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  1. Klipschorns For Sale Florida West Coast

    GLWTS. I've been following the Tekton buzz for a while. How are they different (sounding) than the horns? What are you getting more of or better from the DIs? Or, is it just different? (It has to be pretty amazing for you to sell the horns you've had for soooooo long.) If I was in FL I'd grab them from you!
  2. RF-7ll deal! New! With sub

    Esp. Not a bad deal if you a sell the sub to offset the Rf-7 cost
  3. RF-7ll deal! New! With sub

    I guess the clearance sales are starting on old II to make way for the III https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0778TVTSN?tag=slickdeals09-20&ascsubtag=bd79c792d08711e7ad780ab13a408f6d0INT&sdsrc=staff
  4. RC62 II for $133 Today only at Fry’s

    No longer shipping::-(
  5. Centers on side?

    That’s what I was hoping to hear. i knew I really liked the MTM speakers when I had a pair, but wasn’t sure if Klipsch did anything weird to the centers which would prevent it from working. Now, I am off to find a matching 62ii! i plan on running them grill-less.
  6. Centers on side?

    Hi all, was wondering if Klipsch centers (RC-62ii specifically) were designed to be used either horizontally or vertically? I am thinking of grabbing another 62 and turning them on their sides to make MTM*-style (2.0) speaker set up. *The midwoofer-tweeter-midwoofer loudspeaker configuration (called MTM, for short) was created by Joseph D'Appolito
  7. RC-62 II Center - 11/14 price cut - $159//SOLD

    Price cut - someone needs to give themselves a Xmas present!
  8. Not happy you decided to sell AFTER I bought my RC-64! <j/k> GLWS and fatherhood!
  9. LaScala's in Baltimore area $1,600

  10. Great deal on Heresys

    They are in Oregon
  11. You and the family are in our thoughts. So sorry to hear the news.
  12. FWIW, Some shippers can use the inflatable foam wrap to prevent any movement inside a box. :-) admittedly, It would take a lot of the fun$ out of this deal
  13. Shipping, shipping, shipping..!!!!
  14. In desperate need of help.

    It will work well for you. you might also look for 7011 on close out.
  15. Heresy III in cherry, Massachusetts

    Damn, I thought they burned witches in that part of the country...just sayin" Now you just let 'em sell your H3's?? Sounds like heresy!!! her·e·sy ˈherəsē/ noun belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious (especially Christian) doctrine.