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  1. This past weekend my girlfriend and I were driving to a flea market and we passed a set of speakers out on the curb along a busy road. Taped to them was a sign "free". Figured they were junk and kept going. Two hours later they were still there so I pulled over to see what they are and was surprised, KG2 in walnut cabinets in good shape! The only issue is a rear passive with a cracked frame and pushed in dustcover. I can try and fix the frame but since these are so nice I figured I'd check here to see if anyone has a unit that is being parted out. Also does anyone know the PN? Long story short, when we got back to her place I set them up in her mini stereo and she loves them. I'm bringing over a Denon PMA-720 integrated so she has some real power to play with, like me, she likes her music cranked up a bit. BillWojo
  2. I've been busy on some other forums and the few times I have logged onto here I have quickly jumped off. I can't stand this new forum setup, it's annoying as hell. Took me awhile just to figure out how to write a post to complain about it. And WTF is with that damn pop up that keeps telling me to receive forum notifications, no easy way to shut it off. I'll be spending my time back over on AK and the Altec forums. I'll check back in once in a while, maybe this will get fixed. For the administrator, check what AK is using, now that's in another whole league as far as forum software. Rant over, carry on. BillWojo
  3. I have a Dennis Had Inspire amp that I would be willing to part with for 750.00 It's a KT66 SE and sounds great. Run it into a set of Heresy's. I only have so much room and my MC40 mono blocks get top billing. BillWojo
  4. Hey Carbon_66, glad you got your asking price but when I private messaged you an offer a "no thank you" or a counter offer would have been way more appropriate than telling me to "F*** Off". No need to get so ugly on this forum. BillWojo
  5. If the fabric is attached to wood or anything like that, this should not be tried. I have used this several times on filthy speaker grilles if the frames are plastic. I fill the tub with about 2 inches of warm water and add a bit of dish detergent soap. Lay the frames in there flat and swish around. You will see the dirt swirling off of them and crud falling to the bottom of the tub. DO NOT pick the frames up as the wet fabric is heavy and will stretch. Drain tub, add more warm water for a rinse, repeat as necessary. After the final draining wait a bit and carefully stand the frames up to drain. If the fabric is still heavy with water, wait some more. After they have drain well, take them outside to air dry. I have used this technique several times to clean really nasty grills and they have come out looking 100% better. BillWojo
  6. I'm a Carver guy myself, Silver 7T's and Platinum Amazings but I love my MC40 Mac monoblocks and Heresy's. You really need to try a tube amp, those Lascalas will sing. BillWojo
  7. Ok, I'll offer 25 bucks. BillWojo
  8. I have the matching tuner, smoked my CA-880 when I hooked it up to a set of DCM TimeFrame 400 speakers, they didn't care for the load. Very nice looking amp with the meters and all. BillWojo
  9. I believe these are referred to as Heresy 1.5, a transition model between the 1 and 2 model. Mine were built in 1983, the drivers mount on the back of the motorboard and have the older style SN. The horns are made of plastic instead of metal, making mine Heresy 1.5 also. Lot's of info around here on these. BillWojo
  10. Telefunken tubes are highly sought after, premium tubes made in W Germany and usually fetch top dollar. The Jesse Brent web site can give you a good incite into the various tubes and manufactures out there. If the 6SN7 is still available and test good, you might want to grab it. BillWojo
  11. Deang, I like your idea of build threads. Along with some technical discussion on how you figured out the design. Maybe some of us can learn something. I have populated and soldered circuit boards in the past, didn't have a clue what was going on in the circuits, wish I did. I have a basic understanding of some stuff but a lot of analog circuits are over my head. So if you have some great crossover or whatever designs, feel free to share them. BillWojo
