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  1. I know the price is getting higher and higher every year. They are already significantly more than what I paid when I bought them new a couple years ago.
  2. Yes that is them! Thank you so much for that. I have been out of state as I stated I moved to Rhode island and havent been able to get any pictures. I never even thought to look at my old thread. Sorry to those of you that I haven't responded to. Truthfully parting with these things is harder than I thought. I am having doubts as to whether or not I should sell them or just store them until I can use them again.
  3. Long story short I recently moved in with my girlfriend and am thinking of downsizing. The place we got can't accomodate all the audio equipment I have. I am in the CT area I have a pair of Klipsch Jubilee's purchased from Cory Harrison mint condition with Xillica XP 2040 As well as Klipschorn 70th anniversary speakers. Those I actually have barely used. Bought them and didn't really like the way they sounded in my listening room so bought the Jubilees. The problem with the Khorns is the serial numbers don't match. The store I bought them from got confused and sent the wrong pair but they are only off by 1 number. I also have JTR orbital Shifters x2 and Emotiva XPA-7 amp and XMC-1 processor Prices are Jubilees 5k Khorns 8k JTR 2k each Emotiva XMC-1 $800 Emotiva XPA-7 Gen 3 1k Shipping on speakers would not be available buyer would need to be able to transport them but i will help move them out of the house. Pictures upon request.
  4. Check out the KI-396 SMA I am running it between two Jubilees and it's fantastic. It's got the same K-691 driver the Jubilee's use and it blends flawlessly. Don't forget to contact @MetropolisLakeOutfitters he's a great Klipsch dealer. http://www.klipsch.com/pro/permanent-installation
  5. Ya I know plus it's very risky moving them without damaging them.
  6. Yes I do own a pair that I would consider selling, they've got probably less than 10 hours of playtime on them. They've been just sitting in my storage room for months now and I can say definitely having the closed backs helps with bass response tremendously. The whole reason I bought those instead of the regular K-horns is because one of the corners in my room has a pipe so I was not able to get it flush in the corner (had to be about a foot out) and they still have very impressive clean bass.
  7. This is more of a post to see what kind of interest there would be for these. As many of you know I purchased the 70th anniversary K-horns not too long ago and then pretty quickly upgraded to the Jubilee's. I doubt the K-horns even have 10 hours of play time on them honestly. They have been sitting in storage for months now and I've been debating selling them or keeping them but I really don't see any use in keeping them truthfully. As I said they are brand new and I paid 12k for them One of them has a slight chip in the baseboard from moving them. Very small I will post pictures but with all considered I was thinking around a 10k asking price. I do still have all original paperwork of course but I do not have the boxes. Shipping is really not an option because it would be too expensive and risky without the boxes but I do have a truck and I could deliver within a reasonable distance. I know the asking price is high but I did just buy them and honestly I'd rather just keep them than let them go for any less. Oh ya and as many of you know the serial numbers are not sequential it's off by one number. Haha, the more I think about it I'm probably better off just keeping them but you never know I mean the serial number's obviously don't affect sound but I know that's very important to some.
  8. Hey @Lost240 it just so happens that after all the upgrading I've done I am selling my 2 that are in pretty much mint condition. They are the ones with the braided finish I posted pictures when I got them. I'll take some pics right now but I am actually located in CT as well. I believe we have spoken before.
  9. I had a marantz that would do that as well. Since my seating position isn't right in the center it would make one speaker much louder than the other. What I always did was keep all the other settings intact but set the speakers to the same level dB which make it sound a lot better in my situation. Also in my experience, not sure about your AVR because I've never used that model but stereo mode should keep the calibration. Make sure and set the speakers to small also, I know a lot of those callibration programs love to set them to large. If they are set to large, it may not use the sub when in stereo mode. That's been my experience with many AVR's.
  10. @BlueHusky79 It was a pleasure doing business with you and meeting you and your wife, enjoy your new amp!
  11. Perhaps you just don't like the sound of the Marantz. Personally I had one and I didn't much care for the sound either. I ended up getting rid of it pretty quickly. I first upgraded to a separate amp which improved it a bit but then later on ended up just getting rid of it all together. I never really cared for it's sound. I had the SR5011
  12. Note this image here is of my 7 channel just to give those an idea of how it looks when it's on. They are both literally the same and look the same, 5 channel just has 5 lights instead of 7 and says 5 in the bottom right corner instead of 7. Just don't have the other hooked up so I used this one as an example. All other pictures are of the one for sale.
  13. I've got a spare Emotiva XPA Gen 3 5 channel amp. Everyone on here know's I am a huge fan of Emotiva. The reason I am selling this is because I ended up buying a 7 channel for the extra channels my Jub's needed and I thought I would have another application for the 5 channel which is why I didn't just send it in for upgrade. Turns out it's been just sitting and I don't see anything going on with it. Amp is MINT used way less than a year and I actually do have original box this time. Brand new this thing goes for 1600 with the configuration I've got so I think 1200 is a fair price considering age and condition. I would rather not ship because it would be expensive but I will look into it if there is interest because as I said I do have the original box and anyone that has bought from Emotiva knows they give a very heavy duty box. This thing has XLR inputs as well as RCA and is very heavy and well built. I personally think Emotiva goes very well with Klipsch. Unit also has a 12volt trigger input and output. I actually do not have that cable though it did come with it. I am using it for one of my subs but they are very cheap on either amazon or you can even get them at radio shack. I paid 5 dollars for the ones I am using. They are not required though as it does have an on/standby switch in the front. Also as many of you know these things are upgradeable to 7 channel but just an FYI if you wish to do that you do NEED to send it in to Emotiva, they do not send the extra channels because it's a risk of electrical shock, trust me I tried having them send the part's they will not budge on that matter so if you want to upgrade, be prepared to send it out. You also need original box to send it out so anyone interested I would highly suggest keeping original box as well. They will NOT accept it if it's not in its original box. Alright time for pictures...
  14. AaronB123

    JTR subs?

    Are you using them for more theater or music?
  15. AaronB123

    JTR subs?

    Your in for quite the treat! Your gonna have more bass than you know what to do with! When I first got my orbital shifters I went to youtube and put in bass test and cranked it. This was the first time I can honestly say I was afraid to keep turning the volume up. I've got a drop ceiling in my room and I could literally see particles falling down from it and pictures on the wall were visibly shaking and rattling and I could barely see straight. I honestly felt like if I had turned it any higher something was going to break. Didn't last long though my family came running to the theater room saying I was shaking everything in the house and they said I almost knocked a mirror upstairs off the wall. It was so loud in fact it gave me a headache and later on I had to clean all the particles that had fallen from the ceiling and straighten up all my pictures, one of which had fallen off the wall. Not only is it loud though but the sound quality is great! I also love the way they have XLR inputs and 12volt trigger's so no more signal sensing crap. Biggest thing i hate about that signal sensing is when watching a movie with a long dialogue part then a sudden impact scene sometimes the sub takes a second to go on so you miss part of the affect. The worst part about ordering from JTR is the wait time, but I can assure you it's worth it. Be prepared though, these subs are HUGE, they were actually bigger than I was anticipating but I made it work and am very happy I did.
  16. One of them is still available. I am about 5 hours away.
  17. I concur that the La Scala makes an incredible theater speaker. I was using La Scala's across the front for quite some time and I was extremely happy with it. In my opinion they are some of the finest theater speakers you will find out there.
  18. Ya, neither have I. The only AVR I ever heard a hissing from when it was idle was the Marantz SR 5011 I had.
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