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  1. Yes, they are still available..
  2. They are the new 'economy' versions. Thanks for pointing that out. Subject fixed.
  3. Brand new.. Never used with the exception of hooking them up to test them. $325 shipped in the US for the pair. Thanks!
  4. I'm selling my pair of Alk Engineering AP12-500 w/ ES5800 crossovers. They were only used for a couple of months and are in excellent condition $800 shipped in the US. Thanks!
  5. I’ve measured with a sound meter and also with sweeps in REW. I personally do not enjoy listening when adjusted for a flat response as it’s WAYYY too bright sounding to my ears. I personally prefer a gradual downward slope into the high frequencies. I only use the REW measurements to find and correct ringing, room modes, nulls, peaks, etc with room treatments. I’ve done all my crossover adjustments to what sounds pleasing to my ears. I always return to a specific setting regardless of REW measurements, so that says a lot (at least to me). The crossovers can sound absolutely AMAZING but unfortunately at levels that I don’t indulge in often. Like I said in the first post, it takes at least 95 dB to get things cooking!
  6. Thanks! Are there other networks that would work well or that can be tweaked given my driver choices?
  7. I've got my split Cornscala's complete enough that i've been listening to them for a few weeks before i finish them. The bass bin is built to Cornwall II specs (internal volume) and braced well. I'm using the Crites 1526C woofer. The midrange is a Fastlane Eliptrac 400 w/ a BC DE750TN driver and tweeter is an Eliptrac HF w/ BC DE120 driver. My current crossover network is Al K's AP12-500 w/ the ES5800. Overall, I think they sound great BUT only after i reach about 95db from my listening position. I value what's left of my hearing so my listening tends to be more in the 75 - 85db range with the occasional 'crank it up' days. My dilemma is that at my typical listening volumes the crossover's sound a bit uninspiring and perhaps a bit bright overall. I can never seem to get the balance of the drivers correct at my listening volumes. I seem to have the biggest problem balancing the mids and tweeters. At loud volumes the drivers seem to blend much better and actually sound fantastic. I've tried running them as 2-ways but i always miss the extended highs and they tend to sound more boxy in this configuration. Any suggestions? I put an order in for a pair of Al's Universal CSW crossovers to see if the more gentle slope does the trick.
  8. Sure.. I'd like to evaluate the differences and then decide which to keep.
  9. Looking for a used pair of Alk CSW Universals for my Cornscala build. I currently have the AP12-500 / ES5800 combo which sounds great but it takes some serious volume to get these to open up. I wanted to try the CSW's and see if they sound better at my 'typical' listening levels. I'm looking for the typical 500/6000hz set. ..or, if anyone is in the NJ area that would be willing to let me demo them. Thanks!
  10. I'm selling my McIntosh MX110Z which was serviced in 2017 by Terry DeWick. It's not a museum piece but is in decent cosmetic condition and sounds as it should! All functions work.. The only issue i've encountered is the input selector can be a bit scratchy when turned but once it's set, there's no issue. It's plug and play and ready to be put into use. I'll gladly provide more pictures if you are interested. I can also provide the invoice from T. DeWick to confirm the work that was done. *SOLD* I'd prefer a local sale (New Jersey) but am open to shipping.
  11. Wall mount. You can jump and it probably won't skip..
  12. No worries.. Thanks! I'm still a couple of weeks away from installing grille cloth. I think i can wing it!
  13. Can anyone explain again how to setup and use the stretchers? I can 90% follow but am a bit confused how to use the 'wedges' on the unclamped side of the jig. Clear pictures of this would help immensely, otherwise I'll try to wing it.
  14. Right now, I'm just doing some record that have been bugging me for a long time.. Typically NM or VG+ but play back a bit noisy. So far, we're doing great! I do have some VG records with some hairline scratches, nothing deep. I'll try a few of those later.. Curious to hear the results! I don't have many if any records with deep physical scratches. I always avoid purchasing those.
  15. Well.. We're 2 for 2! Just gave a 1st pressing of The Beatles - Revolver UK Parlophone Stereo a facial! Again, this was a record that looked NM but remained crackly/noisy after using both a vacuum style RCM and an ultrasonic machine. I thought that it must have potential groove damage. Peeled the mask off and gave it a listen.. Virtually free of surface noise!! I can not say pleased I am!! I'm completely sold on this stuff.. I'm sure that I'll come across a few records that can not be saved due to actual damage but it's already been a big win!
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