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  1. Hmmmm.....im almost thinking of getting a pair....much cheaper than bms two way....just cant get used to titanium drivers....too harsh. These EMT seem to be sounding smoother??
  2. Used in great shape Node 2i. Black. Non smoking. Non pet house. All original packaging included. $400 shipped to con us.
  3. No I agree with you. The sound of the Marantz dac is warmer and smoother.
  4. I personally really like the Marantz DACs and sound. I would say not to add anything unless you are feeling you are missing something. I have marantz sr7012 in living room system and love the sound. My dedicated listening room I went with Parasound for 2 channel listening. Ive contemplated switching to marantz but am liking the Parasound sound too.
  5. I switched from Tidal to Amazon HD and for 99% of songs I don't notice a difference. I'm running Node2i via optical and rca (so i can switch between Node Dac or my Parasound P6+) I'm running dual jbl 18" bass bins with the jbl 2446h on jbl horns for high frequency (very high sensitivity) and can only tell a difference on very few songs.
  6. Sorry, I had the non HD so that may have been the issue with the minidsp
  7. I'm sorry (not sorry) but after having traveled the upgrade path from minidsp, to behringer, to finally xilica I dont know how anyone talking about making a speaker and audio quality being a factor could recommend the minidsp or behringer as an option at all. The noise floor on those are just too high for high sensitivity speakers
  8. Been looking for one of those....too bad I'm westcoast...glwys it looks super clean
  9. What brand/model is your audio stand please?
  10. I'm looking at the EVO 400 preamp. Looks really promising. I'm gonna go listen to one locally this week or next. Currently running Parasound P6 and very happy but just can't help thinking I'm missing the tube sound....
  11. Check out jbl 2385. Great alternative at a cheaper price and better availabilty
  12. No, I have JBL dual 18's with large 18" jbl horns in a 11x13 room and it sounds awesome. I am using active crossover though...
  13. I have the Rotel RB 1552 MKII like new in box that Im not using up for sale if you are interested. Its in the garage sale section
  14. There's definately a split on people's listening preferences. I've found its either clear clinical (ie emotiva) or warm lush (ie marantz). It really depends on your tastes
  15. What speakers are you using? I always recommend the Marantz line as they always produce excellent results. I've tried emotiva in the past and found them to be bright on Klipsch speakers. If you have standard dome speakers them the emotiva may work for you.
  16. The HEOS control for music playing works great. I use harmony universal remote for everything plus alexa integration. You cant go wrong. Its a great AVR (I have the SR7012) and you desire to upradge will go to zero after you get it. It does everything and does it well
  17. I enjoy upgrading and trying new things. I'll offer the opinion the sound of the Marantz is better than your pioneer and that you woudn't regret it. Not familiar with your current speakers but the Marantz model avr always sounds better than competing models on Klipsch speakers. Ymmv with your speakers
  18. Horns arent the end all be all in audio, but they are for me and many others. That being said there are other incredible non-horn speakers be it foldded ribbon, plannar, electrostatic, ect. They all sound different and when done well they sound great. Different strokes for different folks.
  19. Got the Q8 samsung at black friday last year. Love it.
  20. If you are apartment living and working at Beale AFB just stay in Yuba. The commute sucks from Rocklin (Placer County) area.
  21. Im in the Rocklin area. very close is you need some klipsch time or whatnot
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