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  1. Actually,I will sell everything which is both full stacks/cables/10 older Bgm amps/dbs /crown eq/2500 cash. BUYER is responsible for the shipping costs. I use a SHIPPER Going Postal in Auburn Maine,maybe it won't be to bad to have a carrier ship entire package. If nobody is interested in this killer deal,then I'm going to put in storage unit ,and part out all drivers,etc..$2500 FIRM 207-713-8402
  2. These stacks weigh close to 1100lbs a pair I believe. These were not moved around too much,considering they are black birch,and in great shape. All 100% original.
  3. Hello,I live in Auburn Maine 04210. I have not 1,but 2 full klipsch nvm 1900 stacks in my storage. These are type BB. No metal trim,or handles. All drivers work!! CABINETS are in great condition. (8) k-43's/(4) 10" midbass (original.)/(4) 2" Gause mid horns./(20) (or) 4 stacks of 5 tweeters. Every single cabinet in both sets has consecutive serial #'s which blew me away. Not only will I ship these via carrier (buyer pays,and I can get a quote from my shipper.) A lot of people think 5 full stacks of these is the ultimate home theater well I have for just go find one more stack considering reasonable offers. Trade both stacks for jbl summet L-300's I ALREADY have a bunch of klipsch. Or cash! $4k...207-713-8402...Richard. I do not know much about posting here..I can email photos probably going to take some good ones of them set up,right now in storage unit..Also comes with cables,vintage Yamaha 16 channel mixing board.etc.
  4. If you are ever going to add a/multiple sub woofers with k-horns,I hear the rule is to never go with a smaller woofer size in the sub,as in the main speakers. I recommend going with a really nice klipsch dual 12' sub,or that very powerful 15' with the 15' radiator sub klipsch only produced in 2002 I believe. That sub has a rating of 2800 watts I believe..?? It has been a while since I owned one,but let me tell you that this sub is the baddest home stereo powered sub I have ever heard! I had just the one sub,(it had a 15' copper colored sub on each end,and I was powering a set of lascalla's with a adcom gfa 555,and a pair of cornwall 1's upgraded with bob crites everything,with the old adcom 565 mono blocks,and 565 adcom pre amp,that had the see through cover. That was my favorite system,and without that sub,it was like night and day!!
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