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  1. After having a full night to listen to the CF-4’s, I still cannot believe how amazing they sound. The detail, clarity and realism is beyond anything else Klipsch I’ve heard, including K-horns or LaScalas. 

    i am going to move them into the music room to a/b them against the Chorus. My bet is the chorus are going to be reassigned to home theater duty. 

  2. So I recently acquired a mint set of CF-4’s and I’m gobsmacked with them. They replaced my  front L & R for my home theater, the solders they relieved were R26-F, and it ain’t even close — not even by a parsec. 

    So hearing such detail and richness in the sound has invariably made me question whether I should move my newly recapped Chorus I to my home theater and promote the CF-4 to the audio room.  Yes, the CF-4 seem to be that good - epic sounding! 

    So here I turn to y’all, what do y’all think? Fully recapped + Crites Titanium Tweeter Chorus I vs bone stock CF-4? Thoughts, opinions, suggestions? 

    ps. If @Chief bonehead is reading this, thank you for designing such glorious ear candy machines. 

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  3. Hi there all! 


    I’m selling my Chorus I speakers to make room for a new set of Klipsch speakers.  The only modifications I performed is the titanium diaphragms in the tweeter. I still have the original phenolic is you want them instead. 


    You all know what these speakers are capable of.  If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them. And if you live in Texas outside of DFW, I’d be willing to bring them to you (Austin/Houston/San Antonio) for a reasonable cost (if my schedule allows) or meeting you half way. 





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  4. Im considering replacing my SW12ii too. I'm curious to hear what makes the Sw12ii less desirable than the other subwoofers listed. 


    I'm curious to what specifics, beyond just raw brute power makes the SW12ii antiquated. 

  5. @32blownhemi, I am hearing impaired and have worn hearing aids my entire life. I currently wear a pair of Siemens, but have worn Starkey's in the past. 


    What at kind of hearing loss do you have? Additionally, what type of hearing aid are you being recommended (cic, bte, etc...)? 


    While my hearing loss is enough to require hearing aids, I choose to to listen to music with my hearing aids. Well, if I crank up my Chorus loud enough I can hear plenty fine, but I'm sure my neighbors can hear my music too. :)


    Let me know how I can help. 

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  6. How would you describe the scratchy sound?


    Is the sound metallic in nature or does it sound like a chalkboard scratch? I ask because you mention that you only hear the sound with vocals. Like BillyBob suggested, is this sound only on speaker or both L+R? Or Chorus I + Chorus II? Do you have any other speakers to test/isolate the scratchy sound? 

  7. Hi all,


    I have a SW12ii and feel like it is a decent sub.  That being said, I am curious what the difference would be with a newer sub, like the rsw12 or similar.  


    I like thr SW12ii as it matches with my extended heritage line of speakers, Chorus I and Forte II. 


    I mainly notice my sub when I listen to shows/movies. In my normal 2 channel setup, I vaguely hear the sub. 


    Thanks in advance. 

  8. Hi there, I have a pair of Chorus I and I also notice that the mids are more prominent. From what I've been told this is a design feature. 


    As for the "scratchy-ness", I've experienced this too on poor source material such as low quality digital music or audio from Netflix (w/o a dac).  As I understand it, the Chorus I is highly sensitive to source material and for better or worse will bring out the details. 


    I have the titanium tweeter diaphragms, will be having my xo refurbished by Bob soon. 


    Another issue I thought of was you having titanium midrange diaphragms too. Did you get a band pass modification to your xo too? Bob can shed some of the more technical details surrounding that better than I could. 

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  9. I defintely want to keep the Chorus for a while, at least till I get a bigger house. JimJimbo and Matthews are Klipsch Saints, both have worked with me to secure some Lascalas, something that anyone on this forum who needs advice/direction should be really thankful if they find themselves seeking.  One day I'll get some rosewood LaScalas, but for now I'm thankful and enjoying where I am. 


    Oh oh and who designed the Chorus? Was it @Chief bonehead

  10. I know it sounds odd, but I really do feel as if the mid range is more prominent/noticeable/"there" vs the Forte IIs so far. I am currently driving my Chorus using a borrowed sep amp built by Maynard. I love the sound clarity and dynamics. As for low end, I have a SW12ii that use, and have the cut off set to the lowest level. 

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  11. Hey guys,


    I recently got a pair of "mint-ish" walnut Chorus I and have installed the titanium tweeter diaphragms and about to have my xo refurbished by Bob.  The Chorus are replacing my good looking walnut Forte IIs that also have the titanium tweeter diaphragms and the xo that have been refurbished by Bob.


    My question/conundrum is this: Should I sell the Forte IIs or keep them a while?


    I am really torn as to if should sell my Forte IIs.  One the one hand, from what I understand and read, a great pair of walnut Forte IIs are somewhat of a rare thing. On the other hand, my Forte IIs are just taking up space in my living room, not connected. I am not in need of the cash value of the Forte IIs, so I am not in a hurry or pinch to sell them. 


    I wonder if I am being short sighted in considering selling the Fortes IIs? Another question I considered, is the Chorus I a step up or above the Forte IIs? In my ear, the Chorus has a better mid-range than the Fortes II, and this is before my Chorus has their xo refurbished by Bob.  I can only imagine how much better the sound will improve once the xo are refurbished.


    Is there any other points I'm not thinking of that perhaps I should consider before making a decision?


    Thanks in advance guys.



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