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  1. Thanks!! This certainly looks doable!
  2. Hi guys, finally got my Forte II's set up and sounding great with my custom Dynaco 70 clone, but the cabinet fabric could use to be replaced. Looking at the frames I see that the fabric is glued on versus stapled. What is the best way to go about this? I've looked on the forum, and I'm sure the question has been asked before, but I can't find it! Thanks!!! -Derek
  3. Well, I got them yesterday. In pretty good shape, some dings and some remnants of wall paint, not much though. Passive radiators are tight and clean, grills are tight with just a touch of cat hair. Tweeters are inop, but previous owner included new Crites diaphragms with sale. Haven't hooked them up yet as they will require a total rearrange of our living room, I'm not ready for that yet. I'll wait until I get a new amp and do it all at once. These are also consecutive serial numbers, tag says 1985. I may take them to the local audio shop and have everything checked out, that way too I can try some amps, both SS and tube. Most importantly, the wife likes them, she even said "Oh, those are pretty!" So, for $450, including the diaphragms, I think I'll be set up for a while. Pics! -Derek
  4. Anyone try the newish Yamaha 2 ch. A-S integrated amps with the heritage speakers? I've read that the Yammies can be bright but that there are ways to calm that down. -Derek
  5. Buying (assuming they're not beat up, they looked good in the pics)a pair off CL next Sunday. They have new Crites tweeter diaphragms too. These are the first parts in my move from. 5.1 HT system to a dedicated 2.1 system. No questions yet, just wanted to express my happiness. They guys is selling them because his wife didn't like the look. I hope my wife does.... -Derek
  6. Cool, thanks guys. I was thinking of low balling him and offer $100. I emailed him but have not heard back yet, if they are not totally destroyed I'll go for it!
  7. Hi guys, So, being in the market for heritage Klipsch speakers, and having never owned a pair, coupled with being a hi-fi newbie are these worth the effort? I'm wanting to develop a 2 channel system over the next few months or so. I love the look and sound of classic speakers with big woofers and really want some Belles, but they are out of my price range. Reading about the Fortes, Quartets and the like, I think these will suit my listening habits. I don't mind a project to work on as I've still got some new components to get. What should I offer this guy? Thanks! -Derek http://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/ele/5455782260.html
  8. Great description, good stuff. Is the design of the Belle scale able? So, if a guy had an 8 inch woofer and built a scale version of the horn, would the same apply? Or is the overall schematics of the design just apply to a 15 in speaker with specific qualities? -Derek
  9. Cool info, I'm not currently planning on building my own, though I do have access to a really good cabinet maker with an awesome shop. It would be fun to do....hmmmmm...... -Derek
  10. Thanks for the quick replies fellas, and the welcomes! That makes sense now, the finger over the garden hose analogy. Cool! While it would be killer to buy the Belles for sale, they are out of my budget for sure. The Heresy is a possibility, however I've not yet heard a set, and from reading here, they seem to be a love/hate type speaker. Really I'm in transition from a 5.1 to a dedicated 2 ch system, all it takes is money. thanks again! -Derek
  11. Hi guys, So, my local HiFi store has a pair of late 70's Belles for sale. Being new to hi end audio I was intrigued and then blown away by the sound. I love speakers that look like furniture instead of modern art. This started me exploring the world of Klipsch and all the heritage designs. Looking at the belle build plans online I just don't get why the speaker would have just a small vent of sorts to move air through. Why not use a smaller speaker and have its whole face moving air? Why a 15 in. monster and not a 10 inch? Now if it's the same principle as blowing across a glass bottle or flute, then I guess it makes sense. Thanks! Derek
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