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  1. Covid 19 means you can't reply to a simple inquiry in 3 weeks? That's ridiculous.
  2. What amazes me is how I get 2 or 3 marketing emails from Klipsch every day. Apparently they have the resources to sell and ship speakers, they just can't (um, won't) support you once you become a customer.
  3. The woofer is good. It works when I play a movie. But the thump continues when movie stops and even if I unplug LFE cable. Unplugging power cable is the only way to get it to stop. I just ordered a new amp from The Speaker Exchange. It's already shipped. If Klipsch every decides to open for business again and send me a replacement I'll have a spare. I will tell you if I ever replace the speakers in my home theater again they won't be Klipsch's. Just shutting operations down completely and ignoring customers is ridiculous.
  4. 3rd straight day they are doing system maintenance? Yeah, right... Nobody answers phones, nobody replies to emails and nobody monitors these forums. Not a good look for Klipsch. I work for a global company with 6000 employees in eight counties and we've continued to operate. Most importantly, we answer our customer calls when they call.
  5. Darqman

    SW450 Power

    Gee, sounds like a pattern. I have a bad sub amp and have the same issues trying to contact them.
  6. I sent a support ticket in last week and haven't received a reply. I tried calling today and get a message they are performing monthly maintenance and have limited access, call back later. How a company this big can just shut phones down is crazy to me.
  7. Thanks. What's the best way to challenge the 2 yr warranty? Do you know if I can drive this sub in passive mode with an external amp?
  8. My R-115SW has worked perfectly since I bought it 03/25/2016. Last night I paused a movie and a constant thump was coming from the sub. I turned the receiver off and it continued. I unplugged the LFE cable and the thump continued. The only way to get it to stop is to unplug the power. I've left it unplugged for an hour and plugged it back in (without any input) and the thump starts again. So, am I out of luck or is there some fix for this? I submitted a support request but don't have high hopes.
  9. @mitchibo - I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with these results. I'm not against cutting holes in my ceiling as my theater is dedicated, but since you mentioned it, I may try hanging them behind my acoustically transparent screen about 1/4 from the top near the outer edges. Dolby may have specifications, but nothing says you have to follow them. :-)
  10. Thanks for all the feedback. @wvu80 I think my expectations may have been set too high, but I'm not giving up just yet. I haven't tried any room correction, but that is something to try. @dtr20 I would love to add another pair of height speaker but my RP-250s and are wall mounted. I don't have any place to put another pair unless I decide to go into the ceiling which might be an option later. @derrickdj1 My front row of seats is about 8 feet from the screen. I have all the angles of the speaks set according to the Dolby specification or at least as close as I could get. I think I need to watch a complete movie with it before I decide instead of just watching the demo clips. I found "Gravity" on the list of Dolby Atmos enabled Blurays but when I play that disk there's no option to setup audio from the main bluray menu. Is it possible my copy just doesn't have the Atmos audio track? Or is the Atmos track built into the regular Dolby track? If I buy a Bluray that I know is supposed to be an Atmos enabled title will it have "Dolby Atmos" anywhere on the front or back of the jacket? I apologize if these are silly questions, I just am not sure. Thanks.
  11. I just added two height speakers (RP-140sa) on top of my RP-280's (5.1.2). I'm using a Denon x4200w receiver and pretty sure I have it configured correctly. My ceiling is about 8 foot and it's completely flat drywall. The 4 walls and floor are all acoustically treated. When I watch a Dolby Atmos sample file I have to say I'm a bit underwhelmed. I definitely don't get any sound coming from above like I expected, it just sounds like sound coming from the top of the front speakers. I was expecting sound to appear from above but I'm not getting that at all. Before I decide to use the new height speakers as rear surrounds (7.1) I thought I'd ask here as I may be missing something simple. Thanks!
  12. Yes, my second and third row is on a 12" riser. The two center speakers are about 3 feet apart. If you're sitting in the middle row and there are people sitting in the front row you can't see the center speaker below the screen. I've always heard that you should be able to see the speaker or else it won't sound as good.
  13. All technical talk aside, I have a RP-450 on a stand under the screen and a RP-250 behind the acoustically transparent screen about half way up. The smaller center makes it easier to hear dialog on the back row since the 450 is pointed right at the front row. Nobody even knows there are two centers unless I show them the one behind the screen. I'm glad I decided to try it and have stuck with it. It's worked great for me. I have them run in series.
  14. Awesome! Thank you dtr20.
  15. No, I couldn't find pics of the back of the speakers anywhere. I wish there were some.
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