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  1. It’s a video he posted after his speaker of the year post. Lately, his daily videos are about his sudden love of horn speakers.
  2. Drewg

    CL: Klipsch corner Speakers - $500 (Mendota IL)

    Thank you very much. I feel very fortunate to have gotten these fine speakers, especially in the shape they are in.
  3. Drewg

    CL: Klipsch corner Speakers - $500 (Mendota IL)

    I am not looking to make a profit. I will hold onto these and enjoy for the remainder of my lifetime, unless there becomes an emergency need to sell down the road. My wife even liked them....A LOT! Which completely surprised me! Here are some pictures. Please note, I do not have corners (yet). A basement remodel will be in store for me hopefully soon, which will allow placement into corners. Even without corners, they sound absolutely fantastic! Only imperfections pictured below... Peeling veneer, which will be re-attached. It was already coming off a little when I got them, and I have the other piece that broke off that I can put back on. Any suggestions on what I can use to reattach?
  4. Drewg

    CL: Klipsch corner Speakers - $500 (Mendota IL)

    Thanks! If it makes you feel better, by the time I called to tell her I’m coming for them, the woman who posted them gave me the “ahhh...ummm...before you do, my husband is really mad at me for posting the price way too low”. So, once I recovered from the gut punch, and after some correspondence back and forth between her and her husband, who was researching selling prices on eBay, I ended up paying more than double her asking price, which was less than the figure the husband had in mind, but since they initially posted so low, they weren’t going to sell it to me for top dollar. The price was still very fair, so I grabbed them.
  5. Drewg

    CL: Klipsch corner Speakers - $500 (Mendota IL)

    Thank you for your help!
  6. Drewg

    CL: Klipsch corner Speakers - $500 (Mendota IL)

    Just got home from Mendota, IL with some beautiful K-horns. I need to make one final trip tomorrow to grab the other bass bin. I’ll post pics in a few days once I have it all set up. Many thanks to the OP for posting these!
  7. Drewg

    Khorns in Ohio

    Seller might want to change the wording of the statement that reads “Capable of extreme output with ULTRA distortion”.
  8. Drewg

    The Other Discs

    Lenny Kravitz is very underrated. I like most of his music, especially his older albums. They’re classics.
  9. Drewg

    The Other Discs

    Presence is great. In through the Out Door sucks.
  10. Especially since he reviewed the Forte III earlier this year. How did that listening experience not enlighten him then?
  11. Drewg


    Prayers sent!
  12. Drewg

    College football 2018

    That, I believe, is the ballgame. What a nice rushing TD.
  13. Drewg

    College football 2018

    How ‘bout my Boilers, laying the smack down on the big bad Buckeyes!!
  14. Drewg

    NFL - 2018

    I normally like Collinsworth, but I’m a Bears fan, and the way he gushed all over Aaron Rodgers last night made me want to throw up.