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  1. I just sold a pair of these about a month ago for $600. Wish I lived closer.
  2. Yes - I've signed up. I need to talk to you about the details at some point.
  3. I have a pair of LaScalas that I need to sell. I WISH I could keep them, but I'd have to build another wing to my house to have room for them. It would be perfectly fine to me if I had huge LaScalas in the main living room, but my wife has mentioned words like "aesthetics", "tasteful", "matching room decor" that are completely foreign to me when it comes to getting the best sound in each room of the house. She told me that I have free reign in the media room but the other rooms of the house she has to approve. I won the battle in getting to keep my Chorus in the bedroom, but she actually prefers the tower Klipsch F1s in the living room because they LOOK better. I have an industrial LaScala (black) for my center channel and I just picked up a pair of industrial LaScalas that I can use for my L/R so they match better. Alas that means that my other LaScalas need to find another home. I bought these from the original owner less than a year ago. I barely had a chance to use them so I hope they find a good home. I'm asking $1400 and have them listed in a couple of places but if anyone here on the forum is interested I'll consider dropping that price a bit. I know these pics aren't the best but I wanted to get something up here to start the conversation. I'll post more later that show all the side plus the serial numbers.
  4. Alex, Looks like you did a great job on these. I look forward to talking to you more about these. Thanks, Patrick
  5. 1) I have a pair of Polk SDA-SRS II's that I am no longer using. 2) Plus a pair of Cerwin Vega HED 321 with a non CV-12" woofer, but I did mounds of research and found a driver that gives -3db at 30hz in that cabinet - almost an identical match to the original driver.
  6. I have a pair of Heresy HIPs that I'm selling. I was asking $800 and a local guy offered me $600 cash. I was thinking about it when he mentioned that he had a SINGLE LaScala pro version that he would trade? Is this a good trade to do straight up? I have a pair of LaScalas I'm going to use as my main L/R in my theater (which I haven't set up yet). I also have a single Heresy I that I had planned to use as my center channel. The thought of having matched L/C/R LaScalas is very tempting. Should I take the cash or the LaScala? If I take the LaScala, what can I do with the single Heresy?
  7. Trey - thanks. I'll do this in the future. I've already turned this one in so I can't change it at this point.
  8. I sent Roy the drawing and never got a response. I had to get a quote turned in so I ended up going with the TOA HS1200WT. I wanted to go with something Klipsch, but I didn't get a response back from Roy and I've never used the speakers I was thinking about personally so I was hesitant to use them in a design. The comparison between the TOA and the CA-800-T was very close in almost all aspects. Compared to the CA-800-T which has a 90°x90° dispersion pattern, the TOA was limited to 40° vertical. For my use this was good because we wanted to keep sound away from the stage and the limited vertical dispersion would help limit any sound coming back to the stage. The TOA has higher power handling if we decided to use it at 8 ohms instead of 70v. The client hasn't approved it yet - it's a school so it could take months for them to review.
  9. Correct. http://www.qsc.com/systems/products/power-amplifiers/commercial-amplifiers-dataport/cx-series-2-ch/cx302/
  10. I have a QSC CX302 I could part with - probably not as much power as you wanted, but a nice sounding amp.
  11. I edited the crossover type - it was the HIE. I copied / pasted the specs from something I found on the internet. It is the K42-E driver. Pics attached.
  12. I talked to the auction house and the shipping cost would be quite extensive. Plus, THEY wouldn't pack and ship them - I would have to send someone else over to do it. I knew a guy in the area who was about an hour drive from the auction location but even if he picked them up I still had the problem of shipping them to Texas. I'm glad that someone else in this group ended up with them. Given the unknown resale value I was hesitant to put up too much money for these. I was interested in the Spendor s8e as well, but I had the same problem with shipping these also.
  13. Thanks for the comment and request. I'll open them up later this evening and take a look at the exact drivers and post pictures.
