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  1. RC-62 II Center - 11/14 price cut - $159

    Price cut - someone needs to give themselves a Xmas present!
  2. Not happy you decided to sell AFTER I bought my RC-64! <j/k> GLWS and fatherhood!
  3. LaScala's in Baltimore area $1,600

  4. Great deal on Heresys

    They are in Oregon
  5. You and the family are in our thoughts. So sorry to hear the news.
  6. Klipsch RF-63’s cherry $399 Syracuse, NY

    FWIW, Some shippers can use the inflatable foam wrap to prevent any movement inside a box. :-) admittedly, It would take a lot of the fun$ out of this deal
  7. Klipsch RF-63’s cherry $399 Syracuse, NY

    Shipping, shipping, shipping..!!!!
  8. In desperate need of help.

    It will work well for you. you might also look for 7011 on close out.
  9. Heresy III in cherry, Massachusetts

    Damn, I thought they burned witches in that part of the country...just sayin" Now you just let 'em sell your H3's?? Sounds like heresy!!! her·e·sy ˈherəsē/ noun belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious (especially Christian) doctrine.
  10. Heresy III in cherry, Massachusetts

    Damn, life sux for some folks..... No wonder why they refer to them as Mass-holes up there.
  11. SVS-SB1000 single owner sub in box

    If it was the ported version, I'd be all over it. Sorry! GLWS
  12. Ok, I know the 7s are going iii. Any word if there will be a new 82? Where does one find the latest Klipsch product plans?
  13. Shipping Damage Resolution Help!?

    Seller has been fully paid -- you should get the check as sub has significantly diminished value. You paid the asking price/market value. Make sure you recap what happened in the feedback...... Other potential buyers now know how seller stands behind their sale when something goes awry.
  14. I'll need to find my Klipsch nirvana state in order to understand contentment-- hmmm, good idea, perhaps I'll go listen to some Nirvana to try and induce it! (perhaps I should have read the charter before joining the forum!)
  15. Thanks for the words of encouragement and advice. I am somewhat new to the Klipsch family, and sound, but enjoying every minute of it. When you score some of your own $500 Khorns be sure to share the wealth and make me a good deal on one of those extra pairs of 7s you have!