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    Rural husbandry, pottery, HiFi listening and movies. "HiFi" used loosely, I should note my ears can't hear over 4K!
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    LR forte 1
    KG2.2 center
    Surround LR forte 1
    Rythmic Sub
    4 EVid 4.2 embedded in ceiling joists.
    Marantz 7010
    oppp 203
    Samsung KS8000 TV!
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  1. Forte 1 center channel

    Thanks, so I suppose the smart thing to do is to divide up the surround fortes and use one for the center. I have 36" space under the TV so it can stand upright. Use newly aquired KG4 for the surround speakers? Just one lonely left over Forte1.
  2. Forte 1 center channel

    Thanks Wuzzer. I am sure there would be some tonal difference between forte and KG4. Any guess what frequencies would most express that difference? I ask because my hearing is very poor in the upper registers, and if that is where tonal differences would be most noticeable, I might be OK with KG4. I hear they have tight accurate bass and that is right down my ally. Midrange is probably most import for the center any way.
  3. Forte 1 center channel

    I am getting tired of waiting for another pair of walnut Forte I to come up that I can afford. Seems their price has gone up since the release of Forte III!!! Have seen quit a few Walnut KG4 that I could afford. I will be replacing my current Oak KG2.2. What are you feelings of a KG 4 between Crites updated Forte 1s. I have Forte 1s also in place for the surrounds. Thanks for your thoughts.
  4. Theater setup

    I am again working on the theater, music room. I decided to add a cloud to the front atmos area. Grilles are going to be fun to attach. Not sure how yet.
  5. "The Vietnam War" on PBS

    I was in my second year of college when the draft lottery was held. About 10 of us in the dorm room listing to the birth dates be called. Somehow I missed my birthday and towards the end I was getting ecstatic that I had such a high number. Alas I missed it, I had number 47 I believe. Needless to say my grades got much better and and I stayed in school till graduation. Graduated in 1973 with a BA. This first class out of the past 10 or 15 years that actually attended four years of college and the draft was over at graduation. Our little hometown lost 8 kids in the war. I have always felt some guilty every since.
  6. Forte cloth sag!

    Thanks, they do look like plastic frames to me. I will give it a try. Just surprised with all the operations that have been done to renew speakers here on this site, that this one hasn't already been done a few thousand times. I will let you know.
  7. Forte cloth sag!

    So no one has experience with shrinking them to fit? They need to be cleaned anyway after 32 years, I may give it a try first.
  8. Forte cloth sag!

    Hope grille cloth sag is not as hard to fix as my body sag! I been working since retirement (five months) on that one and technical improvement is very slow. lol
  9. Forte cloth sag!

    Any easy quick fix for grille cloth sag. Like....soaking in the tub of hot water, swish around and set out in sun to dry? Thanks
  10. Your First Three Cars

    1953 two door Oldsmobile rocket 88, baby blue 1955 four door Oldsmobile. red and white 1962 two door Chev Impala Super Sport. Canary yellow! This one lasted through college.
  11. Theater setup

  12. Theater setup

    D. Ryan. I am surprised how much I can enjoy listening to music with DTS X virtual. With that Surround sound mode on the Marantz 7010, some information is sent up to the ceiling speakers. I am mostly pleased with the expansion of the sound stage. Music and TV!
  13. Theater setup

    Sorry I forgot to mention that 10 years ago when I started working remote I remodeled the basement for my home office. To keep it quiet from the rest of the house and to help the underfloor hot water heat not to run to much, I asked the carpenter to stuff the rafters full of insulation before he installed the drop ceiling. What a stroke of lucky genius that was. Now as my theater room, I do have the start of fairly good room acoustics. The ceiling is a big bass trap and room sound very nice. What I don't understand, is when calculating room dimensions, What height ceiling do I have? I don't think the low midrange and bass, even know I have a drop ceiling at 7.5 feet!
  14. Theater setup

    justinra, I used to work for EV so have had the EVID 4.2 for many years. Seven of them to be exact. I am changing my office over to theater in the basement. So by default I am using what I have. Have not heard any other speakers in Atmos layout. I have all Klipsch Forte 1 on the ground floor and the four EVIDs in the rafters. It sound great to me, but my hearing is not the most acute! The Evids are two way with 2 four inch woofers and a one inch tweeter. They can take alot of power. My main concern beside the general timber, was the difference in efficiency to the Forte. The Marantz easily balanced that speaker level out. I think I am like -4 of the fronts and like +5 on the EVIDS. Regardless it sound very integrated and nice to me. I am torn between make a next amplifier investment in a four channel for the EVIDs to take that off the Marantz, or a 2 channel for the L and R channels. I like to much direct stereo. I the cost of health insurance these days, I probably will just settle for what I have. I like it.
  15. Theater setup

    My ceilings are 7.5' drop acoustic ceilings. Joists stuffed with fluffy FG throughout. The Evids 4.2s tuck in pretty nicely and can be aimed to the listening position. So far I am happy. Simple 2x2 grilles to cover the back two and will build a big cloud absorber 4x8 to cover the front two. 5.1.4 in this set up. Forte 1s for the base layer.