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    Rural husbandry, pottery, HiFi listening and movies. "HiFi" used loosely, I should note my ears can't hear over 4K!
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    LR forte 1
    KG2.2 center
    Surround LR forte 1
    Rythmic Sub
    4 EVid 4.2 embedded in ceiling joists.
    Marantz 7010
    oppp 203
    Samsung KS8000 TV!
    Apple 4K TV

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  1. I got here by reading the post about MCmD or Gill! So sorry to hear. Aging is not fun, always more things to deal with. Two years ago I was doing interment fasting to lose weight and feel better. It worked well. Felt so good I went up a tree 20 feet to trim a limb over the deck and promptly fell out and broke both my wrists. They still don't feel so good after two years! But on this post, I remember Gill giving me advise and comments. I think Gill gave me the best advise and I took it to heart when he said,"7) Overall. I'm suggesting that you don't drive yourself nuts to that your search for perfection gets in the way of enjoying your equipment and music."
  2. Looking at old posts and this one needed an update. Been in this arrangement (no real center) for years now and I like the sound of it!
  3. nlt6mor

    NFL 2019

    Never seen a pole dancer sing as good! Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. nlt6mor

    NFL 2019

    I am closing in on 70, I thought those two girls looked good! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. nlt6mor

    NFL 2019

    So what is the chance that certain game results are set by a higher power? Of course for money and/or ratings. Just seems like always a few games where the team expected to play, didn't show up.
  6. nlt6mor

    NFL 2019

    The color purple is having a bad day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. nlt6mor

    NFL 2019

    Yeah that felt good! Grilled steak afterwards. I have steak ready in the fridge today, But think we will just make meatloaf or maybe just a bowl of cereal tonight. Save the steaks for tomorrow when I feel better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. nlt6mor

    NFL 2019

    From Minnesota, you would think we are used to it. But the slow sinking feeling still hurts bad. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. There is air trapped in most snow, so yes it insulates. Normally I would go around the house and blow snow against the foundation. It helps the house stay much warmer. No need to do that with this storm. When I look at the garage door pic, I think, what a great bass trap! The sound would be better. But that is me, not fond of big boomy bass.
  10. Same imagination as know I no longer need blackout curtain in my theater room!
  11. I had a three holer when I moved to this farm. Each hole was a different size, so you could choose your best Butt fit! Not so Much for Company!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I agree RO filter is good for mechanical things. Never had to repair the ice maker. Never have to clean the coffee maker. I live in Minnesota and we have to run a few room humidifiers all winter. Before RO, we always had a layer of white dust on everything after a few weeks and plugged filters more often. Now using RO water both issues disappeared. But still think my coffee is missing something. Earlier someone mentioned salt. Tomorrow morning I am putting a couple grinds of the pink salt on top of the grounds. Hope that helps. If it brings a little life back to my morning Joe, I will be eager to find a burr grinder and use beans again like I did earlier in life. Any recommendations for the cheapest yet adequate burr coffee bean grinders?
  13. I live on a farm with own well. We use an RO setup for drinking and ice cubes just be sure it is clean. I am sure the RO is just flat and sucks the life out of some coffee. Kinda like some guys don't like the filters in Audyssey as they say it sucks the life out of some sound. Ha
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