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  1. Bought a pair of these for my LaScalas, and wow, do they sound phenomenal! Just as described earlier in this post, extension is much better, hyper detailed and ultra smooth, just so much better in every way. @DaveA has really done it with the sMahl tweeter v2!
  2. Really nice review here, though it is very long. I don’t believe I have seen a more positive review of a loudspeaker than this.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion@jimjimbo! I’m always looking for a good music doc.
  4. Sorry to hear about Crohn’s. My wife has it, and I understand your situation all too well.
  5. I just looked again and I don’t see Klipsch on the list after all. I’m shocked they won’t be there.
  6. Since I’m so close to Schaumburg, and have never attended Axpona, I’m just looking forward to checking out the event. Klipsch will definitely be a must stop.
  7. Thanks@jimjimbo! I had that Marantz serviced by our friend at Stereo Rehab. Funny thing is I also took in my HK 430, and he said he didn’t want to take my money because it wasn’t a quality enough receiver to spend the $$ updating. I disagreed, but didn’t argue, so I took it back and will look to update both the 430 and 730 someplace else that won’t cost as much.
  8. I also agree. The 730 just sounds right.
  9. Nice 20 minute review of the new Cornwalls posted today.
  10. What is the source from which you are playing your music? You won’t get hd sound from an iPhone, for instance, unless you connect a dac that can do hi-Rez, like a dragonfly audio red, which is what I use. I can certainly hear a difference between Amazon HD and Spotify premium. Main thing is the clarify difference.
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