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  1. Thanks, everyone! So, I finally opened them them up again, and the woofer is wired from the Crites crossover with red wire to the + mark so that seems correct, Deang. i reversed the wires on the mid horn, but did not seem to make a difference. My room undoubtedly has an effect on bottom end distribution as it is a bit narrow.with a couch several feet from the speakers, which are against a rear wall. One consideration might be replacing the woofers. I am sure they are the originals and these speakers have been been well used by two owners before me. They were made in 1976. Thoughts on replacing the woofers? Finally, I must saythat these are indeed the most amazing stereo speakers I have ever owned. I am definitely splitting hairs here!
  2. Plan to do this tonight. I'll let you know the results!
  3. I will reverse polarity and listen for a difference. Thanks!!!
  4. Crites! And also put titanium diaphragms in tweeters.
  5. I replaced crossovers in Forte IIs and wonder if phase of woofer matters?
  6. Greetings Kilpsch family! I just put Crites crossovers and new tweeter diaphragms in my Forte IIs. I should have paid more attention to the way the speaker wires were connected, I noted the phase of the squawker, but not the woofer. I know the tweeters are correct, because they are marked. The squawker was still connected in one of the speakers so I am pretty sure that's right. Does the phase of the woofer make any difference? My friend has an identical pair and his seem to get richer bottom end. He seems to think it does not matter, so I thought I'd put this to the experts. I'd appreciate any help on this. Thanks! Leon
  7. Ski Bum, classicaudioparts.com has "b-stock" AT602 for $349 and change: This amplifier is considered to be "B" Stock by Amplifier Technologies which means it has minor cosmetic damage. It is electrically perfect and is covered by ATI's 7-year parts and labor warranty. We have one, only of these "B" stock units available and they are offered at a special price of $349.95 each. First come, first served. What do you think? Did you buy yours new?
  8. Thanks! I'll do that and ask for feedback about what I find before I plunk money down.
  9. Man, I feel like I have been adopted into a big, wonderful family! Please tell Ms. Valerie we're pulling for her and to stay strong.
  10. I really am not sure, babdono. I'm going to assume it's probably oil-based stain. So, I should be able to refinish the same way I'd refinish any solid wood cabinet? In other words they are not laminated as some other brands of speakers? Yes, I am definitely keeping them! Thanks!
  11. Without getting into the weeds with specific stereo amplifier models, I'm wondering if there are suggestions for amp manufacturers that I could investigate. i currently have a Pioneer VSX-D812. It's adequate for movie surround through some older Acoustic Research tower speakers and Advent surrounds .But it's a receiver and tries to do everything, which means it doesn't do anything exceptionally well. But I am interested now in quality stereo. I have just purchased some Forte IIs, and want to find a good basic amp for stereo listening that does not "color" the sound in any way. I'm starting at a fairly basic level and would like to know where to look for a clean, good-quality amp. Any suggestions and guidance are welcome. Thanks! Leon
  12. Thanks, everyone! The first time I pulled out one of the tweeters out and applied the source directly, it sounded. That led me to believe it could be the crossovers. But when we opened the cabinet and tested them again, they did not sound. Now I'm wondering if I'm crazy! ) In any case, I have Crite crossovers and diaphragms on the way for both speakers. I can't wait to get them working 100%. Thanks again for the thoughtful responses. Leon
  13. So, I just purchased a solid pair of Forte IIs on eBay. I've ordered new tweeter diaphragms and crossovers from Bob Crite. While the cabinets are solid, they do have a few scratches because they did not get the TLC they deserved over the years! My question is whether any of you have done any refinishing on cabinets? One school of thought is to leave the in their vintage condition, and that would not bother me. But I'd like everyone's thoughts on this. Can they be sanded and then stained again? Will that affect their value in any way? The online Klipsch family is awesome and i really appreciate the knowledge in the forums. Leon
  14. Greetings fellow audio folks. I am new to the forum, so let me now if this is not an appropriate post here. I just picked up pair of Forte IIs on Ebay for $510. I was not able to audition them before I bought them, and when i got home and hooked them up, the first thing I noticed was a lack of high end. Neither of the top horns are working! I am reaching out to the seller tomorrow, but he's 200 miles away. Is there anything i can I can do easily to troubleshoot, or will they need to be looked at by knowledgeable technician--it happens I know a very good one. If the horns are blown out, are there replacements available for these older speakers? Thanks for any light you can shed on this. i bought these after hearing some that a friend of mine owns. I simply could not believe the sound. Leon
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