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  1. That is some amazing advice. To fix the tiny puncture I had thought about taking the passive radiator off and applying a tiny dot of super glue on the back of it and then smearing it around to make it even and hopefully the fibers would grab and mesh back together that way. But dampening with water it is a pretty good idea as well. I didn't realize the dust cap was just an ink issue but I think trying that ink would work really well. My wife actually has some of that ink already because I have some black jeans that routinely fade over time and she'll wash them every five or six months with the ink in the washer to re-dye them.
  2. I could probably cut the dust cap off and find another one to replace it with but I'm actually more concerned about the small tear that you can see in it just slightly to the left of the dustcap
  3. I picked up a pair of forte ones and overall the cabinet and drivers are in great condition. But one of the passive radiators has some weird discoloration on the dustcap but more importantly the cone is ripped. It's a very small tear but at the same time I think I would just rather get one that is in good condition to replace it with versus trying to patch this one. Where can I find replacement passive radiators? There is a couple listed on eBay but the dust caps on both of them look messed up and they would have to be repaired.
  4. If you're looking for something new with warranty we sell vivitek through my company and the performance to cost ratio is off the charts.
  5. Yes. I picked it up knowing the amplifier didn't work so I had it serviced and now it is fixed and completely reconditioned. I would love to use it but I already have subs in my main theater and it's completely overpowering and oversized in any other room where I might try and use it
  6. I have a single Triad Platinum power sub 18 in woofer with a thousand watt amp built-in. You don't hear much about Triad because they are only sold through custom integrators but they are in the upper echelon of audiophile speakers for home theater
  7. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/49430607 No affiliation. I buy from Goodwill often but this one is pick up only so if anyone is in the area this would be great to jump on
  8. I have a SINGLE CF-3 and a SINGLE CF-4 that someone can talk to me about if they're interested. They need some cosmetic touch-up but both are electronically and sonically sound.
  9. Adding up everything listed I have a hard time even coming up with HALF of what he's asking.
  10. Vintage or new model? I have a really nice vintage Dynaco ST-400, but no optical inputs on a stereo amp made in 1970
  11. bump after editing post to reflect what I actually have. I did have 4 of the 4648s and a single 4645 and the now reflects what I have left.
  12. If I had seen this earlier I would have bought them. I used to live in Frisco but I'm still pretty close.
  13. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/45423274 If you live in Columbia. I asked if they would ship and the answer was absolutely not.
  14. Same town I live in - I'm going to check it out. But is $590 a good price for that? I didn't spend that much for BOTH of my Fortes.
  15. Personally I'm a big Biamp fan. With the release of their Tesira line a few years ago it means that a lot of Nexia and Audia systems are being pulled out and replaced. Because of that a LOT of Nexias and Audias are showing up on eBay for less than $100. Biamp is super easy to program and set up and I would be glad to help with anyone who needs some assistance. I also would be glad to build the basic "Roy approved" settings into both a Nexia file and Audia file if someone could give me the settings in order to create the files. I'm not actively trying to sell them, but I have TWO Biamp Nexia units that I'm not using right now. I have thought about some potential uses, but for now they are just sitting on the shelf.
  16. I'm interested in the Dayton driver. The forum was down for a while so I couldn't write to you. Send me a message.
  17. My company is a Klipsch Pro dealer. We just placed an order this week for a couple of jobs using Kliosch 70v ceiling speakers. Message me here if you want more details.
  18. I don't think this is alert worthy. It's just a guy trying to sell a pair of speakers. Now if they were listed for $500 instead of $2500 at something to post an alert about. The price is pretty much right on or maybe even a little bit high for what they are. To me an alert is saying you better drop everything you're doing if you're anywhere near these and rush immediately to buy them.
  19. I still have them. They need a little bit of work done to make them ready to sell but all of the drivers are in good condition. There's just a few cosmetic things on the cabinets that I need to touch up
  20. I'm using KSB1.1s right now, so I think this would be a nice upgrade and the price isn't too bad.
  21. I agree. This speaker uses the K-103-TI-KP 1" titanium diaphragm compression driver.
  22. This article does a decent job of explaining the THX response curves and why it was done. http://hometheaterhifi.com/volume_9_2/feature-article-curves-6-2002.html
  23. They are THX certified, so the response curve and frequency response corresponds to the THX requirements. Yes you CAN defeat the crossover and other things that give it the unique frequency response, but it wouldn't be a THX surround speaker at that point. To be politically correct, Klipsch marketing calls it "controlled coverage and standard SMPTE/ISO 2696 X-curve de-emphasis"....lol.
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