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  1. Definitely! I'm looking forward to it for its nostalgia factor. The passage of time with the main actors is the hook for me as I was a kid of 6-7 when A New Hope was released and sadly, this film will weigh heavier with the passing of Carrie Fisher. Though I've long understood the films needing to appeal to mass audiences, Lucas' heavy hand with the childish, dumb *** creatures and unnecessary remakes turned me off. Although not in the SW official rota, Rogue One was darker and better because of it imo but to each their own. I hope they redeem themselves and finish the last two in style to provide a satisfying closure to those of us that grew up with IV, V & XI so I can 'let go'...
  2. Thanks for the welcome & advice....the Onkyo receiver was an 805W model that I was told by Klipsch would be way too weak for the speakers I bought so I've been on the hunt since returning it...the whole minimum of 150w/channel @ 8 ohms has me frustrated b/c it requires too expensive of an AVR & I feel if I don't feed them the power Klipsch says is required, I will underpower the R-28Fs and possibly damage them...somewhere on Klipsch's website, it actually says that the R-28Fs ideally require 150-300w RMS to "ideally" drive them but I've come to learn that I can get by with less.....just don't know how much less. I saw a Yahama AVR that pushed 150w/ x 7 channels @8 ohms but its THD was listed at 10%....wasn't sure if that was a typo or not. To answer some of the questions, I'm in Jamestown, NC....my budget isn't as large as I wish it was ($1000 max)...I'd prefer new but if somewhere is reputable with their pre-owned gear, I'm not above going that route.... thx again for all the helpful info! Sent from my SGH-T999L using Tapatalk
  3. I humbly admit to being a complete novice with all things home theater and I have attempted to learn as I go along, but going along as proven to be overwhelming with a lot of the science and technical specs out there when trying to set up a basic system. Basically, Black Friday's black hole at Best Buy sucked me in and I splurged on a pair of R-28Fs, a pair of R-15Ms and a pair of R-10SWs (I have 4 other speakers that can be used as surrounds - ALL speakers are rated @ 8 ohms) & I bought what I was told at the time was an adequate Onkyo receiver - which I soon thereafter discovered was woefully underpowering for the caliber of speakers I bought. According to Klipsch's website regarding my pair of R-28Fs, they recommend an AVR that produces between 150-300w RMS @8 ohms since the speakers are rated at 150RMS @8 ohms. In my quest to find an affordable AVR that produces ANYTHING over 150w RMS @ 8 ohms, my eyeballs are slapped with units that cost nearly $2000 and more. I didn't go into this expecting to spend $5000 on what I imagine most of you on these forums would consider a pretty basic introductory system - but that is what I was hoping to start with until I continue to educate myself on putting together a custom system that I obtain audio utopia with - - - but until then, I am stuck with these speakers and have yet to locate an AVR that would sufficently power all of these speakers without forcing me to go to the bank to take out a loan - - but if that's what I have to do, I am about at the point of giving in so I can finally hook up these speakers. Over the phone, one Klipsch rep told me I'd be fine with an AVR that had 125w RMS @ 8 ohms even though their website contradicts that advice....another rep told me that an AVR with 185w RMS is what I'd need - so I just kinda hung it up for a while after all the misinformation. All apologies if this post is redundant or was posted on the wrong board. Can anyone point me in the direction of a respectable AVR that would be able to properly power the speakers I referenced above? I don't have a 3D HDTV (just a reg HDTV) * don't plan on 4K for a while * and will have to wait on Dolby Atmos until I evolve enough with the abundance of info out there that FOR NOW has me stumped with setting up my very first system. Any tips, suggestions or specific instructions would be appreciated as I am learning all of this on the fly. 2-Channel system with the R-28Fs & a subwoofer? Receivers vs. amplifiers? Watts per channel @ 8 ohms that won't potentially damage the speakers by under or over-powering them? sigh.... Thanks a lot!!
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