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  1. Take a trip in the way back machine to Jo Stafford, who was very popular with our GIs in WWII.
  2. Dave, Those look really fine. I would love to hear them sometime with your tweeters and the enhanced bass!
  3. Thanks. I was hoping you were closer to Texas. I have a single black 1978 La Scala AA that I am looking to craft into a pair.
  4. Where are you located Keith?
  5. Great production quality. Thanks for posting.
  6. Bump a year later. Still looking for a single or the components so I can have a cabinet built. Coming to the Pilgrimage again this year if anyone has one, let me know. Thanks
  7. Thursday in time for dinner.
  8. Registered and ready! It gets better every year. Kirby
  9. Those are some great shots. I will definitely plan to go by there on my next trip to Atlanta.
  10. RIP Scott. I knew Scott only from several Pilgrimages and always enjoyed his humor and stories about his hometown of ElDorado. Many of you know about his generosity to the Museum and cookies at The Pilgrimage, but his family was also very generous to the city of ElDorado, donating the land for Yocum Elementary there many years ago. I have tried to post his obituary below which, if you knew him, you will find heartwarming as it is full of pictures of family and friends. henry-yocum-7871661.html
  11. Be sure and visit the Stax record museum while you are there!
  12. I have one and would like to make a pair if anyone has a single.Pictures are linked below. Thanks Pictures
  13. I am the newest member of the Klipsch Museum of Audio History!!
  14. Thanks for the the heads-up on the EBay single near Houston. I messaged him a week ago for more pictures and info. There is a pretty large gouge in front top corner that would require quite a bit of work, like Duratex and filler. If no luck here, I may explore having a cabinet made and tracking down the components. I have a pair of K-33s to start. I seem to have weakness for orphaned speakers.
  15. I have a single La Scala that came out of a Rodgers organ church installation that I would like to find a reasonable match for.. It is from 1978 with AA crossover. Pictures are linked below. I live in Dallas and I am attending the Pilgrimage in May if anyone has one we might "pony express" to Hope. Thanks https://imgur.com/a/4Ju3a
  16. That is an impressive list! Will it be available for pickup at the Pilgrimage?
  17. Bruce Springsteen Little Rock May 1976. 600 people in attendance despite Born To Run already released and charting, and he had been on both the covers of Time and Newsweek in the same week. No matter, he proceeded to burn the house down for three plus hours.
  18. Mine have the traditional bass bin configuration. Is the 447 bass bin different?
  19. No grill. Serial number indicates 1978
  20. Yes. Laser badge. Also had a built-in amp that was removed. The Rodgers organ company was likely the source of your La Scala also.
  21. I am also looking for a single La Scala in black. I have one that was part of a Rodgers organ installation. It has screws on top and AA crossover. Minneapolis is too far from Dallas in this weather. Maybe someone can bring one to the Pilgrimage once the spring thaw comes?
  22. Yes. The Sharp Eye Award goes to DTR20 !!
  23. I bought them. They had been hung in a school. Three of the four binding posts are broken and the tweeters were blown, so I called Bob Crites and have a project for the holidays now. I would also like to add risers if anyone has some leftover for sale.
  24. Countdown to Ecstasy is my favorite."borrowed" my older brother's album while he was away in school and wore out all the grooves, especially My Old School and Show Biz Kids
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