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  1. I don't think this is alert worthy. It's just a guy trying to sell a pair of speakers. Now if they were listed for $500 instead of $2500 at something to post an alert about. The price is pretty much right on or maybe even a little bit high for what they are. To me an alert is saying you better drop everything you're doing if you're anywhere near these and rush immediately to buy them.
  2. I still have them. They need a little bit of work done to make them ready to sell but all of the drivers are in good condition. There's just a few cosmetic things on the cabinets that I need to touch up
  3. I'm using KSB1.1s right now, so I think this would be a nice upgrade and the price isn't too bad.
  4. I agree. This speaker uses the K-103-TI-KP 1" titanium diaphragm compression driver.
  5. This article does a decent job of explaining the THX response curves and why it was done. http://hometheaterhifi.com/volume_9_2/feature-article-curves-6-2002.html
  6. They are THX certified, so the response curve and frequency response corresponds to the THX requirements. Yes you CAN defeat the crossover and other things that give it the unique frequency response, but it wouldn't be a THX surround speaker at that point. To be politically correct, Klipsch marketing calls it "controlled coverage and standard SMPTE/ISO 2696 X-curve de-emphasis"....lol.
  7. The picture of the speaker was in my post. The model number was in the subject of the main post (Klipsch KPT-8001-T Cinema Surround Speakers)
  8. How do the RB-25's compare? I found a pair in the Dallas area for $110 - would this be worth picking up to use as my computer speakers?
  9. I got these. They actually had FOUR of them so I got all four! I'm debating whether I should use them and sell my other surrounds (pair of S-2 surrounds and pair of S-10s) or try to sell them and keep my current surrounds. I have a feeling these would blend better with the LaScalas so I'm leaning toward keeping them unless someone else wants them bad enough to make me an offer I can't refuse.
  10. The problem was that with the layout of our bedroom we couldn't open/close the door to the bedroom so I had to put the Cornwall in FRONT of the end of the dresser. She didn't like that. We ended up moving to a new house this summer that has a wider wall and now I have Forte's. I wish I had kept the Cornwalls, but I didn't have much choice at the time.
  11. I had Cornwalls and my wife made me sell because they were too big. I can only imagine what she would say about these.
  12. Do you have 3 CF-4s for LCR? The reason I ask is because I have a single CF-4 that would be great as a center to match a LR set of CF-4s.
  13. pat_in_dfw

    Fortes in MN

    I wish I was in MN, but maybe someone else could get these. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/43736037
  14. I think I have the answer for you. Message me and I'll tell you what I have.
  15. Yes. Just bought some. Debating on keeping Forte, KG5.5 or CF4s. Selling the ones I don't keep.
  16. I have the rack kit for this if anyone wants to mount it in a rack. My company bought the Oppo-103 and separate rack kit a couple of years ago for a client and they decided to put it on a shelf instead of the main equipment rack and didn't need the rack mount kit.
  17. How much are you willing to pay for them? And are you willing to pay shipping?
  18. The KG5.5 has a port on the front and the KLF10 has a port on the back. Other than this, what's the difference between the two?
  19. The KM6 is the identical speaker as the highly sought after KG5.5. It is a special limited edition made for and sold only to the military. (correct me if I'm wrong) The KM6 is more rare than the KG5.5 so take advantage of this chance to get a very unique and hard to find speaker. Local Dallas / Ft Worth area pickup only. These are too heavy to ship. $450 Specs: Bandwidth: 34hz - 20khz +-3db Sensitivity: 98db 1w/1m Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms Power Handling: 100w RMS (500w peak) Drive components: K-85-K tweeter (2) K-1025-K 10" woofers Crossover frequency: 1600hz Weight: 69 lbs Dimensions: Height: 37 1/2" Width: 12 1/4" Depth: 17 1/2" Grills are not included.
  20. It's not letting me upload any more pictures. It could be because I'm doing it from my cell phone. I'll try to upload a couple of more pictures later the next time I get on my computer.
  21. I picked up a pair of KG3 signature edition with stands recently from an estate sale. I have them hooked up and I'm using them in my living room now. They sound great. I wanted to know if anyone could tell me something about these and what if anything made them special. I have a pair of KG3.2s that visually seem identical and it would take me quite a while of listening to both to be able to determine a clear difference if any between them.
  22. In most cases replacing the caps is all you need. A complete crossover upgrade is usually only essential when you're changing components, such as the diaphragms that need a different crossover point.
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