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  1. just a had a short time to listen to the center but out of the box difference is big
  2. HI Has any one used the Klipsch palladium cables https://www.avgearshop.com/hdmi-cables-related-products/speaker-cables-wires/l/klipsch.html
  3. cheers i got the center from A1UC i know he still has the surrounds its just the budget might not be so flexible
  4. my center speaker will be delivered tomorrow cant wait .....
  5. i would love to have all the matching pieces but it is a tough time of the year and a lot og big ticket items bought so trying to see if have enough money for them
  6. sorry on the topic mistake was listing my rc64II for sale on ebay same time looks are the least as you can barely notice the surrounds in my setup what counts is the sonics
  7. i have just bought the center it landed in Uk today delivery thursday , friday
  8. looking to upgrade to Palladium surrounds to match rest of the system has anyone any input wheather there will be much improvement justifying the extra spend ?
  9. i can pay you direct so you can sell outside of audiogon
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