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  1. When there is not input it is acceptable, as I expect a small amount of sound at higher volumes. If music is playing, you would not be able to here the small amount of sounds that the system makes on the other (none used) inputs. The current sound is only noticeable at higher volumes, that I don't often listen at right now, but knowing it's there is frustrating.
  2. pDid you do this? What was the result? Sorry if I missed it. I did. There is a small amount of noise on all the inputs when nothing is plugged in. When I lug the inputs in I start getting the louder buzz on those 3 inputs only
  3. Not sure what it is everybody. I am stumped and frustrated. Thanks for your help though.
  4. It's a brand new system. The turntable is internally grounded. I'm testing the whole system in a different room, everything plugged into one power strip. Seem to still be having the same problems. I do have to turn the receiver up pretty high to hear the buzz/hum whatever you want to call it. Maybe I am just over reacting. And it's normal
  5. Just tried that. Still the same sound. Is this just normal? The way I test it is by just turning up the speaker without playing any music. The problem is that when I listen to music loud, especially on my turntable there's lots of extra noise.
  6. Cindy, You mean everything? Tv, turntable, receiver, computer all plugged on to a power strip and then I to 1 outlet?
  7. After further inspection it doesn't get worse but just sounds different. The weird part is that when I've unplugged the other inputs it generally get better but with the phono is doesn't really improve
  8. No, it gets worse when I unplug my turntable. Makes no sense.
  9. I need some help here. I currently have my tv, turntable, and computer plugged into my receiver which play through a pair of rp-150m. I'm getting a static/hum when it's on either of those three inputs. I have tried unplugging all electronics around my system to see if it was an interference. Nothing changed. I also unplugged the three inputs from the receiver and the static goes away except when I unplug the turntable. It actually gets worse when I unplug the turntable. Lastly, I took the input that normally goes into my computer and plugged it into my iPad and iPhone, no hum/static now even though it's the same cord. Anyone have some advice how to fix it. Thanks
  10. So, I've posted about this a few times, but I need to make a decision now. I currently have the Onkyo TX8020 receiver and am getting new speakers today. RP-150M bookshelf speakers. Trying to decide if I need to upgrade the receiver to et more out of the speakers. I am looking at the Onkyo TX8050 and the Yamaha RS500. Could I get some help as I am new to all of this. Is it even necessary to upgrade. Thanks.
  11. Bill, I was considering the tx8050, but have read a lot of bad reviews so I've been a bit worried. The yamahas seem to all have great reviews
  12. And I can still run my tv, computer and phone through the integrated amp right?
  13. Sorry if this question has been asked, but I am look for a good receiver for these speakers. It needs to have a phono, as my turntable will be plugged into it. Currently looking at the Yamaha r-s500. Seems like a good unit. I'd like to keep it under 400. Thanks for the help in advance.
  14. Thanks a bunch for all the help. Unfortunately I'm new to this and don't have a lot of knowledge. I just want a decent system that I can spend some vinyl and I also listen to a lot of webcast shows, and live recorded music. So I like to jam a little. I'm a big phish fan if that helps any of you. I appreciate all of your input. It's just a learning curve that in real excited to take part in. I might switch to the 8050. Just cause it's a great deal right now and will hopefully be better down the road. As for the speakers I've only spent 250 on the r15-m pair. I believe the r26 is 300 for 1. Overall, I just want to listen to good music. Sometimes loud. And not break anything haha
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