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  1. Top ceiling seems legit. He doesn´t need a full receiver then, if he just need bluetooth, he should get 2 stereo AMPs (or 4 mono) or whatever is avaliabe and for bluetooth support, you could buy a bluetooth dongle, wich get the music streamed. I used such a bluetooth dongle on my old AMP, its not that bad and probably more than enough for his needs.
  2. Thank you akdave, Update to the "set up": Sub is now on the shelve of the desk (so it doesnt take away place actually). The coverage of the sub is now pretty perfect, the characteristics of the sub got back ! The sub is so much higher (1,5m) and the floor is now vibrating much less. Even my sister has now a better work condition, but the staircase ... well, the wall to the staircase is thicker (20-30cm, half ytong, half brick I guessed). I am using now 3.1 until I have my cork and it isnt that bad, but 5.1 improves the overall experience in games for a little bit more (even in my small room). I will stick foam on my door, so my mum wont hear me then, because 2 rooms away, she sleeps. The idea with the old gymnastic mats is a great one (no doubt) but I will stick now to my cork I guess :3 It´s good to have people here, even I feeled now the "nostalgic feel" you wrote down in the comments. I had to laugh actually, I am so happy that I landed in a great community ! I can´t thank you enough ! I hope I have a good taste in gear, otherwise my life would have been until now a complete lie I am never searching for the most expensive affordable, I always searched for realistic solutions for a long time. So yeah, Hannes Hauptmann my name, I am now a little bit of a "audioholic" I will enjoy my journey I guess, the way is the goal !
  3. Thank you guys for the input again ! ​16 and from austria, "hanhau" stands for "Hannes Hauptmann", my real name ​"Tear down that wall" would be cool, but impossible to do (landlord says no ^^). ​Cork seems to be a good choice, it isnt that expensive and it looks kinda good with my budget, I think I will begin to search some in my local stores. ​Jute & Carpet could be done, the only problem is the floor, I dont know the excact rules for making a new floor. ​It shouldn´t be the biggest problem then when I am able to undo it. ​My budget doesn´t allow much right now and I dont want to spend too much on it also. ​As I said before, I am moving later maybe to my dad, where I can be as loud as can, the solutions should be for 4-5 years. I really appreciate your help guys, thank you !
  4. I am gonna test to give the sub on my desk (there is a shelve on the desk as you can see) tomorrow and turning off the rears really helps. 3.1 isnt a bad deal I guess for me now. Putting the sub under the desk is no option for me, my feets are touching the sub all the time and the bass "coverage" is pretty bad when I tried. In the attachment you probably see why this is so (I actually tested it).
  5. I wont get that big with the scale, but damn I am afraid now Those are looking awesome, holy shit ! I am very interested in speaker and the real science behind them (not "oh, look ! 1000$ speaker cable is better"). Maybe I am enable to work in a company such as AKG, Denon, Yamaha after finishing my higher technical college. With studying it should be possible You know, just living the dream one day ... that would be nice ^^ So I lost the scale of my whole project to early I guess, the Samsung AiO was maybe enough, but it was a crap and the biggest fail of all my tested speaker systems. Even 10$ pc speakers performed better. Thank you for your input again, it helps me to see my current troubles in a different perspective, wich is nice ! In the attachment, you can see the room a little bit. Making photos of a small room is actually really hard to do Dont comment the pic quality, a 65$ smartphone just simply cant do better ^^ The pic, where you can see all 3 speakers is taken in the room from my dads house.
  6. Thanks ! I am actually young, I am currently 16 and yeah, probably good heaphones are an option. It just hurts my wallet pretty much. I waited so long to get the Klipsch speakers and my marantz SR5010 (some yeeeaaarrs). The sound is still very great, when I hear music or listen to TV, It dont makes a too big difference. Gaming and 5.1 content is hard to enjoy at 100%. My actual idea was to point the speaker a little bit down and it helped quite a lot actually. I replaced my shelves with costum made ones, so the speakers are more pointed towards the middle of the room. Both things helped, but working and doing something in the room is difficult, its small and the walls are like ... sandstone. You need monster(things, wich you put in the wall and then give the screw in) to hold your speakers without falling down and cracking your head Sry, I didnt know the word now, but I am sure you know what I mean (sry for my bad english btw, I am coming from austria). One way is actually moving to my dad, he lives in the same city and in the house I would have a bigger(3x as large) room wich must get renewed before I could live there mainly. I just need to make it soundproof, wich isnt hard in there. I dont know. Thanks again for your input !
  7. Hey guys, my current room is small (probably 2,5m x 3,5m) and the acustic is really hard to do. In the attachments I draw a simple picture in paint wich represents the room. The hardest part is to "balance the acustics" between my bed with the TV and my desk with the PC. The speakers are mounted as high as the TV, something about 1,8m. L/R speakers are RP-160M and as Center I have currently the R-25C. For the rear I have not so bad sharp speakers, they fit actually very well in the system I was kinda suprised actually, but they will be replaced. They are also mounted at 1,8m. Sub is on the floor. (R10-SW) The floor is wood (laminat) and the walls are out of ytong (also thinn, maybe 10cm) As you can see, to create something like a stereo-triangle is unpossible. I am sitting way to low and suround is more like a "fuller" sound, than at least some precise direction, where it came from. My problems: .) Not optimal speaker positions .) two different places to watch something with the speakers .) small room .) my sister hears my sub even with 1% turned on .) I dont want vibrations with the sub to get under my floor (neighbours under) Thank you !
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