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  1. Hello all: It's been a while since I visited the forum. I have been enjoying my Klipsch 3.1 setup (RB-25, RC-25, Yamaha Natural Sound Sub) but now I'm thinking I'd like to finally add a set of surround speakers to my set up. The most logical choice would be a set of RS-25. However, there are a couple of issues: 1. Size: they are quite big (and not easy to find where I live). Right now my couch is backed up against the wall and the left hand side of the couch is also against the wall so it's probably ok with a stand/speaker. However, the right side of the couch is a fairly big end table (and I can't really move it either because the dining table is next to the end table), so adding a stand/speaker between the couch and table would be something that my wife will frown upon... Are there any smaller Klipsch surround speakers that'd match the tonal characteristics of the other 25s'? I haven't been able to find any. 2. Wiring: the most economical option would be running some wires all the way around the back to get to the receiver. Another solution would be to set up the speakers wirelessly. e.g., hook up the receiver to a speaker to line level converter and then from the converter to the wireless transmitter. However, I also haven't been able to find any quality non-proprietary set ups (Rocketfish is not something I'd consider based on reviews). Any suggestions/recommendations to the above would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  2. Yeah - I'll take a look at the RF25, one step at a time.
  3. So an update to the story... Finally I couldn't take the muffled sound anymore... playing with the receiver EQ didn't help. So I called Klipsch again and they say it might be due to a partially damaged tweeter. I called up the Canadian distributor (which happens to be in my city) and they happen to have a couple in stock but there is a no-refund policy. So I took my chances and fork over the cash and pick up the tweeter not knowing if it's really the speaker design or bad tweeter. And the moment of truth - the speaker with the new tweeter sounds so, so, so much better! Now I'm gonna see if I can get some reimbursement from the seller (won't be surprised if I don't hear back...).
  4. I did that right at the beginning, not entirely a proper set up, but when I had the receiver set to add the center speaker, the receiver seemed to pushed most of the output to the center (because the L/R became much quieter) but the center sounded even worse. Basically just setting the receiver to 2 channel sounded better than adding the center. But I will have to play around with the setup more later. Thanks for the offer on the RC-35, but at this point I'll wait and see what I can do with what I got.
  5. Clinton - I haven't properly placed the RC-25 in the center yet since it just didn't sound good to me. I currently have it in place of my front right speaker (about 2' space to the back, 3' off the ground) to compare to the RB-25 on an equal ground basis. Youthman - I'll probably have to live with this for a while until my wife forgets when I bought this and then go for an upgrade...
  6. Hi guys: So.... I was able to pick up a RC-25. Now, I understand many of you suggested the RC-35 over the RC-25 and I greatly appreciated the help, but the RC-25 was local so... here we are. Anyways, when I hooked the RC-25 to my receiver the it sounds muffled, so I thought this may be due to the receiver no being set up properly. So, I hooked the RC-25 up as a front L/R channel speaker (receiver settings for both L and R are the same) - it was louder than before but the tweeter still sounds not as clear/bright/loud (i.e., muffled) as the RB-25 on the other side. I don't believe it is a tweeter problem because if that's the case, it probably just wouldn't work. Any explanation as to why the RC-25 may not sound as clear/bright/loud as the RB-25 other than the dimensional differences? Both have the same tweeter material/design and horn sizes and similar cross-over frequencies. Aside from the 2-way vs. tapered array design and physical dimensions, the only difference would be the woofer size. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, ClintonH. Appreciate the offer Jim, but I'll most likely go with the attached bracket.
  8. Thanks - I've asked Klipsch if I can use brackets from different speakers but the rep said they don't recommend it due to "legal" reasons. I'm assuming if the speaker falls from the wall and cracks someone on the head they don't want to be sued. I'll probably look at for it elsewhere - ebay per minermark
  9. Hi I'm looking to buy a set of hanging brackets (and screws) for my RB-25 (see picture for reference). The part number from Klipsch is 061147 but they don't have them anymore. Any suggestion as to where I can find them would be great. Thanks in advance. Eric
  10. Thanks everyone. I'm sure the rep is just trying to pimp out the new stuff to keep his job.
  11. Ok guys - so I just spoke with Klipsch rep about this. Basically he said I can go with any center as long as the tweeter is the same material (titanium) and the woofer is same material (cerametallic) and no more than 1 size up/down. Cross-over frequency doesn't matter too much. Any opinions? Thanks.
  12. For the seller willing to ship to Canada, not only is there expensive shipping costs, but also duty (on old items!)... It almost always ending up being double (with the poor exchange)... Very true, 42 cents on the dollar pretty much kills that thought......now I have to go downstairs and cook some peameal bacon! Nice meat! I just to give an example of the ridiculous overall price. Saw a speaker on ebay for US$90, this is followed by USPS shipping of US$77, and then conversion for a total of CAN$ 240!!!
  13. For the seller willing to ship to Canada, not only is there expensive shipping costs, but also duty (on old items!)... It almost always ending up being double (with the poor exchange)...
  14. Thank IbziaFlame - this should keep me busy for a while...
  15. Good suggestion for the surrounds. For the sake of argument, if I can't get either the rc25 or the rc35 (I live in Canada and not many states sellers are willing to ship here),what would be the next logical choice? Thanks.
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