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  1. Heresy’s sold for $140, someone got a great deal!
  2. Neither seller is looking to make a million dollars selling ports. I’ll gladly give them away if the buyer covers shipping. There’s no need for stupid comments like this.
  3. I have KLF-20 and KLF-30 ports available for sale if anyone is interested.
  4. How How much would you pay for these? What are they worth?
  5. Hi Gary, Are any of the speakers in the picture for sale as well? I would be interested in the Belles and Heresys. Thanks
  6. Are these still available? Thanks
  7. I’m interested in these but live in NYC. Does anyone know a delivery/moving service that would ship these up north? Thanks
  8. Looking forward to seeing the new consumer Jubilees. They should be out soon.
  9. Klipschorns or Jubilees may be the only upgrade. I don’t even think Cornwalls can produce the same bass as the KLF-30.
  10. Where the older speakers made with better materials using plywood? I know that the newer speakers are mostly made of MDF, not sure if that makes a difference but I would prefer speakers made from plywood.
  11. He said that he paid 12k for them. I offered him half that in cash and he accepted. The older speakers are nice as well, but I’m leaning toward the newer pair.
  12. Hey everyone, I have a seller in my area looking to get rid of his Klipschorns. He has a pair of new walnut AK6 for $6,000 and an older pair from 1990 KBOO for $3,000 that are in good condition. Should I go for the older pair that probably need updating or spend the extra cash now and get the AK6 pair? Thanks
  13. Seller replied to my messages with an address on where to meet him tomorrow. No time or phone number was given. Buyer Beware!
  14. Does anyone have the sellers contact number? I’m interested in buying a pair as well.
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