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  1. I have a Marantz SR 7010 and would agree wholeheartedly with the dealer's comments. It is used with Klipschorn fronts in an HT setup and is very musical in typical stereo.
  2. I had to use the leads on the replacement tweeters.
  3. I have a nice pair of Crites 125 tweeters for sale, just removed from my Klipschorns. They perform perfectly and just over 3 years old. Never played at high levels. One of the terminals came loose during removal but should be easy to re-solder. Mint condition otherwise. $100 plus $10 shipping Priority. PayPal is fine. After a very careful close examination of the damage, it appears not to be easily repaired by a typical user. It's probably a job for Bob. I therefore will amend my original offer to sell to "Make Offer."
  4. I bought an SR7010 a few weeks ago from accessories4less.com. Love it, and the price was right. Factory refurbished gear is like new. As you no doubt know, the SR7010 is loaded with features and so far has performed flawlessly for me. I haven't upgraded to Atmos yet since my primary interest is music reproduction. It sounds great with my Khorns. Highly recommended.
  5. I'm interested. Can you send a PM with details?
  6. Thad, what is the age of the router?
  7. Thanks for the input, guys. The oak Belle looks very nice but my Khorns are walnut and it's a bit far from here (WI) in any case. The LaScala suggestion is worth pursuing, I think. A Belle would have the TV screen sitting on it rather elevated and it would look silly on its side!
  8. I've been using a Heresy II as a center speaker in an HT setup for several years and have begun to wonder it this might not be improved on. Dialogue seems to be noticeably weak and sometimes overwhelmed by the M&E tracks. I am using Volti-upgraded Khorns for R-L channels. A Belle would really look great, but may not be the best choice. CW? Other? What are you Khorn folks using?
  9. These adapters are less than a year old and are mint condition. I paid Greg $160 when upgrading to the V-tracs. I'll take $120 and cover shipping. Thanks, Don
  10. After upgrading to 2" drivers, my 1" Klipsch originals are available. These drivers are from my 1975 K-horns and work perfectly. Both voice coils measure 10.6 ohms. $120 plus $10 to help with shipping (these things are heavy!) Thanks, Don
  11. Just upgraded my K-horns with 2" drivers and Volti V-trac horns which necessitated replacement of the old networks. I updated the AA networks with new Sonocaps from Bob Crites ($114) about a year ago and they are both working fine. They are now looking for a new home to keep on playing. $90 and I'll cover shipping. Photos attached.
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