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  1. Long story short, I hired movers and during the move one of the grills of my RF-7’s fell off. Is anybody aware of where/how to build or order a replacement?
  2. Sure thing. Last question, if you're familiar, is what is the best way get to the crossover?
  3. Impossible for me to answer. You can get the soldering equipment and practice on scrap wire and such. I know you don't know me from Adam, but if you bought the stuff and sent it all to me, I'd be happy to do it for you and send it back. It doesn't take very long to do. If you're going to have audio as a hobby you really need to learn to solder. You'll do it more than you think. There's plenty of you tube videos to watch to help you learn. This is a good community, with 24k posts I know you're not trying to steal crossovers from someone looking for help. I may look in to trying to do this myself, but I am very interesting in getting the mod done. Thank you for all of your help.
  4. Very helpful, thank you for the pictures. How hard should it be to solder for someone who's never attempted such thing? I do not know how to solder and wouldn't want to risk damage. By the way, it seems that you just solder the 10ohm resistor to the already connected 2 ohm resistor? Any idea the easiest way to get to the crossover?
  5. Do you want the full blown mod or just the resistor mod? Probably could only afford the resistor mod, but I'd be interested to hear how to do both.
  6. I'm having trouble getting clarity on the Dean G mod for these speakers. Google searches pull up youtube videos where people claim they have better mods than the Dean G, but based on what I read, the Dean G mod is what I need.
  7. Are all spiked feet the same thread or something? I'm just trying to confirm the correct thread.
  8. Floor is pretty decently uneven with thick carpet, so in my case I think the small amount of money it'd cost for spikes would in fact be worth it.
  9. Unsure if this is the correct area to post. I've purchased a pair of pre-owned Klipsch RF 7's which came with the plastic feet but not the carpet spikes. I am trying to purchase some spikes online but don't know which size I need. I called Klipsch and they were unsure. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. I don't have a soldering iron to perform the resistor mod. Are there any inexpensive options that could be recommended?
  11. I seem to be incapable of searching google and these forums, I'm looking for instructions and/or a video on the Dean G mod.
  12. Just purchased a pair of new speakers. They're a big upgrade from my previous speakers and while everything I listen to sounds wonderful, I'm hoping to find a large list/database of go to songs to demo 2 channel audio. Thank you!
  13. Hey all, I am looking for the appropriate center channel for the RF 7 classics. Also, if you're familiar with what you should pay for it used feel free to share.
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