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  1. I have the NAD c368 and am very happy with it. I have never had a chance to listen to the other model you are considering but as for me it works really well for my bedroom setup. I have upgraded the amp and added the BluOs module which I thought was a little pricey but after a few hours of use I definitely realized the value and versatility the system had to offer. Other than the BluOs module I don't have any other source components hooked up to it 100% of my listening has been streaming with Tidal and when I want to listen to local radio I use either I Heart Radio or Tune In Radio. The c368 does have rca outs so you can hook it up to a subwoofer or if feel like you need the extra power you can use it as a preamp as well. Honestly the only thing I dislike about it is the plastic "cheap feeling"of the faceplate and volume nob other than that I do recommend the product especially when you add the BluOs module.
  2. https://albuquerque.craigslist.org/ele/5754883458.html Think this guy had them up on ebay too No affiliation.
  3. There is another guy on Craigslist who has a pair of chorus II'S in black for $1000 but I unfortunately don't have that deep of pockets. What is the average going price for something like that? https://albuquerque.craigslist.org/ele/5469159399.html
  4. Lol yes I did read that but I just didn't expect such a rude response it was borderline threatening a simple NO is all I would have needed to satisfy my curiosity. Now I got 4 crisp one hundred dollar bills burning a hole in my pocket.
  5. I too was intersested in this seller's ad and took the time out of my day to check them out and i must agree with tasdom the seller was a complete jerk not friendly at all. The seller was selling other equipment as well that i might consider if the price was right and as soon as i asked him if i purchased the chorus speakers and the SVS sub he had what kind of deal he could make me he completely went psycho on me and i immediately left his house. I was mostly interested in the chorus speakers and got to demo them before he went crazy on me and cosmetically they were not great and one of the grills had a huge puncture but they sounded nice.
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