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  1. Refinishing might be a winter project. At this point just a clean up of the exposed wood will suffice. I like the black look, just don't care for the Duratex look. Might get a quick hit with the sander and a few light coats of satin black spray to clean up. Enjoying them too much to take out of service at this point..
  2. And you've hit upon the crux of the problem. 'I'll know it's there'. Granted, they are 25+ year old speakers that only cost me $200, but, that's no reason to not do something right. Not sure I am to the point of a complete refinish job, but, I can see that in the future. Might give the tops a sanding to clean up and then hit with some black paint, at least it's an even color on the top then.
  3. Here are some pics. I hesitate with the sharpie or markers as they do leave a purplish tint.
  4. Need some help with how to best touch up the black LaScalas I just picked up. There are a few knicks and dings, but overall pretty good shape. There are a few spots on the top where the finish is coming away, a few discolored spots, maybe even some moisture. The label just says "BLK", but, if i am going to touch things up, I want to do it right.
  5. They do! Not sure how you managed that? It also looks like my original post with the pictures has vanished???
  6. One is in pics above, and the other one is the same but ends in 255, if I recall correctly. Not sequential, but I'm fine with that.
  7. OK, tried the towel method, was not a good sound. What should resistance be if good? What is a bad number?
  8. Super nice lady. Moving her son down to FL with since he was furloughed. At first I thought it was typo, once she confirmed I told her I’d take them. Crossovers still look super clean. Few nicks and the tops could use some TLC. Tweeters themselves just don’t sound crisp, bit of a head cold so not trusting my ears just yet. Currently running them with a Marantz 7008. I’m sure an amp would wonders. Once all this CV BS is over, have to start looking.
  9. Thanks. Still can’t believe it happened....
  10. Lucked into a set of LaScalas yesterday at a ridiculous price. I have a feeling that the tweeters may need updated. What’s the best way to check them? Put my ear up to the tweeter and it sounds rough. Not sure if the mid is covering for it at listening levels
  11. Jbruno


    I have a Sonos connect hard wired into my Marantz 7008. Feed my other zones via a Nuvo system. I have had it in place since '07, no need to change it yet. Sonos app works great on iPhone & iPad, have CD's all ripped as FLAC, and then still have all my old mp3's in iTunes, back from Napster & Limewire days!
  12. I had one of those old Yamaha CR-2020's for about 20 years, finally got to the point where I couldn't get it repaired anywhere. Sure would love tot get another one of those!
  13. wish these were a bit closer. Plan on starting basement remodel this fall/winter then look real hard
  14. I remember back in HS, early 80's, getting hit up with the guys in the white van trying to sell me speakers. At that point in time I knew just enough about audio equipment to be dangerous. The irony of it.....I told him back then I had a set of Klipsch. That actually ended the sales pitch rather quickly, apparently he knew what I was talking about
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