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  1. Oh yea since it will be a year before I'm back LOL... He also sent me a some botched up xover caps too LOL.. some off brand electrolytic to run in parallel over the soniccap to make up the diff in value... Needless to say all the originals caps were in spec and back in my speakers now ... I bought the cap kit for the forte 3 xover.. :(.. Well happy new year !!!
  2. never mind sorry I asked again for the info on BOBS speakers :(.... Ill try again a year later
  3. I just thought If I could find the real data on them maybe I could make some boxes for a garage system or sometin instead of shit canning them..
  4. Just still working on the one size fits all.. When I still have a pair in boxes I bought a year ago that cant handle the power in my forte 2.... Then called Klipsch told me to use caution with the Crites Woofers.. Bought the original Klipsch k-28-e from them.. They sound really good !!! Not as good as the K-25-k original, but close Just Curious about the data on the $240 dollars worth of stored speakers I have. BTW the klipsch OEM speakers were cheaper
  5. He cant or wont tell you.... Just says sonically the same as the k-25-k, and same as the k-23-k and same as the k-28-e.... ???
  6. In total respect to the forte 2 speakers . I have done extensive testing. I love my speakers had a driver failure the 12 inch. Went with bob crites drivers. Was very unhappy with the results . Called KLIPSCH and bought the replacement for the forte 2 for less than bobs . The K-28-e installed them in the forte 2 and they sound better than new, they handle the power, and sound solid again. I would expect no less from KLIPSCH!!! They had it spot on .
  7. well i tell u what i just wanted to share my journey a ND NOW THE KLIPSCH GROUP ON FACEBOOK HATES ME .. I'm done man i got my sound back and everyone just goes crazy sorry to bother you all
  8. love mine again and always have loved my speakers from klipsch since 1997
  9. I knew u guys love bob that why i was hesitant on even posting my results good luck all
  10. 3 pleats on one side 4 on the other glued wrong
  11. ill take pics of the defective surround on one of bobs woofers if u like
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