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    Rural husbandry, pottery, HiFi listening and movies. "HiFi" used loosely, I should note my ears can't hear over 4K!
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    LR forte 1
    KG2.2 center
    Surround LR forte 1
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    4 EVid 4.2 embedded in ceiling joists.
    Marantz 7010
    oppp 203
    Samsung KS8000 TV!
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  1. It is not to often that I wish I lived in Texas. This is a rare time!
  2. When I first got my forte 1 back in 1984, this was the amplifier I soon bought. The forte really sounded good with this amp. My fortes live on, unfortunately my Nad is dead.
  3. Minnesota Craiglist.
  4. I am using a 2.2v between my forte 1s and I am surprised how well it works. Good sounding speaker and I can push the fortes much higher than I thought while the little 2.2V keeps up. Fortes can leave it in the dust however. I just saw a nice looking one on the net for 50 bucks. I don't think you can go wrong with trying one.
  5. While pondering the stands (plastic sliders winning out currently), I tried cleaning up the the mess under the hood. I can't make the wire porn type of cabling picture, but this looks much better than it did. I need to be ready to pull 6 more pair up the wall for Atmos. PS re-terminating Cat 6 cables is a ***** on old eyes.
  6. Minermark, these look great. Ljk - I wouldn't need both wheels and a swivel correct? Thanks Look up lazy susan bearings on the Bay
  7. Thanks for the replies! Bill those lazy Susans look like the ticket if a little bit spendy. wide to prvide some stability. Wonder if you can just buy the mechanism. I would like to build some stops into it like the table of cut off saw. Couple notched somehow to select a couple positions then lock in place not move! dtel you hit my soft spot. I found this forum and originally posted for ideas to use a forte for center. When i found a pair (in Oak) they sound so good I didnt' have the heart to tear them apart or separate them. So for sure the KG2.2v is the weak link, but at medium volume it works very good. I still hope to find another pair of forte ( or at least one) in walnut to match my original pair to use as a center. But as one things leads to anther, I would also have to find a new electronics stand to accommodate that center vertical in the middle. Ljk, I did search for chair swivels and there are many to choose from at reasonable cost. If I can find one big enough to provide enough stability that maybe the way I go. Then add the stops like a cutoff saw! lol I am getting impatient to move forward, I have had the Marantz 7010 for over a month now and have not run the Audicy program yet. Wanted to get the ceiling speakers in and bass traps and first reflection absorbers in place before I turn the machine loose.
  8. Thanks Bill. slow but progress. My MLP is close to the screen like 7 feet, hoping to capture some of what 4K has to offer. (also that distance is 38% from the front wall) So the extreme toe in was to accommodate movie watchers on either side of me. I agree for myself and music listening, toeing to cross behind the MLP would sound better. I wondered about building 14' stands for the fortes that would swivel easily to accommodate both toe in positions. Just have not come up with a good idea to do that. Any suggestions?
  9. I am making some progress. Slow like the old guy that I am. New paint, new Marantz and Rythmic subwoofer. I have removed some ceiling tiles in preparation for embedding Evid 4.2s in the joists for the Atmos effect. Any suggestions or constructive criticism so far?
  10. One more question I would like to hear experienced ideas and suggestions. My current AVR is an old Denon 2803. it is quite powerful enough for the Klipsch, runs mostly like a top yet at its age. But of course it is missing HDMI and a whole host of new improvements since that time. I have only run it 5.1 for viewing video. For music I run it direct stereo most of the time. I do however enjoy it ability to output 5 channel stereo. More than I would have guessed. Hence my decision to have fortes also at the surround position only slightly above ear level. So to make the next decisions on a new AVR buy. What of the following configurations gives the more pleasure for the video experience? 5.1.2 or 5.1.4 or 7.1.2 I listen in a 26 long by 15 wide by 7.5 high room. Speakers across the short end and listening position 35 percent back from the speaker wall. I want to stay close for hopefully a chance to benefit from the 4K TV I bought. Thanks for any insights.
  11. Yeah, I started out thinking about making a horizontal center from a forte. Luckily, I was talked out of that notion. I did acquire a second set of fortes, but in Oak in stead Walnut as my original pair. Brought them home, hooked them up next to my originals and they sounded so good. I just didn't want to split the pair up. I need surrounds also, so I am just going to recap use the Oak pair as surrounds. (yes, a little overkill I am sure) I am looking for a third pair of forte in Walnut that one will match my mains. I didn't want to be in a hurry to over pay to find nice one in Walnut. On CL this KG 2.2V came up. It is in perfect condition and very little money. The nice gentleman who owned it let me take it home to audition it between my fortes. It is a compromise for sure, but at medium volume the timbre match is acceptable. ( disclaimer, I can't hear over 5K with my old ears. That fact leads to another sad story for another day when I installed titanium tweets in my original fortes!) It sounds OK to me. So now with a Rythmic subwoofer augmenting the low end nicely, a Samsung 4K giving me a nice picture, and this KG filling in the center, I am searching for the next buys. 1) An extending wall mount for the 65" TV. Bottom will have to be 36 inches over the floor to be able place a forte underneath at some later time. Any help here? 2) 2 or 4 ceiling speakers for atmos. ( maybe I already own enough EV EVIDS 4.2 that I could mount in the floor joists. Need to find or make some 2X2 ceiling grid speaker grilles) any help here? 3) A new AVR with nine channels. May run 4 over head in the winter, then 2 overhead with a zone 2 for the stereo on my porch in the summer. Hope to get a 7010 or 6011 Marantz for the purpose. (probably also over kill) Any suggestions. 4) finally when all the speakers are in place, I need to learn REW, then I need to build the room treatments and paint the walls. The list goes on and on. I change my mind a lot.
  12. Ok I am slow. Remember 70% music and 30% movies. Since last post: added a TV (Samsung covered), a small KG 2.2V center, a Rythmic subwoofer and some new furniture. Now have to finish the new fortes for surrounds. Next, need to find four ceiling speakers, a Marantz 6011, build some absorbers and paint the walls!
  13. Thanks WVU, I hoped that would be the case. Just makes me wonder when missing 99 efficiency with 85 or so.
  14. Hi, I have been preparing for a 5.2.4 home theater for a long time. I have forte for LCR, maybe find one more for surrounds. A new KS8000 for a TV. New AVR coming up and strongly considering some type of 9 channel Marantz. That leaves a need for four Atmos speakers. I see four SCR-2 that are new out of a model home for $120 for the four in my area. How bad of a choice would that be for ceiling speakers. See old adds for 400 a pair. I realize the Synergy series are 'NOT' in the same ballpark quality wise with front fortes, but would they give service as atmos ceiling speakers for a few years? Somewhat related to that question, how important is it to have equally sensitive (efficient) speakers? I have EV EVIDS that sound good currently as surrounds, but of course you have to drive them much harder for the same volume. These SCR-2 are 92% much better than the EVIDs. Thanks for any insight.
  15. What kind of speaker wire do they run? Must be the expensive kind.