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  1. Hi! Thanks for the answer. And the reason I need to do this is because I do have a showroom store, so I want to demo the 15PM and also a the Home cinema I do have in the same room.
  2. Hello! Can I use the R-15PM active speakers with the pre-outs of the AV Receiver I have Marantz 5010 ? I want to use both as fronts, and also usa a RP-440C passive speaker using the speaker output of my receiver? Any recommendations? Thanks!
  3. Answer from Russound: Hello XXX, Thank you for contacting Russound. We do not make a device designed for that purpose. The only thing we could offer would be 5 x AB2.2 speaker selector. http://www.russound.com/product_detail.php?i=1768 Best Regards, Joe Joe Dion Russound Technical Support
  4. I already have one AVR, so I dont want to purchase one more, just have some kind of selector so I can use two setups in a single room, not tu used at the same time, it will be used one at a time. Any suggestions?
  5. those Niles and Russound products work with pair of speakers, its more for distribution audio. I need just 2 swtich of 5 channels each. I think its impossible
  6. I want to use two 5.1 setups (using one single subwoofer) So I just want to have a product where I select one or the other setup. I think it need to receive both setup wires and the act as a bridge selector. Any product link?
  7. Hi folks! I want to have 2 speaker setups inside one single room. This is for my business showroom. We also want to use a single AV Receiver for this 2 setups (5.1) sharing the same subwoofer. My question: Is there any product I can hook up 2 setups and I then select one and then the other? that make sense? Please help!!
  8. Hello, Iam a little confuse. I want to biam my 160M speakers. Do I need to connect the assign-amp (rear left/right) from the Marantz SR5010 to the top or the botton plugs on my speaker? I saw on the manual and It seems I need to connect them to the bottom and the FL/FR to the top of the connectors. Any advise and help please. Thanks!
  9. Nice information there. Iam planning to use the same CDT-5800 drivers for my atmos ceiling configuration. Question: Can I use flat gallery Klipsch speaker on the ceiling and I will have the same results as the 5800s? I have some gallery units with me, but Iam worry about dispersion thing... Any ideas? Thanks!
  10. Welcome to the forum. I am not into the Atmos thing "yet" so I will let the more informed reply to that. Good luck and enjoy, Bill Hi! Thanks for the welcome. Which receiver brand works best for Klipsch sound? I saw you have NAD, Yamaha, Onkyo, etc
  11. Hi! I will use 1 pair of this Klipsch CDT-5650-C II in-ceiling speakers. That been said, a 5.1.2 Atmos Setup. My room is 13x10 foot area so its small, you really think I need to go with 2 subs? Any suggestions about the receiver? Thanks!
  12. Hello Guys, Iam here so I expect a good welcome from everyone. Well, Iam planning to build a Atmos setup. I have a relative small room, about 4mx3m and I want a very inmersive experience. Al already did buy the fronts: RP-250F And Iam planning to buy this prior your suggestions: RP-440C (center channel) RP-240S (surround) CDT-5650-C II (in-celling center atmos) R-112W (subwoofer) Receiver: Onkyo RZ800 or Yamaha A1050 or Denon X4100W (I do prefer the Onkyos) Any advise, suggestions and comments? Thanks!
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