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  1. some nudes I didn't do the work inside, but it looks solid.
  2. Here are some more Pics....on the top view that weird oval is in the wood some, but I think the flash brough it out....not that evident when looking in normal light.
  3. Hello all, I am brand new to this forum but have been selling for years elsewhere. Please ask me for links to my selling feedback if you are seriously interested in the speakers I am selling below. I recently got my Fisher 400 back from the shop after a full refurbushing. I started my search into something efficient enough for the 28 Watts the Fisher offered. My current Carver Amazing ALIII's are NOT going to be properly driven by the Fisher so they had to go (Also for sale, PM if Interested) Heresy HWO Recently upgraded the caps to solens, and what I mighty nice upgrade it was....very very nice sounding. These have the following drivers: K22, K55, K22, 55, 7& K77's. I can provide more pictures to prospective buyers. These are consecutive serial numbers and they sound amazing, as you are all aware I'm sure. Original owners envelope still intact as shipped. I wound up with a pair of Heresy's and Forte II's (w/ Crites tweeter and xover upgrades). I tested and listened for quite a while and have settled on the Forte's as my keeper......hardly a surprise I know. So the Heresy's are available. I would rate the cabinet's about a 7 of 10, solid but time has taken it's toll on them....they do pass the 3 foot test with ease. The screens are just fine. Drivers are all in fantastic shape. They were immaculate inside. I included the original pic of the crossover before the new caps went in to show how clean these were. The new caps have maybe 30 hours or so on them. I'd like to see $525 for them. Thanks for looking Adam
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