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  1. Wow, that’s an incredible deal for someone in that area.
  2. I have a 9 yr old Yamaha RX-A3000 that I initially used on Forte 1, and I didn’t particulate care for the combo. I have since gone to vintage Marantz, or an HK430, or the McIntosh MC250 on my current LaScalas and Khorns. I hooked up the Yamaha the other day just to try it again, and the sound just wasn’t as good to me. The old gear just sounds much better. But, it’s a trade off, since I don’t have digital connections.
  3. We vacationed in Nashville 2 years ago, and using Airbnb was, by far, the best way to go. Much cheaper than a hotel, and we stayed right across the street from Vanderbilt university in a very nice apartment that housed me, my wife and two kids. Five minute drive downtown at the most. Good luck in your search! PM me if you’d like the website where we stayed. 5 star reviews and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay.
  4. I just sent her a message and asked if available, and they were just sold. Congrats to the new owner.
  5. Good thing I’m not a betting man, because I would have placed a bet that you grabbed these. [emoji13]
  6. Here is another of his recent videos about the RP-600M paired with a NAD.
  7. I live about 30 minutes from you. I have a Harman Kardon 430 if you want to hear how it would sound with your KLF’s. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested, and I can bring it over for you to try out before you make your decision. I won’t be selling mine, but at least you’ll get to hear it first. It’s a great sounding receiver.
  8. I had a pair of Forte 1 that I sold recently, and I ran them with the MC250 with no pre-amp, and it was a great combo.
  9. Drewg

    Power Pop

    This band has a pretty good power pop/rock album that came out late last year.
  10. Incoming ice storm warning for the Chicago area tonight through tomorrow morning. The news is warning that this storm will likely lead to massive power outages, falling tree branches, and they’re warning people to stay off the roads. I’m right in the bullseye for the most ice accumulation. Good times.
  11. Drewg


    I use both Spotify Premium and Tidal. I use Tidal for hi-fi (also offers MQA, but i don’t use it) streaming on my home stereo. Tidal’s sound quality is fantastic and much better than Spotify’s highest quality option, however, I find the app not as user friendly as Spotify, and their library isn’t quite where Spotify is yet.
  12. A great day to stay in and listen to music. Like@Jimjimbo said, nowhere to go.
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