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  1. Yeah he is using the other. Cant believe the sound from that with the amount of power it has (not as much as I thought, or would have thought). I do have some SVS's for sale. 3 SB13 Ultra's.
  2. Tried to upload pics but to big. Its an REL R-328. He said he would take $1,000 firm. In the box.
  3. I'm heading there in about an hour. I'll let u know and get some pics too. Not sure which ones they are so I make no promises, lol, as I know they make some cheaper ones as well. Well, will let u know soon.
  4. I can get a couple REL subs if u are looking. I'll have to get model numbers if u are in fact interested. I bought a few SVS subs from this company and he had some REL and didn't realize what they were until last night. Might should have picked those up too lol. Hadn't heard of them before.
  5. U have 2 of these subs and KA-1000 Amp????...... Thats a GREAT DEAL!
  6. Lol, yeah I like to stay on topic. I see these go everywhere if not.
  7. Ok I thought since u were posting to my ad u were selling....
  8. What do u have? I'm looking for good deals as of right now as I am 100% set on the SVS 16 but need something in the meantime that play louder than these RF-7's. Had no clue how much bass comes out of these guys, but hate that my denon audessy wants to run them Full.
  9. I'd have to have an amp for the Klipsch subs and heard the M&K and doesn't really have much power, was very underwhelmed.... Unless u have some amps fr those at a great price!
  10. Thanks just not wanting to spend that much right now.
  11. Yeah but then I would have to spend an arm and a leg for the amplifier to power them correctly......
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