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  1. This is sad news indeed. Mr Bob always had tons of patience with me and generously answered all my questions. He will be missed. My condolences to his family, my thoughts go out to y’all.
  2. After having a full night to listen to the CF-4’s, I still cannot believe how amazing they sound. The detail, clarity and realism is beyond anything else Klipsch I’ve heard, including K-horns or LaScalas. i am going to move them into the music room to a/b them against the Chorus. My bet is the chorus are going to be reassigned to home theater duty.
  3. So I recently acquired a mint set of CF-4’s and I’m gobsmacked with them. They replaced my front L & R for my home theater, the solders they relieved were R26-F, and it ain’t even close — not even by a parsec. So hearing such detail and richness in the sound has invariably made me question whether I should move my newly recapped Chorus I to my home theater and promote the CF-4 to the audio room. Yes, the CF-4 seem to be that good - epic sounding! So here I turn to y’all, what do y’all think? Fully recapped + Crites Titanium Tweeter Chorus I vs bone stock CF-4? Thoughts, opinions, suggestions? ps. If @Chief bonehead is reading this, thank you for designing such glorious ear candy machines.
  4. I am sorry for your loss and your family. Please accept my condolences.
  5. I saw this and had to share with y’all. I would totally do this but I want a non-industrial version. https://oklahomacity.craigslist.org/msg/d/oklahoma-city-klipsch-la-scala/6915749250.html And if you’re wondering, this isn’t my ad.
  6. Hi there all! I’m selling my Chorus I speakers to make room for a new set of Klipsch speakers. The only modifications I performed is the titanium diaphragms in the tweeter. I still have the original phenolic is you want them instead. You all know what these speakers are capable of. If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them. And if you live in Texas outside of DFW, I’d be willing to bring them to you (Austin/Houston/San Antonio) for a reasonable cost (if my schedule allows) or meeting you half way.
  7. Hi guys, A buddy of mine got a hold of some Klipsch speakers that are unlike any I’ve ever seen. I’ve attached some pics of the insides. Can you guys/gals help me identify this speaker?
  8. @DVDMike, did you ever get the hum fixed? Was it the amp?
  9. Im considering replacing my SW12ii too. I'm curious to hear what makes the Sw12ii less desirable than the other subwoofers listed. I'm curious to what specifics, beyond just raw brute power makes the SW12ii antiquated.
  10. @32blownhemi, I am hearing impaired and have worn hearing aids my entire life. I currently wear a pair of Siemens, but have worn Starkey's in the past. What at kind of hearing loss do you have? Additionally, what type of hearing aid are you being recommended (cic, bte, etc...)? While my hearing loss is enough to require hearing aids, I choose to to listen to music with my hearing aids. Well, if I crank up my Chorus loud enough I can hear plenty fine, but I'm sure my neighbors can hear my music too. Let me know how I can help.
  11. Thanks @Thaddeus Smith, this is exactly what we were talking about. Thanks for the heads up. Hi @Schu, I'm sending you a PM.
  12. Hi All, I am seeking a walnut Academy to join my Chorus I speakers. I am located in DFW and willing to pay for shipping, for the right deal/speaker. Thank you all. -Alex
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