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  1. I had a pair of Forte 1 that I sold recently, and I ran them with the MC250 with no pre-amp, and it was a great combo.
  2. Drewg

    Power Pop

    This band has a pretty good power pop/rock album that came out late last year.
  3. Drewg

    What's the weather like where you're at?

    Incoming ice storm warning for the Chicago area tonight through tomorrow morning. The news is warning that this storm will likely lead to massive power outages, falling tree branches, and they’re warning people to stay off the roads. I’m right in the bullseye for the most ice accumulation. Good times.
  4. Drewg


    I use both Spotify Premium and Tidal. I use Tidal for hi-fi (also offers MQA, but i don’t use it) streaming on my home stereo. Tidal’s sound quality is fantastic and much better than Spotify’s highest quality option, however, I find the app not as user friendly as Spotify, and their library isn’t quite where Spotify is yet.
  5. Drewg

    What's the weather like where you're at?

    A great day to stay in and listen to music. Like@Jimjimbo said, nowhere to go.
  6. Beautiful pair of LaScalas! GLWS
  7. Drewg

    Let's Go Colts!

    True, but Parkey has a guaranteed $9 million that’ll cheer him up.
  8. Drewg

    Let's Go Colts!

    I’m sick
  9. Drewg

    Let's Go Colts!

  10. Drewg

    Frys has RF7ii for 299 tomorrow!!

    Zero in stock in Downers Grove, IL.
  11. Drewg

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas from the SW suburbs of Chicago.
  12. It’s a video he posted after his speaker of the year post. Lately, his daily videos are about his sudden love of horn speakers.
  13. Drewg

    CL: Klipsch corner Speakers - $500 (Mendota IL)

    Thank you very much. I feel very fortunate to have gotten these fine speakers, especially in the shape they are in.