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  1. Been enjoying my La scalas. They are a bit stained/dirty? I tried the beeswax/orange paste wipe on wipe off and didnt really notice a difference. Do i need to sand/buff and then what to seal it? They are raw birch and i love that look so want to keep that look and not stain/color/tint them..... Any advice???
  2. Kalifornian

    Jubilee advice needed.

    Hmmmm...guess I need to find some that can let me audition the Jubes.....
  3. Kalifornian

    Klipsch Forte III Walnut (single) Houston, Tx

    A for effort sir! Looks pretty dang good compared to the original pics I saw. GLWYS
  4. Kalifornian

    Bel Canto REF500M class D amplifier monoblocks...

    Im still saving up for my preamp. If these are still for sale when its time to buy amps I will grab these...
  5. Kalifornian

    Bel Canto REF500M class D amplifier monoblocks...

    That seems like a smoking deal. Are these warm tubey sounding??
  6. If I hadnt decided to go with Jubilees I would grab those in a heartbeat. I miss my Bells so bad. GLWYS those will be a treat for someone.
  7. Kalifornian

    Jubilee advice needed.

  8. Kalifornian

    Jubilee advice needed.

    Planning on 2 way jubilee later this year. Currently using La Scala in dedicated treated listening room. Its 13x11x10....is the jube gonna work??? Too much?
  9. Kalifornian

    Refreshed LaScala

    What exactly was your process for stripping, sanding, and cleaning. I need to achieve that finish on my LaScalas
  10. Kalifornian

    WTB: Klipsch KLF-30's (West Coast)

    I see he lowered his price. He had those at 1500. Looks like a clean pair
  11. Kalifornian

    La Scala wood restoration/cleaning?

    I think I may just leave it alone and enjoy the patina....
  12. Using BubbleUPNP. It links to Tidal, Spotify, and my NAS. You can make mixed playlists between the three. I have a Synology NAS and am using the Synology music server app to serve up the FLAC
  13. Have mine hooked up to a flea watt chinese amp to La Scalas. I stream Tidal and flac files from my NAS with zero issues. Sound quality is excellent (I am connected using RCA). Guessing it might be even better if I had an awesome DAC and connected over optical...
  14. Kalifornian

    What's the best tweeter?

    DE120. The titanium drivers sound too harsh to my ears. The CT120 (Crites version) are super detailed bit smooth
  15. Kalifornian

    veneering tips needed

    I have done the titebond II and iron method multiple times and love it. Super simple and great results
  16. Located in Northern CA. Asking $1300.
  17. Where are you located?
  18. Kalifornian

    New La Scala Tweeters need break-in?

    The CT120 (imho) is much smoother and easier to listen to than the stock tweet OR the CT125
  19. Kalifornian

    RF-7 II at Fry's for $299

    Went to my local northern CA and the closest store was San Diego with a pair. Then the salesperson tries to upsell me a RF7iii at regular prices! Haha
  20. Kalifornian

    RF-7 II at Fry's for $299

    Well, the RF 7ii is a generation old seeing as the iii have been out quite a while now. This is just Frys cleaning their house. Klipsch and other business are probably just fine with holding on to old stock and is why they arent lowering their prices....
  21. Kalifornian

    Frys has RF7ii for 299 tomorrow!!

  22. Kalifornian

    RF-7 II at Fry's for $299

    Limit 2 person but i will try to work something out
  23. Kalifornian

    RF-7 II at Fry's for $299

    My local says should be there. Ill be there at 745 banging on the doors
  24. I've listened to B&W and Klipsch. I felt the B&W was silky smooth and delicate but lacking in overall clarity and openness... It was like taking a LaScala and throwing a heavy blanket over it. YMMV