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  1. Out of the choices listed my recommendation is the Parasound by a large margin.
  2. I would recommend go with whatever ends up sounding good to your ears. I would highly recommend biamping with a ss amp for your lowers and tube amp for you uppers.
  3. I have the exact same speakers as my mains in the living room. Absolutely awesome sounding AND looking. This is a crazy good price for these. GLWYS
  4. Imho flat IS NOT best at all. Flat is perfect to start from then flavor to your liking.
  5. Get a 4080 and be done. Great rig! Use it on my Jubes
  6. Tatent!!! Me too!! Lol love Skyrim! Im a heavy armor stealth assassin. But I digress, if you REALLY want to video game go with PC
  7. Just FYI no tinkering needed with the C2600. Its ready to go out of the box, and McIntosh is super conservative and their specs these tubes will last forever. You get the tube sound with none of the hassles. Connect it to a nice SS amp and you are winning all day
  8. I LIKED my P6 but I LOVE my McIntosh C2600
  9. I think this gets to the heart of the issue with Klipsch speakers (imo) they all should be biamped with active crossovers. A tube amp for uppers and SS for lowers. The low powered tube amps just cant push enough on the lowers. OR get a high powered tube amp like the MC275 and problem solved. The issue most of us run into is one of $$$ and time to tweak on equipment to get the best sound. So we all end up making compromises....until you dont (ie actively crossed Jubilee with low watt tube upper and ss lowers) 😜
  10. This is so true. My entire audio journey I always had upgraditis. Once I moved to K402 on top of dual 18" direct radiator jbl lowers with ss on the lowers and tube amp on the k402 i have had ZERO desire to change anything. This is audio nirvana for me (ymmv)
  11. Was thinking about the schiit ageir for my uppers until i came across this custom made tube amp for about the same price. Ill have to check out the tyr.
  12. You are assuming distortion means it sounds bad? Distortion for tubes (in my experience) causes a warm lush sound. I love it, some people hate it.
  13. And dont forget that good sounding is subjective to each pair of ears. I went from a parasound amp on my uppers for my jubilees to a hand made tube amp and the difference was immense. From clean clinical/sterile to warm full and lush.
  14. Granted i have jubensteins, i have the stock k402 horn and driver but i am using a dual 18" jbl lowers. Xillica 4080 active crossover. I have a custom handmade tube amp for the uppers and a crown amp for the lowers. And honestly I have chronic upgraditis and i havent wanted to change anything on this setup. Everytime i think i want to upgrade i go into my listening room and immediately lose the urge. If you dont go with a jubilee i would highly recommend the switch to a xillica active crossover. After room treatments its the most significant improvement you can make to any speaker.
  15. Personally not even close if the jubilees are active crossovers. My buddy has very nice khorns and they are great. But my jubilees sound better in every possible way. Only difference is waf towards the khorns
  16. Practice a little deferred gratification, save up more $$, buy a xillica that fits your needs, enjoy the most significant improvement in sound you can invest in.
  17. My thoughts are with the family. Always sad to lose a loved one
  18. Ummmm and here I thought I was the only person in the world that likes (i love it personally) Morning Phase. Just a great, easy to listen to, album. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to sit back, relax, and enjoy pleasing sounds entering your earholes
  19. Sent a message to buckeye on usaudiomart. Waiting on a reply.
  20. So i have a jubenstein with K402 uppers and jbl dual 18" bassbins for lowers. I was originally using a custom tube amp for the uppers but i have since purchased a McIntosh C2600 tube preamp and want to pair a good SS amp to drive the uppers. Obviously a McIntosh stereo amp makes sense but I'm looking for a more affordable option for now (under $1500). Was looking at the Schiit Agear want to know other options that people have actually heard and would recommend.
  21. But how do they SOUND??
  22. Xillica is really the only choice for home hifi dsp. Imho
  23. Yes indeed. And there are a bunch of threads here on how to use it as well.
  24. From my experience the "affordable" dsp solutions are way too noisy for high sensitivity speakers. It wasnt till i moved to the xillica 4080 before it all just worked and sound awesome.
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