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    For Dave

    when mkp is in a sh*tty mood on our way to work, i remind him to look out the window of the single lane state highway we travel....rolling hiiis and green fields. no turns and 2 stop lights. 11 miles one way. ahhhhh sometimes he has to be reminded to count his blessings.... money is a necessary evil.... peace is priceless
  3. pets are such close family members. they are always there and always seem to understand what is going on and how you feel. they take our sh*t, and heal our hurts. our first set of rexes (cats) died at 13. DEVASTATING. the male (reggie) chose our daughter (the one in MKP's avatar) as his when she was 6 wks old. he slept with her, called for her when it was time for bed, etc. they were inseparable - like lassie and timmy. she was completely wrecked when we had to put him down - she was 13. reggie's sister (roxanne) cried through the house for a year before she went. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. we have their ashes. we also had a manx cat that wandered into our trash (cat with no tail/little bump) that we had for years - MKP's baby. we have her ashes too. i guess we will all go together. dad was cremated. he and mom wanted to be cremated and buried together. i got a double urn/vault that sits on one of our klipsch speakers. dad is in there, waiting for mom. hope he is patient! they are gorgeous dogs, guys. so sorry for your loss. when you least expect it, and when you are ready.... 7 years later we rescued 2 rexes from a breeder. stoney is white like reggie - and a lover just like he was. boney is black and white like roxanne and is an a**hole just like she was. they are not replaced, just honored. we were lucky to have them.
  4. in the summer, they lose their 'winter coat' which is not much of a coat. it gets cold in the house and the 'kids' (31 and 21) were telling me they need sweaters. i found a pair of socks and cut holes in them. they did not last long, but the pics are great. boney - black and white - IS an a**hole, and the look on his face is hysterical! we called stoney 'madonna' - strike a pose. NEVER a dull moment. now that the house is empty (kids moved in with mom), in the morning and when we get home, we find miscellaneous things strewn across the floors, hallways, stairs.... shirts, potholders, shredded paper towel rolls.... they sleep in a pile...if there were 10 of them, it would just be a bigger pile.
  5. you are not the first to say that... we have customers that within 5 minutes of talking with us will love us or hate us. and that's ok. the feelings are usually mutual! admittedly, we are weird. but we like weird. sometimes we go to bed laughing and can't get to sleep. laying in the dark and one will start, and it is all over! he knows i have his back, and i know he has mine. he can always be the good cop, because i will always be the bad cop. if one of the kids wants something - they go to him. especially $$$. he gives more!! we are far from perfect, but our kids know that we are all on the same team! we look at some folks, and they are soooooo uptight. man... life is too short. ...and looking at forum members' equipment lists... WE ARE AMONG THE STRANGE!!!! good to be home
  6. MKP didn't tell you... he will not eat hersheys chocolate. only cadbury, and other english chocolates. his cousin came for a visit some years ago, we gave her a hershey bar and she said "this chocolate tastes like sick" (i.e. vomit) i like hersheys and won't eat cadbury or flakes, etc. wilbur buds are yet another thing.... they are really good... THEY ARE OF SATAN i could tell you that we would bring some to hope, but i fear they would not survive the clutches of the BUD - master
  7. Women who bring home chocolate SMOOTH OPERATOR
  8. tigerman -- does your band get to baltimore/surrounding areas? would love to see your show. how about playing at hope??
  9. There's a few female singers I really enjoy but are too raspy and aggressive for me to consider to be "hot". Pink is one of them. Garrisson Star is a close second. Sarah McLachlan is probably the best of both worlds. I guess I like the GROWL or raspy sound in their voice, reminds me of purring LOL Mark when you can make a woman purrr, you are a keeper....
  10. speaking of politics... For the indecisive voter, here's CLUMP...
  11. hahahaha... sounds like MKP with one exception... his tablet in his lap tuned into the forum!!!!
  12. actually....goofy goober is my ringtone. spongebob is awesome. does everyone have an abrasive side?? http://www.toonme.us/watch/spongebob-squarepants-season-7-episode-20-the-abrasive-side-earworm/
  13. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! ! ! ! ! and many more.....
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