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  1. If anyone in the Dallas area wants to get something I'll bring it back from the Pilgrimage pending having room in my SUV.
  2. All depends on the price. What would you sell them for?
  3. I probably have about 20 more pairs of speakers that I can't even remember what they are. This list was from the top of my head. This is only a list of the ones that are ready to sell. I have a long list of speakers that need to be refoamed, about 6 turntables and maybe 20 AV receivers. I'll go out to my storage this weekend to organize and list the rest of what I have.
  4. I think you're taking my comments wrong - I'm not upset. Just amused at this point about how easy it is for 2 people to be saying the same thing and yet they are so different.
  5. I did tell you that I had a LOT of stuff....you said "that's fine, bring it all"
  6. I brought a LOT of stuff last year to sell because Christy told me "bring everything you have. It will easily sell"....well....lol...that didn't quite happen. I spent a ton of money bringing it all out there and only a very small number of items sold. So this year I'm bringing only what people tell me they want and what will fit in the back of my SUV. This is a PARTIAL list of what I have - I'll update it over the weekend when I have a chance to get out to my storage building and get a total inventory. If you are interested in something, send me a message and let's work out the details BEFORE I bring anything out. I do have pictures of almost everything, so if you want pics, send me a message. For sale: Klipsch Forte I : $700 Klipsch KG3.2 (black): $250 Klipsch KG3 (walnut): $250 Klipsch R-15M: $125 Infinity SM80: $100 <These have brand new Dayton Audio woofers in them which actually improve the sound significantly. The polycell tweeter was always the strong point of these speakers with criticism centered around the performance of the mid-bass. The Dayton woofers are much smoother and have better response than the stock Infinity woofers. > Infinity SM112: $220 <BRAND NEW Infinity woofers, not refoamed, these are new> Advent Model 4002: $175 <refoamed woofers> Technics SB-S409: $160 <BRAND NEW tweeters, BRAND NEW midranges in both, "new" used woofers, meaning that I found a set of woofers on eBay that came out of this same cabinet that were in like new condition and put them in. No grills> Realistic Mach II: $350 <original woofers that are in good condition, did not need to refoam. I completely refinished the wood finish. I sanded it down and applied to codes of cherry gel stain and a coat of polyurethane to seal it.> Sterling SE300 Cathedral : $140 Sony SS-MF650H: $110 Infinity RS5: $140 <no grills> Polk R30: $110 M&K Volkswoofer: $180 <refoamed> Toby vintage: $300 <model unknown, I brought these to Toby's offices in Ft Worth and based on evaluations they said build was between '67 and '71 based on components. Refresh of crossover with new caps. Toby measured all drivers and were within original spec) Cerwin Vega L7: $80 Kenwood 5 speaker set (KS-505HT center, KS-505HT surround (left and right) and JL-774 front L&R): $200 Realistic Solo-4: $30 AudioSource LS TWO outdoor: $40 Triad Platinum Power Sub (18” with 1000w amp): $600 <complete restoration of amp with new output transistors and multiple other components replaced) Aragon 2004 MKII by Mondial (made by Krell designer): $400 [SOLD] JBL Control 2.4G On Air Wireless: $180 Sony SA-CT60: $30 Sony SS CN100: $20 Klipsch CF3 (single speaker): $300 <needs some minor cosmetic finishing work done> JBL 2445J compression driver with horn lens: $150 Fender Bassman 4x100 guitar cabinet: $250 Ibanez IBZ10G guitar amp: $40 Added: Crate GC-412TR 4x12 guitar cabinet: $100 JBL S38 Studio series: $50 <single speaker, missing grill. Awesome for center channel> JBL stage monitor wedges with 15”: $125 <not sure of model number> LG Model LHS-95PAF skinny floor towers: $50 Concept 2.5 stereo receiver: $300 <completely restored with all new output transistors> Dynaco ST-400: $600 <200 wpc stereo power amp> Technics SB-A26: $80 Technics S-820U: $200 Klipsch Ref IV RF62 Black: $175 <single speaker>
  7. I used the recommendation of trying India ink and applying it with a Q-tip by dabbing it on but not stroking it like a paintbrush. Here is a before, halfway through, and after pic of what it looks like now. You might notice a dark spot on the cone but that's just a small mark where some glue was drying. At first I thought a hole was punctured in the radiator but when I looked on the back of it to patch it up, it did not go through. So it was only a mark on the front where there was a small blemish. I put a tiny bit of wood glue on it and spread it around anyway just to help minimize the mark on the front.
  8. I picked these up from a Craigslist ad was I was on a work trip down to Austin. If the guy was a member here and had them listed it was just a random coincidence and I didn't know about it.
  9. Even if they have a finish it's not extremely difficult to sand them down to their natural state and restain with whatever you want.
  10. That is some amazing advice. To fix the tiny puncture I had thought about taking the passive radiator off and applying a tiny dot of super glue on the back of it and then smearing it around to make it even and hopefully the fibers would grab and mesh back together that way. But dampening with water it is a pretty good idea as well. I didn't realize the dust cap was just an ink issue but I think trying that ink would work really well. My wife actually has some of that ink already because I have some black jeans that routinely fade over time and she'll wash them every five or six months with the ink in the washer to re-dye them.
  11. I could probably cut the dust cap off and find another one to replace it with but I'm actually more concerned about the small tear that you can see in it just slightly to the left of the dustcap
  12. I picked up a pair of forte ones and overall the cabinet and drivers are in great condition. But one of the passive radiators has some weird discoloration on the dustcap but more importantly the cone is ripped. It's a very small tear but at the same time I think I would just rather get one that is in good condition to replace it with versus trying to patch this one. Where can I find replacement passive radiators? There is a couple listed on eBay but the dust caps on both of them look messed up and they would have to be repaired.
  13. If you're looking for something new with warranty we sell vivitek through my company and the performance to cost ratio is off the charts.
  14. Yes. I picked it up knowing the amplifier didn't work so I had it serviced and now it is fixed and completely reconditioned. I would love to use it but I already have subs in my main theater and it's completely overpowering and oversized in any other room where I might try and use it
  15. I have a single Triad Platinum power sub 18 in woofer with a thousand watt amp built-in. You don't hear much about Triad because they are only sold through custom integrators but they are in the upper echelon of audiophile speakers for home theater
  16. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/49430607 No affiliation. I buy from Goodwill often but this one is pick up only so if anyone is in the area this would be great to jump on
  17. I have a SINGLE CF-3 and a SINGLE CF-4 that someone can talk to me about if they're interested. They need some cosmetic touch-up but both are electronically and sonically sound.
  18. Adding up everything listed I have a hard time even coming up with HALF of what he's asking.
  19. Vintage or new model? I have a really nice vintage Dynaco ST-400, but no optical inputs on a stereo amp made in 1970
  20. bump after editing post to reflect what I actually have. I did have 4 of the 4648s and a single 4645 and the now reflects what I have left.
  21. If I had seen this earlier I would have bought them. I used to live in Frisco but I'm still pretty close.
  22. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/45423274 If you live in Columbia. I asked if they would ship and the answer was absolutely not.
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