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    Yamaha RX-A3050, 2 - RP-280 FA (Left and Right Front / Height channels) 1 - Klipsch RP-450CA (Center channel) 1 - R-112SW (Sub)

    4 - RP-250S (Side surrounds & Rear surrounds) 2 - CDT-5800-II (Ceiling Atmos)
  1. mad max is by far the best atmos movie out atm.. any of the battle scenes with the 18 wheeler and the dirt bikes jumping over the semi in the canyons are nice as well as the chase scenes..
  2. I'm new to the projector world, thanks for the advice. From what I've read online seems that Sony and JVC are the kings of the projector world.. So if thier isn't really a true JVC 4k projector availble right now, which projector from JVC would you reccomend? Like some of you have posted deep rich blacks is something I'm used to with my Samsung 4k led tv. I'd hate to lose the image quality that I'm already used to. Will going back to 1080p projector be a huge step back? I already have a 4k UHD Samsung bluray player and around 30 4k blurays. Seems JVC has a lot of models for projectors and some have the same specs as others. How do I know which to buy? Is contrast ratio the most important spec I assume? here is a few I've been looking at JVC DLA RS400 40,000:1 contrast ratio JVC DLA RS500U---- this one has a little better contrast ratio of 120,000:1 but nearly $2,000 more ​
  3. Finally got my custom built standout designs media stand.. It looks awesome in my room and I love the build quality of it as it is definatly top notch. I'm wanting to get a $3,500 to $7,000 projector. I measured the wall and this is the dimensions I came up with: 104" floor to crown molding or 8'8" 140" or 11'8" width of wall Klipsch RP-280FA tower height 43" Standout designs media center height is 26" Width between each klipsch RP-280FA tower is 110" The distance from viewing position to the wall is 14' excactly I do play some video games a few hrs a week but mainly watch movies. What 4k projector fits into my price range and screen should I buy for max video quality.. http://i1175.photobucket.com/albums/r621/toomnymods/Home%20Audio/53C1789B-9AAC-4244-9EDF-DEF8D4A1EF3D_zpsjrh7ffjf.jpg~original
  4. transformers 4 and mad max by far have tons of immersion effects.. The rest of the movies ive seen so far don't even compare to these 2 movies.. I think it will be a while till "blockbuster action movies" learn the best methods to use Atmos technology..
  5. I agree the RP line is very solid and I've been very happy with my choice.. They sound amazing for music and movies..
  6. You can definatly do better if you already have 2k to spend.. IMO like scrappy said don't even get the reference "best buy stuff" go straight for the Reference premiere stuff it's not much more and the quality is a lot better. Some people claim it's as good as the Reference II stuff. Do you plan on getting Atmos? If you do the RP-280FA towers are amazing and will take a lot of the install time away from having to drill holes in the ceiling. Will still need two atmos speakers for behind the listening position though. Do what I did Just buy one pair of speakers every few weeks as money allows and before you know it you'll have 5k worth of Reference Premiere gear. If going for atmos setup you could definatly save by using the 2 pairs of the RP-160M direct fire speakers instead of the 2 pairs of RP-250S which are quite expensive.
  7. LOL this setup would rock in my home.. I just wish I had the cash and (wife) that'd allow a amount of bass like this, lol mine freaks out soon as she hears one thing rattle on the wall..
  8. toomnymods

    New Sub

    How does this sub compare to the Seaton audio 15's??
  9. I am a little lost. The 5.1.4 is 11 channels so I'm not sure what you are expecting that the AVR is not doing. If you use those rear surrounds with separate amp as you suggest, what Atmos or other configuration will you have, would that be 7.1.4?? Are you bi-amping your L/R? I don't think so, but I thought I'd ask. I'm running the Emotiva gen3 XPA-5 on my L/C/R and the side surrounds that is 5 channels. The atmos front in my towers, the atmos in ceiling behing my couch is two channels, and the rear surrounds is the final 2 channels for a total of 11 channels the final 6 channels is ran by my Yamaha receiver. The Yamaha rx-a3050 will only process (and play) 9 channels till you add atleast a 2 channel amp which allows it to process a total of 11 channels. It doesn't consider the sub a channel since it doesn't provide any power for it. Yes my setup right now is a true 7.1.4, but soon will be a 7.2.4 soon as I add 2 seaton 15" subs and get rid of this weak klipsch 12" sub..
  10. Well after searching for over two months I gave up.. I said screw it and went ahead and called Standout Designs and asked if they would deviate from their Haven design a tad to allow bigger compartments for my audio gear and my center channel speaker. They said they would do a custom order but would have to charge for it, at this point I didn't care I just wanted a top notch product that would keep my equipment cool and happy, and hidden somewhat. The cost with the holiday discount and my military discount took a good portion off Ended up only being $2,600 Some might think this is outrageous but IMO you get what you pay for. I didn't want pressed, glued together particle board with laminate. I wanted real wood and something that would last. Should be here in 2 weeks I can't wait.. This is the model I went with http://i1175.photobucket.com/albums/r621/toomnymods/Home%20Audio/haven_zps5ghrwaq4.jpg~original View with the back panel off to show the wiring holes they make in the wood and the cooling slots to allow heat to rise on each shelf http://i1175.photobucket.com/albums/r621/toomnymods/Home%20Audio/haven%202_zpsy1qzl7oy.jpg~original Bottom drawer will hold my 200 dvd's blu-rays, and ps4 game controllers http://i1175.photobucket.com/albums/r621/toomnymods/Home%20Audio/haven%204_zpsdsnnzfbt.jpg~original Back view with the back panel on (also can leave off the back panel for the center channel speaker if it's ported. http://i1175.photobucket.com/albums/r621/toomnymods/Home%20Audio/haven%203_zpsao4x6dda.jpg~original Also has panels you can remove to install their active cooling fans. http://i1175.photobucket.com/albums/r621/toomnymods/Home%20Audio/haven%205_zpszgtan8po.jpg~original
  11. I just purchased a XPA-5 gen 3.. still being built but should ship in the next two to three days hopefully.
  12. I wouldn't want the damn thing even if it was free..
  13. I'm using the Klipsch CDT-5800 II their kinda pricey but work very well
  14. I upgraded to the better R-112sw and I've been very impressed with it clarity and power. although if I had to fault it for something it'd be that it doesn't play low Hz (20-35 hz) excursion scenes in movies at all above 1/2 gain without bottoming out the sub and sounds like something is flapping loose inside the enclosure. I'm about to start saving for some F2 submersive 15" subs as another member here told me they pretty much are king of the hill now and even much better than the SVS subs. The F2 submersive are pretty impressive drivers and can play down to 7 HZ!! this is astounding..
  15. was it really ridged with the techflex? I'm only doing a 5 channel so I want it to be able to make 45 degree turn into my cabinet and not look all weird if you know what I mean..
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