  14. I've read posts here on this forum claiming that the HIPs are the best sounding Heresy ever made. This is the original Heresy HIP with the black textured finish. Sound is great, the finish needs a bit of touch-up paint, but nothing that can't be fixed with some paint. I recently bought some LaScalas and don't have anything left to play these on or a room where I could set them up. I really don't want to sell them because they sound FANTASTIC - just not as good as the LaScalas. My wife says I have the speakers I want in the media room (LaScalas) and bedroom (Chorus), but the living room is forced to use a lesser speaker that doesn't sound as good because the looks blend into the decor better. As great as these sound, "blending in" aesthetically is not one of the strong attributes of these. Asking $700 for the pair. Located in Dallas area.Specs:Frequency Response: 90 - 17,000 +-5 dbMaximum Input Power: 125 wattsDrivers:Woofer: Klipsch 12" K-42Mid: Klipsch K-55V on K-700 hornTweeter: Klipsch K-77 horn tweeterCrossover: Type HIE (edit - corrected from my original copy/paste of specs I found on the internet)Dimensions: 21 3/8"H x 15 1/2" W x 13 1/8" DWeight: 54 lbs
  15. I have a chance to get a pair of Sequerra NFM-PRO speakers. There is also a larger set of Sequerra speakers that appear to be a "Signature" model. Are these decent? Worth buying with the purpose of reselling? I don't know if I would have room for the large ones in my listening room. I'd have a space for the small ones of course.
  16. I thought the filters could be bypassed. I've never used this amp so I'm not sure. In the spec sheet it said " The crossover can be bypassed to feed the amplifier directly from the subwoofer output of an A/V preamplifier, processor, or receiver." http://assets.klipsch.com/product-specsheets/ka-1000-thx-spec-sheet.pdf If I found one of these amps used at a decent price I'd like to try it in my theater. I'm using a QSC pro amp in bridged mono for my sub currently.
  17. Use just ONE of the RCA inputs. I've seen this happen with identical signals that are out of phase because they cancel each other out.
  18. I have one of those I could sell you. Nothing wrong with it - took it out of a system where they had upgraded to a larger unit. If you haven't bought it yet send me a message.
  19. Why do you say it's discontinued? From the Klipsch website it doesn't say anything about that and lists a price along with availability. http://www.klipsch.com/products/ka-1000-thx-amplifier
  20. I bought a paid of LaScalas recently from the original owner who purchased them in the mid 70s. The cabinets were in good shape but even causal listening told me that something was off with the tweeters. I am going to need to get new diaphragms, rebuild parts of the crossover or both. I have a pro AV company and I have a QSC CX168 laying around and a Biamp Nexia DSP. Rather than rebuilding the crossovers I was thinking about bypassing the stock crossover and using the Nexia as a crossover. I could bridge a few of the channels on the QSC amp so I could drive the woofer with a bridged channel (260w @ 8 ohm) and the mid and high each get 90w @ 8 ohm. The 8 channel amp would give me 2 channels at 260w and 4 channels at 90w. Using the Nexia would allow me to pick any value as the crossover point, any slope and have full phase control as well. What are the group's thoughts about doing this? Has anyone does this before? What are the potential drawbacks that I might not be thinking about? Patrick
  21. I've sent Roy a message and he responded to me. He wants to review a drawing of the room, so I sent it to him. My thanks to him in advance for his recommendation.
  22. Why not use the Klipsch KA-1000-THX subwoofer amplifier? It seems like a good match for those subs?
  23. I have a job with a fairly large conference center (100' x 100') where the consultant designed the system with ceiling speakers. It has been installed per the consultant design and the end user isn't happy with it. The problem is that the ceiling is very high (25') and the dispersion of the speakers at that height is such that it is feeding back sound right into the microphones on the stage. We are not able to get enough microphone gain into the speakers without going into feedback. I proposed a solution using surface mounted "box" style speakers that could be mounted on the ceiling in front of the stage aiming toward the back of the room. With the speakers being directional there should be very little sound coming back to the stage. I need a throw of around 80' to get to the back of the room. I intend to use the speakers for speech only. I have 2 channels at 250w 70v each available. I want to have a wide horizontal dispersion to cover the room but a narrow vertical dispersion to prevent sound coming back onto the stage. My question is this - what speakers should I use? We are new Klipsch Pro dealers and I'm not as familiar with Klipsch speakers as other brands. I'm considering the KI-102-T-SMA-II or the CA-800T. Both have a 60w tap. There is a fairly substantial price difference between the two with the KI-102 being much more expensive. What are the factors that might cause one speaker to work better vs the other. Which would be the better choise? Klipsch CA-800-T-Spec-Sheet.pdf Klipsch KI-102-SMA-II-Data-Sheet-v08.pdf
  24. I think a small admission fee ~$5 would give a perception of more "value" and help with revenue also. I would be willing to volunteer what time I have to the cause.
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