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  1. Hey there, I know the frustration of a tear on the passive radiator. When I got my fortes II's there was a tear one one too. I ended up sending both passive radiators to Simply Speakers and they did an awesome job. I would gladly recommend them. Even though only one passive radiator was damagaed, I sent both in to ensure that they were both tuned the same back to OEM specs. Thats my 2 cents, hope it helps.
  2. Thank you for your feedback KHarp, I appreciate it. It is neither my intent nor desire to treat these (works of art) as real estate, but rather I am thinking it is time for me to consider migrating towards a good tube amp, and I am trying to forecast what budget I might have available towards that endeavor. And if I can recoup my costs, then that's a plus. :-) Again, thanks for your feedback.
  3. I plumb forgot about the pics for the SW-12ii, i'll take a couple and post tomorrow.
  4. Hi fellow Klipsch Jedi, I recently acquired some Chorus I's and wanted to get some advise/guidance and positioning. Right now I have them just about flush in the corners of my 11 foot wide room. The only thing that prevents them from being completely flush is that I have them slightly toed in towards the couch. I've read quite a few threads and from what I gather is that there are 2 primary schools of thought; away from the walls about 12 to 14 inches (all around) or close to the corners as possible with the speaker toed in. I have read that some folks like to toe in the speaker sharp enough that the sound from L & R speakers meet in front of the listener by about a foot or so. So I come to my fellow Klipsch Jedi for guidance. Thanks in advance... ps. Help me Obi-Wan JimJimbo!
  5. As promised listed below are my Fortes II. I also forgot to mention that I had the passive radiators reconed/repaired by Simply Speakers. Again, not sure that I am selling them, all I am trying to do is get an idea of what is a reasonable price for them. I have spent a bit of money to bring these Fortes where they are and I curious if I am could recoup my costs.
  6. Thanks guys, I am considering selling the following from my collection. Forte II - Walnut Oiled 8/9 out of 10 for body, Adjustments from stock - Crites XO, titanium tweeter diaphragms, brushed aluminum furniture legs (really helps with the WAF). KG4 - Walnut Oiled 7/8 out of 10 for body. No Adjustments from stock SW12ii - Black Oak 8/9 out of 10 for sides, 5/10 for top. I sanded the black off the veneer and was able to restain the veneer to a Walnut oil comparable match. Location: DFW Pics: Forthcoming.
  7. Hi All, I am not sure if this is the correct area for this posting, so please pardon me if I am breaking a rule. I am thinking of selling a few of my speakers and wanted to get an idea of what is a reasonable price for them. Is this correct part of the forums for this posting?
  8. Fellow Klipsch Komrades, I want to generously thank Opus2k9 for posting this thread. I was able to buy the Chorus I's listed in the Houston area today. They are FANTASTIC and in perfect/virgin cosmetic and driver shape, no joke!!!! Without having (Bob) Crites rebuild the crossovers or replacing the stock tweeter diaphrams, this box really sings to me. This is truly a great forum with some amazing people. Thank you all!
  9. Hi Jim, I did...and sold them to a fellow Klipsch forum member. He had a single LS industrial, and I sold him my pair, so now he has 3. He has a home theater setup with 3 LSi speakers.
  10. Thanks guys! i am going to go ahead and get the LaScalas. I'll post pics once I get them set up. i really appreciate the feedback.
  11. Thanks Schu for your feedback -- good thoughts to consider. My music room is 11feet wide by 15 feet in length. I sit about 13 feet away from the speakers.
  12. Hey gang, I wanted to solicit feedback/advice/wisdom/opinions regarding a crossroads I am at regarding speakers. Current situation: Forte II with new titanium tweeter diaphragms, new Crites crossovers, new passive radiators. Opportunity: 88 LaScalas with AL crossovers, 401 composite horn, beautiful polyurethane/clear coat over the birch, minor nicks. Price 950. Question: Should I keep my Forte II since they are in excellent shape? Should I sell them to help fund the LaScalas? If I get the LaScalas, what should I do with the AL crossovers? Are the AL crossovers worth anything? Thank you all in advance. -Alex
  13. All, I've seen and heard these speakers in person, and they do sound nice. My 2 cents...
  14. Howdy Gang, I am withdrawing and cancelling the sale of my LSi (in Texas, in DFW, in my garage). Why?: On the train ride home I got an rather ingenious idea. After talking with some woodworking friends, I decided to keep my speakers. This is probably going to be my birthday/xmas gift for this year. IF things go as plan, I'll have some "new" LaScalas. Thank you for all your support -- especially you Matt! See you on the dark side of December! -Alex
  15. I like what you are thinking Matt, I briefly toyed with the idea of having the entire outside stained cherry but then the nose black with some cane grills... If I did that, do you guys think I should sell my other speakers?
