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  1. Do we have any former or current HK Citation V owners here? I have read lots of Audio Karma chatter, so I'm not really interested in what beats what, etc. Just a fan of the 6L6 tube here. Two topics come to mind: 1) Can anyone give me their 2 cents on living with this amp? What components have played nice with it and does it have any quirks. 2) Please guide me to a fair street value for acquiring one (assuming no rust, fairly stock minus cage, and comes with average tubes) Everyone's favorite auction site has limited coverage on this particular amp. What I do see is the II selling in the $1200-1400 range, and V owners looking to charge just as much. As always, thanks guys!
  2. General question for you guys. Which Sherwood receivers are the most collectible, in your opinion? (Tube or SS) Secondly, I am listing a question for a friend. He has a Sherwood S-7800. Does anyone know what lamps these take on the tuner dial face? No service manual on hifiengine and the unit has a mix in there right now.
  3. Maynard, I have a HH Scott 345 receiver that needs all new caps. If it was you, what are some capacitor options for coupling and power supply? (I play all my tube gear on Forte IIs)
  4. A better question could also be: what vintage circuits pair well with drops; and which don't? If you have used them, let me know what you restored and what you thought of the sonics after. Cheers.
  5. How does the Klipsch forum community feel about using orange drops in vintage tube gear? It seems like some people love them, and others won't touch them. Lastly, I was looking at the Citation photos at the very bottom of this link. Are those orange drops that SDS is using? http://quadesl.com/refurb/refurb_hkCitation1.html
  6. What stock brand of tube did 196x Sansui integrated amps and receivers come with? (Such as the AU-70)
  7. Anyone own these, or better yet, own both?
  8. Does anyone have an opinion on these two receivers? It appears that the 500c is 30 wpc and the 400 is 25 wpc. Besides 5 watts, are there any reasons to get the 500 over the 400? Here is what Wikipedia says: 500 Series Receiver A,B,C, FM only, 7591A outputs 400 Series Receiver, FM only, 7868 outputs, similar to model 500, but with fewer features
  9. Tube Toppers version 02: new and improved with scented oil diffuser. Who says you can't jam to ACDC and enjoy the pleasant aroma of vanilla or lilac?!
  10. Thanks JB, here's where I was going with this: "In the USA, voltages have been creeping upwards for years. Back in the 1960's, standard voltage was 110 volts. Over the years labeled voltages have crept from 110 to 115 to 117, and the now 120 volts. – Marla Jun 24 '14 at 19:04" On 120 volts, vintage tubes and transformers run hotter. I was thinking about feeding my vintage gear a steady 115 volts. Didn't think about adding noise to the mix from the Variac . Anyone do this or more trouble than it's worth?
  11. Hello, What is a good Variac to purchase for running old tube gear while listening? The goal is just to prolong the tubes and transformers. Should I buy the latest "chi-fi" from China, or look to older Variacs? $100 on eBay will buy the following: 20 amp max output 2000VA Variable Voltage Regulator input voltage: 110VAC output voltage: 0-130VAC 60Hz Analog Output Power Meter Included On/Off Power Switch is Lighted Weight: 24 lbs Dimensions, approx: 7.5" H, 8.5" D, 7" W
  12. What's "non-Klipsch"???? You mean, like, Bose? LolJimbo, we never say that four letter word. Henceforth...Bo.....Boldemort.Thank you for recommending Klipsch Au for specs. Wonder why the US site doesn't have it. It's helpful.
  13. Jimbo, you made me think of another question. How exactly are the chorus and forte 2 different from the 1? I know at some point they introduce the titanium membrane horns.
  14. Looking for other 'non-Klipsch' options you guys have liked or heard. Just brainstorming a little. Love my KG4 though.
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