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  1. I'll snap a couple pics and get them up. Not looking for any more than postage and packing costs.
  2. I'm new to the forum, but noticed this thread. If anyone still needs a single K8K, I have one in excellent condition.
  3. Thanks for the K8K specs. Now if I can just find something on the K3K....
  4. I recently repaired my old KG4s, but had to settle for K3Ks rather than K8Ks (found a set in good condition on ebay). I know the K3K was recommended by Klipsch as a replacement after production of the K8K ceased, but I cannot find Thiel/Small (or any other) specs for either. While I obviously couldn't A/B this, my sense is that the efficiency is somewhat lower, and I believe the bass extension of the system may be somewhat compromised. Does anyone know the difference between these two drivers?
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