  12. Thanks Deang. I did a lot of research before deciding on the Metcal. At that point I watched Ebay and put a nice setup together for under 150.00. I purchased a used power supply, a new handle and a bunch of cartridges, both new and used. Even picked up the correct holder for the pencil handle with the cavity for the sponge. Compared to my old Weller it's a night and day difference. Money well spent. BillWojo
  13. Great score, if you need to know anything about your Carver gear, stop on over "TheCarverSite" , I'm a member there and it's a great forum like this one. Lot's of helpful folks if you have any questions. I run my Heresy's off of 40W Mac monoblock tube amps, I run my Carver ribbons off of Carver 575W Silver Seven t monoblocks. That's not a combination that I want to switch up. I fear the Heresy's would let the smoke leak out. Just use the throttle (volume control) wisely. BillWojo
  14. I soldered my Crites kits for my Heresy's, easy work. I use a Metcal soldering station with the induction heating quick change cartridges. Use the right style tip, flux and your on and off the joint pronto. Makes soldering fun. BillWojo
  15. Well you have your priorities in order, who needs sheet rock anyway, it's over rated. BillWojo
  16. If you get any more, I'd like to get one as well. Thanks BillWojo
  17. I'll bite, what do you have? BillWojo
  18. Hey avguytx, I have a Carver C11 with the BillD mods. It's a very outstanding preamp, I love it. Just picked up some Carver Silver Seven T mono blocks to use in that system. I have a stock C1 feeding a set of Mac monoblocks that will be getting restored and upgraded sometime. If there is a piece of gear that you really like, it pays to have it restored. The build quality of the better vintage gear would cost a small fortune to buy new today. BillWojo
  19. I bought a pair in oiled oak with the cain grills a few months ago. Made in 1983 so they are the Heresy 1.5 version. They were in excellent condition and I paid 280.00 for them. I rebuilt the crossovers for a cost of 52.00. Around the Philly area they seem to sell for 3 to 4 hundred on CL if your willing to wait for a deal. No way would I pay 500.00 for an older pair unless they were in pristine condition, recapped and had all the correct drivers. Maybe in other parts of the country the market is different. BillWojo
  20. This past summer while at my favorite flea market I walked past a cassette deck and glanced at it. I did a double take as most of the stuff I see there is BPC (black plastic crap). Turns out it was a Sony K890ES deck and had the rosewood side panels. This is a top of the line single bay cassette unit, 3 motors and all the bells and whistles. the guy had no idea what it was and I picked it up for 10 bucks. Stopped by a GoodWill on the way home to pick up a cassette to try it out with and was amazed at the quality of sound this unit made. Still not collecting cassettes but this is going in my rack just for the cool factor. Just looking at it you can see the quality that Sony built into it. Someday I'll give it a good cleaning and try making some recordings for my car. My Volvo from 2004 has a cassette deck/CD player. BillWojo
  21. My Heresy's are the 1.5 version, from 1983. I purchased the cap rebuild kit from Crites and did them one at a time. After doing the first one I tried them side by side and could easily hear the difference, At first I didn't like the rebuilt networks but after a few hours they smoothed out and now sound fantastic. I sealed the back with thin foam weatherstripping from the hardware store. BillWojo
  22. Check over in the for sale section of AK, about a week or so ago there was a guy selling LaScalas for 400 bucks, pretty sure he was in Texas. Smokin deal. BillWojo
  23. Thaddeus, I am fairly new here. What has that got to do with the OP question. I see an intelligent question asked and folks are telling him not to bother. From the research that I have been able to find, one of the reasons the Heresy's lack a lot of low end grunt is the smaller cabinet size. I have Heresy's and wonder if a larger cabinet wouldn't help the bass myself. Remember, this speaker was designed as a center fill channel. LaScalas , Khorns, etc were to provide the bass. djk seems to have provided a thoughtful answer. Thanks BillWojo
  24. The OP has a damaged pair of Heresy's with good drivers and most of you guys are telling him to buy something else. He has nothing to lose by building new cabinets and a lot to gain if he gets the numbers right. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Please post pics! BillWojo
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