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  1. This item sold to a happy new owner. Thanks for looking.
  2. One of my stuck on an island LPs. 45 rpm 200 gram spinning with the new M 125’s
  3. Enjoying some Tull
  4. Afternoon at the farm! 😋
  5. New candie shot I couldn’t get it to 2 mg so I had to chop it down to size
  6. Hi, this amp was purchased new from Bob Latino and assembled by audiobill who is his premier builder. Great amp without a moments problem.
  7. Would like to send to a good home. Make a reasonable offer. Price drop! $1,300.00
  8. Love it, I have it and it sounds devine!
  9. Love the sound of this amp but I need to move it. Professionally designed and build. Trouble free for me for a year, its age. Feel free to ask questions. Ive been on this forum and Emotiva for years. Quality goods, ask around. Its sitting atop my preamp. Beautiful! Asking $1,445.00 upgraded caps etc.
  10. Wish I had a real record store, I have to go online mostly. BAM and BB don’t really count. Price for living in small town America but thats OK!
  11. One of my very favorites! Now spinning side three after resleeving disc one 200 gram , 45 rpm
  12. I agree! Room treatment is a must before spending money on almost anything else. Best dollar you can spend. Reflection, defraction and absorbers aren't just pretty words. Learn what they do and how to achieve. They will pay dividends beyond belief.
  13. Nice, like the looks of your B&K. Heres a little eye candy 1750 watts @4ohms Emotiva XPR-1 Monoblock
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