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  1. So what were after is what frequency the horn is crossed over at. Does anyone know in regard to the 3 versions of this crossover?
  2. Ok...elviszappa posted this: " I sure wish I knew were 5uf is located in HF section. Either before the .650mh (FC) or between the 1.0mh an the 2ohm resistor. Any thoughts anyone? Then again these parts are from a CF-4 ver. 1 ... they may not be the same in a CF-3 ver. 1" And then I tried to post CF-4 schematic. The schematic did not post. Then I posted again, with "tried again". And the CF-4 schematic posted. Then you posted that it was a CF-4 schematic, and what was it "I tried again". Then I posted this..... And I think all the schematics have a reference to red/black wiring. Look at the CF-3's, they all refer to red/ black also.
  3. Tried again...Klipsch CF-4 Schematic(1).pdf
  4. I found this in the crossover forum. Another user, marems, posted it. "Here are the stock cap and resistor values for my Ver.1 CF-4 crossover components: 10w 7ohm 10w 3ohm 10w 1ohm 10w 8ohm 10w 2ohm. Caps: 1.5uf, 3.5uf, 5.0uf, 15uf :::::::: 40mfd, 57mdf." This is somewhat criptic and needs to be drawn in a shematic. Then I asked around on some other forums, and got chewed out a little. Author un-named. "The two caps are in the input of the horn section the first is (just going by the posted schematic) 4.24 uF cap it gets larger and the second is the 15 uF cap. You need to play with the values they vary the roll on rate of the horn it is not a major shift and you might find that you may well prefer the balance Roy chose when he built them or maybe not. The point I am trying to make is this is a real flavor change mod it is not fixing something broken. So if you are not prepared to buy new caps of the original value and burn them in and new value caps and burn them in also then switch them in and out til you decide which you like best leave it be. I do like to improve things when and where I can but flavor shifting is a lot of fuss and I would suggest you leave it to the very last and not just assume that you will like Roy's first or second choice. A set of DH1506 will make for a way larger difference. So don't just run head long into changes for the sake of changes the Rev 3 boards sound fine I ran them for 3 - 4 months and had no issues with them the last time that I had them out. Do what you like but if you are not going to make the effort to evaluate both old and new value with the same brand and style caps one against the other then you are wasting your time and money and just jumping into something blind. I have forgotten the values that I used I have three different sets of Cf networks and they cap values are not on my radar at the moment. I switched from the CF3/4 horn to a double cutaway Karlson K-ube and that is a very much larger change so is the switch I made from the stock K63 to the DH1506 and then to the DH1A. Those caps are a flavor change to be made later not sooner." I feel someone has a VER1 shematic. The 2 that I have seen are VER2 and VER 3, I think.
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