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  1. Certainly not an ITT graduate ... lol
  2. Oct 9 will be the 2 year anniversary of MKP being sworn in. It was truly an awe-inspiring experience - all the countries represented and the families in attendance. I did the paperwork...intermittently. i would hit a roadblock (required paperwork - marriages, divorces, passports etc.) and put the papers away for a few months. then i would pull them out again and start with fresh eyes. it is a really long story. but we did it! and this is our citizen!!
  3. looking at this speaker, one word comes to mind. i have included urban dictionary def... Ratchet A "diva," mostly from urban cities and ghettos, that has reason to believe she is every mans eye candy. Unfortunately, she's wrong.
  4. Being a wife......HURRY UP......once she hears them, the deal is clinched.
  5. velocity brew or a10? comments on the velocity brew are that the carafe leaks. does it?
  6. how is this coffee pot working out for you? shopping for a replacement for our $9 walmart pot (i was really disgusted at spending alot of money on a coffee pot that was problematic.) we have been through the cuisinarts over the years. good for around 5 years then time to spend another 150-200. is it really so hard to find a decent coffee pot? the bunn a10 kinda scares me with all the rules and stuff . it reads like it is really high maintenance. we aren't home very much - always at the shop. recommendations anyone??
  7. you look like the MAD YELPER...lol
  8. As of this morning, we have 3 published reviews an 16 suppressed reviews. Our first ever review (now that those changes were made) is the idiot that has never been to the shop.
  9. That's what Yelp does. Modified form of extortion found this interesting... https://yelpcomplaints.wordpress.com/
  10. i am still struggling with Yelp - they aren't helpful at all. removed brooke's review, but she just posted another. i have flagged that one too. i was able to request a second review of cap's review - being that they decided not to remove it. after that, i received a feedback form from yelp.... so i told them that reviews are posted by anyone about any business at any time. those reviews can blatantly violate yelp guidelines, and be upheld by their review 'system.' yelp is the new 'crank call' for the pre-teens and grown idiots out there and our real customers just shake their heads...wtf??
  11. makes me think of a classic MKP.... in the tone of LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE" MKP will bellow 'IT'S TIME TO GET SILLY'
  12. Yeah, I had read that, but it would have been nice if she had been in the picture too. The BOSS needs a selfie stick. Or another one that isn't battery operated, if you know what I'm saying :lol: Mark What I really need is a Taser for a$$holes
  13. first thing this morning i saw the email from our website "contact us" tab from our late customer's son. scathing comments. as i am drafting a factual logistical timeline of events, i decide to look at the yelp and google ratings. GREAT. the son and the daughter. and a few other bad reviews that i have no idea who the people are. the man himself has a long review on google. what i find funny is -- if the service was that bad, why does he have to lie about things? the son posted 2 separate reviews with different lies in each, when i am upset over service - i have my facts, and they are indeed facts. this guy is head of the athletic department of mcdonogh high school in baltimore county MD. his wife's facebook is full of charitable associations and celebrations. his son is/was athletic director at gerstell academy in carroll county MD - his yelp says he lives in nevada. apparently he does some sports commentary somewhere. the daughter is grown - was miss maryland - and apparently advertises herself on yelp as model, singer, songwriter. sounds like a real nice family. goes to show -- you never know. i cannot find a way to respond on yelp officially. you can send messages. what i did find are the rules -- cannot post if it is not your personal experience in/at the business. i reported them so i am hoping they will disappear. ALTHOUGH... i have spent all day individually emailing and facebook messaging customers. we don't believe in 'coaxing' our customers to 'like' our page or to solicit feedback. it is more valuable to us if it is voluntarily given. i communicated that after 18 years serving our community, we are getting slammed on the internet. I asked if they could post an honest review of their experience with us to help combat the bad reviews from this man and his minions. the response from our customers was immediate and overwhelming. one guy (who never swears) emailed "I'm glad you threw that a@@hole out. you don't need that kind of stress." it would truly be awesome if yelp removed their reviews, and we wound up with a ton of great ones!! our facebook has exploded with likes and reviews. this is fathers day weekend, and i am sure most are busy and not accessing their messages, so they will continue to pour in. mkp works hard and he is truly the good cop. he deserves the good stuff. not this crapp. i guess sometimes you gotta dig through the shitt to find the magic mushrooms... this started as a bad thing, but i think in the end, i think i will email this fool and thank him. my customers did not like what he said - they believe in mark and in the shop. hahahaha
  14. We were planing a cookout this weekend for the "B" day but it will be raining here all weekend also .......... So yea I'm just a tad pissed. what he is NOT telling you is that.... the audio shop called and his other carver is ready...we can certainly drive in the rain. soooo....we can still listen to good music on awesome speakers (whichever ones he hooks up for whatever tracks he deems appropriate)... we have no kids to tell us to turn it down,,, ...and if carl is a man of his word, we should be expecting quite a large package in the mail to keep us busy...
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