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  1. many many moons ago..... we found Klipsch LaScalas in the paper (yes, the paper). Bought them, Loved them. My favorite song to play on them LOUD was C&C music Factory GOTTA LIVE HAPPY. Crisp soprano vocals and deep rich bass. That is my go - to test song when we buy speakers. mkp does all the techy stuff. i just listen. Every set of speakers we have bought/looked at since has to pass the GOTTA LIVE HAPPY test. A lot of them stay with the sellers. Haven't found a set of klipsch that fails the test yet. lol we were friendly with a guy from Gramophone. Nice boutique type stereo store. He INSISTED that we take home a set of KEF. i really did not want to - afraid we would blow them up. he swore by them, and would not hold us accountable. well.... we blew them up. now i have a new favorite in addition to that song -- Black Box RIDE ON TIME i love testing speakers....
  2. I second the motion! Stone will keep you entertained!
  3. WE WANT LIVE FEED FROM HOPE ! ! ! ! ! ...please
  4. We are so busy all the time this year:. Mom, shop, laundry, shopping, audio repair shop, and sleep. Cancelled everything else - including hope . Not complaining - mom is worth it. However, mom is covered, we have milk, coffee and creamer (staples of life), laundry not too hateful,shop OK... Know what that means? FREE DAY!!! no kids (adult or otherwise) to tell us to turn down the music, no sound ordinance during the day (neighbors), raining so can't do yard work.... SEX...DRUGS....ROCK N ROLL!!!! It is ON...like back in the day when you cut school and took your main squeeze back to your empty house!!! As a teenager I never thought I could be with the same person for decades. Now, after 27 years of locking boots.....AND WE STILL FEEL LIKE WE'RE PLAYING HOOKIE? it doesn't get better than this. MKP
  5. Tried that one after you told me about it and it was good, also tried about 4-5 others that week. After a few nights of "trying" them they all seem to run together but shots for $90 or $500 a bottle they can keep it with my cheap taste buds, a night of those could cost me thousands if not careful, and I'm not always careful. Bet its good Like Patron and others compared to Jose Cuervo, yes it is better, but over 2+ times better ? Considering I don't just have one or two shots. But for some reason tequila does very little to me, beer 4-5 and I'm silly and get a headache, can't explain it ? Reminds me of a bar on the beach once, tequila shots were $2, $3 and $6 I asked what he recommended and he said for just one or two get the better if more than that get the cheaper one.
  6. But shots Lol you said butt shots...
  7. i know i am still new around here -but i really did miss you. i look forward to your comments. i guess i’m supposed to be paying attention at work meetings instead of telling the boss that he looks just like Prince Harry. In my defense .... he does. prince harry is kinda hott...lol
  8. i know i am still new around here -but i really did miss you. i look forward to your comments. mom sleeps most of the time in the last 2+ days. i have been wondering if dad is calling for her. they were inseparable. it is difficult, but it comforts me to think that he is with her in her sleep.
  9. had mom back in the er. everything checked out, so it must be a virus. these trips are getting smoother, and the staff is getting nicer. everyone is so shocked to see mom with family that loves her and doesn't leave her. they said it is customary that families just drop them off. when someone bends over mom to do something, she always reaches up and rubs them. and they always melt. we now have home health care: nurse for vitals, bather & physical therapy. makes everything easier. everyone is surprised when they come in because we have mom SET UP. it is very validating. even my daughter is happy that they are coming to help. mom is hanging in as are we, and we have a handle on the resources and have to make fewer demands, and can now pleasantly request. i guess i have "arrived." lol have a good day. and hang in there.
  10. may want to get some bloodwork done. low iron can drag you down. Glad to hear from you Boss lady, hope your feeling better. spank you! (kind of slang in our house for 'thank you') all of you! lol
  11. may want to get some bloodwork done. low iron can drag you down.
  12. what i need to do is keep my faith in myself. i am a fast learner, and my mouth is not shy. i sorted out the doctors office in pretty quick time - still considering reporting them. now i have chewed out the doctor at the hospital, who was instantly self aware, and i think he may have learned something. common sense will always prevail. it is hard to reject the 'authority figure' that has been taught to you. at the end of the day, and the beginning, we are all just human: good, bad, thoughtful, thoughtless, empathetic, PATHETIC. fool me once, right? i will ensure that these 'issues' don't happen again. this kind of learning is very hard work! on the bright side, the home health care folks are really nice, empathetic, responsibe and HELPFUL. they will become a regular part of our journey. thanks for all the well wishes. what doesn't kill ya, right? i've never had a martini...
  13. that house is gorgeous. as is the property. congrats. she has good taste
  14. THAT comes with a story.... at the beach with my 3 kids and my girlfriend's daughter. just got set up around the pool with the kids. beautiful day. my daughter (was 10) is standing on the diving board and bellows in a BIG voice "IT'S ******** TUESDAY!" the youngest was an infant in her little seat. my girlfriend looks at me and says "STOP HER FROM SAYING THAT AGAIN!!!" thank god i was raised in a loud house, as was my daughter. parents - and people with parents - understand -- we can silence our children INSTANTLY! not a sound was heard.....even the birds stopped chirping.
  15. H A P P Y T U E S D A Y ! ! ! ! ! and thanks
  16. only if she knows what she is doing....
  17. yea... i have nerve damage too... that is why mkp is customer service around here...lol
  18. I miss doing this stuff. so what do you do?
  19. Here Christy I'll be selling the blue one in a few weeks....... The camo one I built for The BOSS a few years ago...MKP :-) Love that color blue! Reminds me of the Caribbean! should we hook up a tow dolly for ya? it could be yours.....
  20. Sorry but i'm with the Boss with this one, no excuse Good for you Boss, tell him he needs a new or new to him Ht receiver and if the sub does not stop humming he needs to build a sub and find some rear speakers....................easy for me to say since it's your $ this is what i see/hear in my head everytime we get ready to watch a movie.....
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