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  1. I have great problem, I’m trying to decide between a Rogue Chronus Magnum III, and Primaluna Dialogue Premium. The amp will be driving a pair of Heresy IIIs with a single REL T9i. The room is large with vaulted ceilings. I like the made in the US aspect of the Rogue, tube life is a concern (not overly). The Primaluna I will not be able to pre-audition, but the Rogue I can. The Rogue will cost less. I listen to Jazz mostly, butI have eclectic taste, and I am not bound by any single genre of music. My main system is BAT separates with Dunlavys Any experiences with the aforementioned amps would be helpful.
  2. Thanks for the kind words, and caution (rabbit hole). Grizzog do you have a DAC suggestion. Part of the impetus to set this system up was, the fact we are close to having the technology to stream video and audio with good quality and at reasonable cost. Ultimately I want a small preamp, amp, projector and screen on the wall, all unobtrusive. So I have been looking at DACs. If you have any suggestions for a DAC with balanced outputs I'm looking for something for the reference system too. Ric
  3. Well after many years of someday... I finally bought my first pair of Klipsch speakers, a pair of walnut Heresy III's. Over the years I have lusted after my own pair. I remember when I was a kid in the 70's reading an article where the writer was miking things around his house (I don't remember the reason), he got distracted and inadvertently left things set up. He had a Klipsch horn as part of the setup, and someone came to visit. When his mike picked up the car door closing, he was astonished and went on to write a great deal how it sounded EXACTLY like a car door closing. That description of the faithful representation of the sound is what started my interest. Later in life mid to late 80's I was in the Navy and the BX had some pretty high end stuff LaScalla's included, a friend of mine had the money and got a pair, I loved those speakers. I often quote him "If you want to dissipate power, buy a toaster, if you want to hear music, buy Klipsch". Well the Polks I could afford during that period finally gave up the ghost so I replaced them with the Heresy's and a REL T9. They are breaking in as we speak. These are for the living room system. I have to say they sound good. The size has not put the wife off too much I originally thought LaScalla but with the space constraints the Heresy's made more sense. I have to admit the look on her face would have been priceless! They are being driven by a Pioneer receiver (for now) and I'm looking for a nice tube something to put in front them. My main system consists of BAT VK-5SE pre, and VK 60 amp Dunlavy towers, but these sound nice, and affords the opportunity to play music softly and sound good. Thanks for being here and i hope to contribute soon. Ric
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