  16. Hi Guys, Yes, they are in my garage, in Texas, in DFW. lol So, I am really torn / heart broken. My music room is about 15 feet length by 11 feet wide. My current setup is Forte II, Heresy I and, SW-12ii, with a Marantz 2252 and a simple Pioneer turntable. I've attached a pic below. After really giving this thought I came to the conclusion the LSi are going for sale. I am also giving thought to possibly selling my heresys . The primary issues preventing from keeping them are: 1. I tried my best to get them how I want them, but trying to get them to be stained cherry, like the beauties that Matthews made.But I just don't think it will happen. 2. I am running out of room. I currently have the following sets: HWO, Forte ii (WO), KG4 (WO), SW-12ii (black), and LSi (black). I am fast running out of room. If the LSi somehow can be transformed into a Cherry LS, then I am up for selling all my other speakers. But I really, really love my Forte ii. They sound awesome in my room. 3.I am really hung up on step 1. So if I can't enjoy them as they are, maybe someone else can. Hopefully this explains my sale and motives further. Thoughts and comments are welcomed. -Alex ps. Yes the TV is off center, but I'm removing it and installing a projector and screen at a later date (one day).
  17. For Sale: A pair of awesome upgraded Black La Scala Industrial speakers for $1200 These speakers were built in 1996. I also have the aluminum badges if you want them. Location: DFW (in Texas). Tweeter: Elliptrac HF ($215 for this upgrade) Midrange: K-55M Woofer: K-43-K Link to the upgraded tweeters: click HERE I have resealed the woofers within the last year and should be good for another 20 years. I am selling these speakers as I recently moved into a smaller house and they are too powerful for me and my smaller living room. They are currently in my garage and ready to go to a good home.
  18. As promised here are the pics: pic 1 - logos (in need of TLC) pic 2 - touched up logos pic 3 - foam seal for dog house pic 4 - doghouse entrance with foam seal in place.
  19. Hi gang! So I am happy report back that after pulling the "abby normal" K-43, I found the culprit -- a loose speaker terminal on the woofer. I tightened that sucker up, and got my matching 3.8 ohms. I reattached the K-43 into the doghouse attached the woofer leads to the mini-terminal in the crossover box and re-tested the K-43. Sweet 3.8 ohms, again. I am happy as a clam. Now I am awaiting the arrival of the duratex on Wednesday. One thing I have made a mental note about is that it is WELL worth the money to buy an extra long - 8inch long Phillips screwdriver to screw in the woofer terminal screws in the doghouse. I almost feel like i'm well on my way to earning a boy scout badge of "LaScala Rehab". Thank you Bob and Bruce for chiming in and providing some guidance. -Alex
  20. I will try this Bob, but the odd thing is that when I tested it at the little terminal strip prior to opening the dog house and removing the K43 originally. I'm just waiting for Rod Serling to chime in as well.
  21. Thanks Bob and Bruce for the feedback. So here is the Twilight Zone moment, as you inquired Bruce, I did measure both K-43's and they were both about 3.6 to 3.8 That's what eerie...well kinda. Here is some additional information that might account for the increased impedance. On the "abby-normal" woofer I had to reglue the dustcap into the driver. I used some epoxy mix, is there any chance this somehow accounts for the issue? The only other possible thing that I can think of is in moving the speaker box with the affected speaker it was tipped over as it was being re-positioned and the box (with the k43 fully attached in the doghouse) fell about 3 inches flat, could the jarring impact of the tip over account for anything?
  22. Dear Comrades! Sorry to have been MIA for a while, I was in a pretty nasty auto accident and got T'boned. Thus, I am finally being able to get around to resume my work on my LSi's. I will be posting new pics after dinner. Today was very productive, I was able to get both of the K43's installed back into the doghouse. I tested the K43 to ensure I connected the leads correctly and one of the woofers was coming in at 6ohms, and the other one is 3.8 ohms. For clarity purposes, I am measuring the woofers directly at the connection spot in the top box, not using the crossovers. Shouldn't both be about 4 ohms? Should I be worried/concerned about the woofer measuring at 6 ohms? If so, what can I do to fix this? Thanks in advance all.
  23. Hey guys! I finally had some time to get started on my LSi rehab. I have found some interesting things, learned a whole lot more about these speakers and developed a TON more appreciation for those who do this regularly (and making such beautiful LS creations), such as Matthews. I have started on one box, and so far found out the following: tweeter was a motorola piezo tweeter - I believe it is a KSN 1025. tweeter cutout?!?!? Previous owner cut some additional space to enlargen the tweeter fitting. Spakle time... to fill up the cutaway. my KV-55M driver was a bit loose to the 401 horn my 401 horn wont come out of the top box/bin due to this screwy 3/4 inch lip that apparently is magically held in place (without any visible screws) my K43-K driver only had 5 or 6 screws, which were loose, holding the driver to the bass bin. my K43-K driver's dust cap fell off This is exciting and am I taking as many non-boring pictures as I can to document the process, should anyone else be interested. So couple of questions for the gang: a. is it a problem that my KV-55M was loose to the 401? How tight should it be to the 401? b. any ideas what is holding that pesky 3/4 inch lip in the upper bin? c. How many screws should the K43-K should have? And am I correct that these suckers should be tighten to tight as heck? d. Feedback on my K43-K. Look forward to hearing from yall. -Alex
  24. Mookie - Those are some very desirous LSi's. I really like how the duratex looks on them. Can I ask for a closeup to see the coat/finish up close? Also that trim really really looks FANTASTIC!!!! Are they on casters or something? They look elevated.
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