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  1. Sure thing. I found the post where I got this information: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/111926-khorn-capacitors/
  2. I had those yellow caps on my original ‘75 Khorn crossovers. I read somewhere that they ran out of the can-type caps, and they used these in their place. The caps could very well be original.
  3. Hey there! I actually pre-ordered and got mine today. Gonna fire it up tomorrow! Hope you’re doing well. I see that they let you back in finally.
  4. Considering he’s the OP, he’s simply lowering his price for the thread. Unless I missed something?
  5. Drewg

    What I Got Today!

    Curious to hear your impressions. I’m considering this brand. I’m currently using my oppo bdp-105 as a dac.
  6. Never mind, I see you added location.
  7. GLWS. More pics and location would be helpful for potential buyers.
  8. That’s awesome! Congratulations@tivorocks!
  9. I borrowed the Prologue Premium from a friend, and I was instantly hooked. You should really like it. Congrats.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Just pre-ordered mine as well.
  11. I, like you, used the loudness button all the time on my Marantz 2325, and when I got my PL Dialogue Premium HP (similar to evo 400), I did not feel the need for a loudness button at all. You won’t miss it.
  12. I just got my PrimaLuna DP HP 2 weeks ago. Love it!
  13. I bought a used Dialogue Premium HP today from someone local. It’s a keeper. Sounds sweet on triode and powerful in ultralinear mode on the LaScalas!
  14. I’m sitting at a stereo shop listening to the EVO 4 now on Heresy IV. I have Khorns and LaScalas at home, and it sounds great on the Heresys. I bet they’ll sound incredible on LaScalas. I also wonder if EVO 300 would be enough. I also have an appointment to check out a used Dialogue Premium HP tomorrow. Would the EVO 400 be any sort of upgrade In sound? It’s definitely less money. [emoji848]
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