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  1. I bought a used Dialogue Premium HP today from someone local. It’s a keeper. Sounds sweet on triode and powerful in ultralinear mode on the LaScalas!
  2. I’m sitting at a stereo shop listening to the EVO 4 now on Heresy IV. I have Khorns and LaScalas at home, and it sounds great on the Heresys. I bet they’ll sound incredible on LaScalas. I also wonder if EVO 300 would be enough. I also have an appointment to check out a used Dialogue Premium HP tomorrow. Would the EVO 400 be any sort of upgrade In sound? It’s definitely less money. [emoji848]
  3. Good luck! That’s right near where I work.
  4. I received the same exact text from him. Seems like a scam to me.
  5. My favorite Wilco song, and one of their staples at every show they play....and they change it up every show. Nels Cline’s guitar work here is phenomenal. I turn it up loud, especially around the 2:50 mark when the solo begins.
  6. That store is the reason I began my Klipsch journey. I sampled Khorns, LaScalas and Cornwalls. I need to get back there to listen to the CWIV.
  7. The 430 is a great little receiver, I use one also. Sorry you had to sell your Klipschorns.
  8. Drewg

    The Other Discs

    Ha! I follow a lot of threads, but don’t post a whole lot. There is a ton I haven’t heard and I reference back to this thread quite often for new music.
  9. Drewg

    The Other Discs

    This is a local band from the Chicago area who has made some great records over the years. This new one of theirs has the sound of early Black Crowes, early Faces, and the Rolling Stones from the Tattoo You era. Check them out, they are a really good rock band.
  10. Congrats on your purchase, those look really nice! That Marantz will do just fine on those. I have played my Marantz 2325 on LaScalas, and they sound great together.
  11. That’s an pretty funny analogy. I understand what you are saying. I ordered the socket adaptors awhile ago and they won’t be delivered until July! So I’ll ask you this. Is it going to cost me as much as I paid for this tube amp (under $400) to re-wire driver tube sockets? I have no idea what doing this would cost, and would it be worth such a cost to upgrade an inexpensive (relatively speaking for a new) tube integrated? I appreciate the advice! Andy
  12. If you don’t mind me asking, what pre are you using with the HK amp section on your LaScalas?
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