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  1. What is the source from which you are playing your music? You won’t get hd sound from an iPhone, for instance, unless you connect a dac that can do hi-Rez, like a dragonfly audio red, which is what I use. I can certainly hear a difference between Amazon HD and Spotify premium. Main thing is the clarify difference.
  2. Those are beauties! They won’t last long.
  3. Heavy snow this morning bending tree branches to the ground. Expecting 6 more inches tomorrow. Too early for this!
  4. What a nice pick-up at a stellar price!
  5. Drewg

    Lets see your pets

    This is Harper, a yellow lab, striking a pose, and getting into mischief.
  6. Been listening all morning on my iPad/audioquest Dragonfly Red hooked up to my HK430 playing on Khorns. Sounds excellent. I just wish the amazon music app on my iPhone would cast music to my google chromecast so I can stream wirelessly. Hopefully this becomes an option soon.
  7. This was a topic in the forum today as well. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/186141-speaker-switching-device-advice-please/
  8. Drivers arrived yesterday and were extremely well packaged. I installed one so I could hear the difference from the k55-V on my Khorns. It was noticeably smoother and much easier to listen to, definitely a more open and clear sounding driver. I first used my main stereo, the Marantz 2325, then switched over to the Oppo 105 used as a pre to my McIntosh MC250 amp, and the difference with this combo was even more noticable. The MC250 sounded much more tube-like than before. I fired up the Dire Straits Communique record, and the midrange sound was better than I’ve ever heard! Thank you@Shakeydeal for a smooth transaction and the perfect packaging job you did. I am very happy with these A55-g drivers!
  9. Andy. Friends call me Zilla. I can’t explain that one. Lol
  10. You never hear anything about this album, but it’s fantastic start to finish.
  11. I have an MC250 that I’m currently using on my Klipschorns, and it sounds great! I’d want another one if I had the $$ to buy. Can’t go wrong with this amp. GLWYS OP. @jimjimbo, I’ve used Casper @ Stereo Rehab for restorations on 2 units. He does nice work.
  12. Here is the link and a few pics from the ad. Not affiliated, just sharing. https://offerup.co/PixkLATnZW
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