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  1. Bob01464

    kd-16 Passive

    Up in Shirley but I work in Concord. So either area
  2. Bob01464

    kd-16 Passive

    I have a KD-16-K from a Chorus II. Its in good shape. Optimally looking for $50 plus shipping from MA. Figured someone might have a need.
  3. Bob01464

    Chorus 2 tweeter high pass crossover

    Thanks Moray that's kind of what I was thinking also. I plan on photo etching some new crossover boards so maybe I will install both coils and make it switch or jumper select-able between the two. Would love to know why they designed the filter the way they did with 2 equal caps. Everything I see has the second cap at about 3 times the value of the first. I'm sure they had a good reason but I am curious.
  4. Just wondering if anybody would have a good idea if the 160uH coil in the tweeter high pass portion of the crossover was replaced with a 100uH coil. I was hoping to push the crossover point up to about 7K in support of Ti Mid diaphragms. It seams to be a third order 18db filter used but Klipsch looks to be approaching it from a different way with the matched 2uf caps. I don't have a accurate way to calculate what the coil change would do to the crossover point, but think it would put me in the ballpark. I have brand new caps from Crites and it would be great if I could utilize them. Any thoughts?
  5. Bob01464

    Custom Chorus Enclosure

    Well I'll be damn...LOL. Bob's design is real close to what I was thinking in my head.
  6. Bob01464

    Custom Chorus Enclosure

    Thanks Moray I do appreciate your input. One of reasons I asked was if I was to build a custom cabinet would it be better to get closer to the optimum size. Was thinking of something along the lines of the Klipschorn corner placed enclosure but done a conventional forward firing woofer and maintaining the 3 way layout. Bracing would be a major consideration. Luckily do have the room to do it. I will admit some of this is just thinking out loud and seeing what other peoples thoughts and experiences are.
  7. Just wondering if anybody had put the Chorus k-48 into a larger enclosure. After running the numbers it look like the optimum ported enclosure size should be around 8 to 9 cu ft. That's about double what the Chorus cabinets provide. Would there be a trade-off for the lower tuning? If it seems like a win win I might have to give it a shot.
  8. Bob01464

    Chorus ii Mods

    Hey nothing to be sorry for. Much appreciated
  9. Bob01464

    Chorus ii Mods

    Yea I did take a look at the JBL 15" passive but most were going for 150+. Alot of money for something that might not even be optimum
  10. Bob01464

    Chorus ii Mods

    If these were some nice oil finished cabinets I would be more hesitant on any mods but they are the black version that have been around the block a few times.
  11. Bob01464

    Chorus ii Mods

    The 15" is no longer available through parts express. Totally agree on the lining and polyfill.
  12. Bob01464

    Chorus ii Mods

    Thanks CECAA850 I hadn't considered that. I'll add it to the option list...LOL
  13. Bob01464

    Chorus Port Tubes

    Wow great information. Seems that the PDF posted by nd-irish147 is pretty spot on. Thanks!!!
  14. Bob01464

    Chorus ii Mods

    Yea I did consider PVC but 4" Schedule 40 PVC is huge and heavy. I also wanted to utilize a flared port. I think my intention will be to make a panel the complete size of the back thereby covering the existing cutout, strengthening the entire rear structure and my 4" flared ports won't require huge cutouts in the existing cabinet to clear the flares.
  15. Bob01464

    Chorus ii Mods

    I'm shying away from that approach due to the port calculations I'm getting. What I'm coming up with is a min port dia of 5.5". A pair of 4" ports puts me at about 8" apiece and a single 6" port would be approx 8". This would run right into the woofers magnet. So my thought was to use 2 4" flared ports on the rear of the cabinet in the upper corners. Hopefully getting at least 1 Dia distance from the surrounding structure. Also my gut feeling and I don't know if any fact supports this, is to put some distance from the woofer to the ports.