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  1. I've invested in THREE G-17's because I love how they sound. I would like to update the firmware, but this issue as reported in the Klipsch Community between 20012 through 2015 has apparently never been resolve and the link to the update states Klipsch is still working on a fix! (See this Link: http://www.klipsch.com/firmware?product=16489) Additional information: I purchased each g-17 used on eBay, one has firmware and the other two have I had no trouble getting each to connect to my 2.4 wife band and was able to rename each-BUT they revert to factory default name eventually. What is the latest available firmware version? Can it be downloaded and run from desktop computer or off a thumb drive?
  2. Contacted Klipsch sales and support as well as customshop without a reply. Just bought a used G-17 from Amazon Warehouse that arrived without the glass bottom part of the stand and no grill. Does Klipsch still support this speaker in terms of being able to buy parts? I've even submitted a photo to the custom shop to create a custom grill for the G-17 but while it's only been a couple days I would expect a verification email that states my request/order was received. Same with my email request about replacement parts submitted to sales/support.
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