him -- hissing at him. we called her MAMA because she took boney in and cared for him - putting stoney in his place. when boney got bigger they would take turns attacking each other. they would stalk each other round the house. it was never dull. the three of them were perfect. mama was 4 yrs old and had turned into skin and bones in 3 weeks. vet said her kidneys were "enormous noduled and gnarley kidneys" and would not get better. was something she was born with. the boys don't understand...
  14. yes -- meet mr. kelly. i have a couple details to add... the pie he brought with the piece missing...mr kelly was holding the knife i assume he sliced it with. it was really old and rusted - i'm sure it was his favorite taxidermist knife...ewww. the day i sent him home to get his pants on... it was a very hot humid day. mr. kelly walked into the shop with his boxers on and i told him "oh no you don't mr kelly. those boxers DO NOT pass as shorts. you need to go home and put some pants on" i went into the bay for something, and mark came back into the office first to see mr kelly with our brand new unopened 2 liter diet pepsi, on his lips and chugging away. mark said "mr kelly!" he jumped and spilled a little on himself, said he was just taking a sip. mark told him he could have the bottle, and go get some pants on. lol miss him...
  15. Didn't picture you as a gagger. Lol
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